Local drone pilot witnessed reckless flight in downtown Tampa

by Jose

can provide very beautiful video we’ve all seen that they can also be very dangerous and even intrusive, if not used properly. safety is the topic today. At a seminar for Lakeland news channel ace, Jeff Patterson is there to show us the good, the bad and the ugly side of , Jeff yeah good evening rod we’re at the Aerospace Center for Excellence here in Lakeland. They also based the Sun and fun fly in here, and they have a museum of aviation history at the Florida air museum. A lot of great things to see here, but today’s topic was a new generation of aviation and that is unmanned.

. Take a look at this majestic shot of downtown Tampa, even though we’ve flown over the same location many times before an Eagle 8hd. This is a perspective. Only a bird might have seen before drones were invented. We did get some pretty incredible stuff.

There was a view that you could never see Dan Ford is an Emmy winning photographer, who now uses drones in his business. The first he owned wasn’t the stable. They were little sketchy as far as her safety. They they have been known to fly away. Ford has seen good drones go bad.

Drones have been known to crash into cars into buildings, even historic landmarks, one well-known case: a nearly killed a one cup skier during an event World Cup skiing banned the use of drones. After this I mean, if you safely and properly is just a marvelous thing for television period for came today to talk about drones, to a group of flight enthusiasts and owners. This message was safety. Just make sure that you do your pre-flight just like any aircraft, it’s an aircraft so treat it like an aircraft. Do your pre-flight inspections make sure your firmware is updated correctly and then you know, fly within the FAA legal parameters.

Yeah. The FAA has relaxed some regulations for commercial drone operators, but there’s still some very strict rules in place. You can’t find your airports you’re not supposed to fly over large crowds of people you’re not supposed to fly over groups of people, but I’ve personally witnessed some very dangerous violations of both of those rules. Rod. I think we all have actually Jeff.

So is the FAA see more reports of violations caused by drone operators? Well, as the number of drone operators goes up, certainly so do the number of violations the FAA estimates. There will be more than seven million registered drone users by the year 2020 rod. That’S a lot Jeff Patterson reporting live for us tonight. Jeff.

Thank you.

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