Lego Drone with a “Professional” Drone Pilot

What’s up guys, welcome back to junkie? My name is , and today we’re looking at another drone, but this one’s a little bit different. This one is, is definitely more geared toward like the kids.

Oh, but I don’t, see why I can ‘ T have with this. You could too, so we’re. Looking at the a sheen at zero one, one block drone there’s, two different ones. There’s, this one, which is the bright st.

and then there is that one which is the Dark Knight. So the idea is to get them together and then battle it out. But what’s really cool? Is that you get these little figure on the top of it now it looks very similar to like a figure.

So I wouldn’t, see. Okay, I don’t, have any Legos, unfortunately, but I don’t see why you couldn’t, put more Legos like build something on top of these, which is kind of cool it’s, got about a Five minute fly time to it and it goes about 50 meters, which is like it’s like a hundred and sixty five feet.

Now I know what you’re, saying Matt, you know how you are with drones. You need to be careful, oh, you need to be careful Matt, but don ‘ T worry because I am now a professional. You know what let’s.

Look at our accessories, real, quick, alright! So first off you ‘ Ve got extra propeller blades, that’s, always good and you get a little baby screwdriver. So that way you can open up the battery compartment stuff and you get the battery charger USB to whatever that is actually called.

I don’t really know. I was right: it’s, just it’s, a guide, so you could totally put your own guys on here. Parents out there you got kids that love Legos. This could be a good way to get them into something else.

Look at that! You got your little little Lego guy, he’s got his armor to get it. Oh man, that’s, cool okay, let’s, build our little lego guy. Now, the actual drone part. Now you don’t have to put the Lego guy on it.

It’s just an option, but it’s kind of neat that they put this little Lego platform on it. That’s kind of cool. I’m digging it and a batter in the bottom. Okay, so very basic remote, very common with with a lot of these small drones, let’s.

Just put the batteries in here and get this thing going alright, so we got juice. Okay, Cole! I think we’re. We’re about ready all right, so the drone itself, the very basic really lightweight. Now, what’s really cool about these kind is that they have the propeller guards on it, which is cool, so it’s perfect for inside flight very light.

So you’re, not going to go break-in stuff. I wouldn ‘ T really worry too much about it. I mean you could throw these things around. Also .com came up with a really cool little video for these things.

So I’m gonna link that down below you guys got ta check it out it’s. A cool little animation makes them look really really all right. So let’s. Try it out. There we go. We got him on there. He’s, ready to go.

Oh, okay, all right! Okay, okay, you think I’d, get used to that by now. Okay, yes, oh oh, go bright Thanks, bright ninja night! Oh! This is so easy to drive. Whoa, ah nope: where are you going shut there? We go all right now.

It says return to home. By pushing this, I’m gonna see what happened: whoa whoa, where you going. Where are you going? No stop! Stop! No one of the villages! Blowing off hold on it was too fast for its own good.

Now, the cool thing is when a propeller falls off it’s, real simple: it’s. Just this little tiny pin there’s, a little pin hole and you just pop it back on and there you go is that bad yeah, oh faulty blade again uh-oh.

I put the wrong one off. Let’s. Try now there we go now. I don’t think so there’s a mode, so you can use without him. I guess! Oh, oh, oh! So! Oh yeah, okay, I’m gonna knock him out. I’m, going to knock you out.

Let’s, see how strong you are breath. Yeah got him. Ah, hey welcome back up. You got it at the touch of a button to return return voyage, push forward or backward direction. Rod into the head model: what if I just push it and not push it direction, ah, come back, no crap, alright, so, okay, alright, alright, alright, definitely get two of them for sure this is just not a complete set with just the one.

You definitely want to either way I mean it’s. Fine, it’s, a drone. It’s, a small drone uh I don’t know what else to say about it. It’s, a small drone. If Y is pretty good, it actually controls pretty easily.

Anybody can control it. You’re, looking for maybe a first-time drone for your kid. This is obviously made for that. So yeah I mean – and I beat this thing up quite a bit in this little room and it’s. Fine, I mean it flies perfectly fine whoa! You came back alright, guys that’s.

It. You know I’m. Going to leave a link down below again, you got, you got a kid or you just want something and cheap to play with. Is the drone just to start off with the reason? Ah, stop? Okay, I’m.

Sorry turning it off. Jesus! Okay! Get out of here, I’m gonna go wreck. This thing some more! Let’s. Go Great Sage! Go! Oh God! What okay

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