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by Jose
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Welcome back everybody, I’m Dave and we’re glad. You took the time to be here today. You’re gonna hear a lot of exciting things about cinematography, but I’ll. Tell you what, in addition, you’re gonna get a sense of how we’re gon.

Na conclude, this really exciting thing about drilling you in our whole troll community coming up tomorrow, so stay with us today and no matter what you can’t miss tomorrow down on the first video, we talked about the legal aspects and some of the Faa implications and, frankly, just some of the best practices you need to adhere to in order not to get yourself into trouble with regulatory authorities and with the people that you’re flying near on the second video.

We spent a lot of time talking about flying. The actual skill sets necessary to become a really competent, confident pilot. Today, we’re, going to talk about videography and cinematography and they’re.

Really. You know that there’s. A real difference between that Dave and you know for me the difference between videography and cinematography is really difference between selling professional footage and not, but for others, the difference between videography and cinematography comes in.

What can you get for your footage and just as simple videography? These straight shots or whatnot yeah, that’s, good, that’s great whatever you’re gonna get a few hundred bucks for your footage, that’s cool, but that’s, not going to Give you the competitive advantage, do well Paul to that point.

We’re, going to show you a couple examples right now. The first will be dis, sort of so-so and the second wait till you see it. You’ll, be blown away. Folks, did you see that shot through the split-rail fence? Can you believe that imagine that kind of skills and confidence takes to see that and make that kind of shot happen? But do you know what look at that? It changed everything everybody who looks at that pole goes Wow.

How could you possibly first of all, have the confidence and, secondly, the skill to do that? You know what folks that’s. What we’re, going to take you, it’s, part of our growing community, and we have taken other than others there before, in fact, some of the shots you may have seen just recently on the masters.

Well, that was one of our students imagined. Can you even imagine this being able to have such great results that something as big a significant event, as the Masters wants you to fly for them? You know there’s, a lot of people Paul a lot of people who are flying drones, but there’s, not very many that are flying it that really elite level.

How are we gonna get you there that’s, part of what the girl community does that’s? What we deliver these pilots that have already been a part of our group? They’re people able to deliver on that level of skill set.

You want to go there, you’ve got ta stay with us just today and the rest of tomorrow. You will beat along the way it’s. The easiest way for me to say that now Paul they saw some phenomenal footage.

A minute ago they saw some ordinary footage. A minute ago, I’m now challenging each of you to start watching all the drone footage you’re, seeing news YouTube clips stuff that’s on Facebook. Look with a very critical eye and you’re gonna develop the skill to see the difference between soso and really exceptional.

You know – and I would even say this – there are a lot of guys who are even making drone footage now on a commercial and what I mean commercial, I mean like literally commercials on the TV great footage, but even those guys are dropping off like flies, because Why? Because there’s, someone right behind them.

Who can do it better? Perfect example, Carnival Cruise Line commercial shot coming up to the boat and it clips the entire way to the boat they don’t understand the frame rate that you need in order to make that shoot, look, flawless, fluid and smooth.

You know there is a big difference between being sort of okay and being exceptional, and yet it’s, not really a huge difference. It’s, the difference that comes with confidence. The difference is, it comes with the kind of critiques that our community is developing.

The kind of skill sets that we’re teaching. We can take you there if you’re, not willing to take that next step. It’s, your choice, but do you know what then you’re gonna miss out this world? Is not gonna wait around for you to develop these skills in your own.

You’re gonna need some help to get you there that’s. What the drill you community is all about. Folks, we keep talking about this drone community that we’ve formed and that we want you to consider becoming part of well.

You know Paul there’s, a lot of Facebook posts and other things out there. But what are the big problems of most of those as far as drones? Well, you know the big difference that I see day between our community and the other communities that are out there.

Even when people are posting in facebook groups, you have some people who really take it personal and they really, you know, criticize someone and they do it in kind of a personal mean way, and you have those kind of Maverick mentalities out there and frankly, that’s, not gonna help, you grow it’s.

Just gonna make you defensive, but what will help you grow is our community. Why is that? Because you have a group of people who are actually focused on the commercial aspect of it. They’re, actually trying to be constructive.

They may criticize, but is constructive criticism like oh, maybe you could have tried this or you could have tried that and chances are that you probably did think about that. It’s, just that reinforcement that you need to know.

This is what I’ll do next time and it will be perfect. How do we deliver on that? It’s really, not that hard drone? U is a membership community, you have to join this community, it’s, not just open to anybody and their brother that can post on Facebook.

If you are a member of our community, you’re in because you’re serious, that’s thrown you live that’s. What we do that’s, our community, it’s! This membership of serious pilots people who want to take their skills from here to a much higher plane people who want to learn ideas about it, be great business, people, great cinematographers, great pilots, learning what new innovations are out there.

There are so many aspects within this canoe, but I can’t even hardly begin to detail all of them, although we’re gonna give it a good stab at that tomorrow. You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s. Video, because you’re gonna hear the full breadth of all its involved in our incredible membership community and Paul something else.

They’re gonna hear an offer tomorrow that will blow their socks off. Actually, when I heard it, I couldn’t even believe that they were getting this opportunity have a special window of opportunity for those of you that choose to become members of our drone community.

You’re, going to have a very tight window of time in which you can access a really really incredible opportunity. I haven’t, be sitting next to that opportunity. Just isn’t he okay anyway, that’s more for tomorrow.

Let’s. Talk more about cinematography Paul, because video is really important. Deliverable I mean right now what’s? What are some of the industries that are opening up for drones is for on videos concerned.

Let me ask you this question Dave. What industries have you heard of that are not open to drones? Yeah, I guess you’ve asked you’ve answered it in the right way. We, you know, I mean we’ve already looking at hundreds of industries.

Every is thinking about real estate. Yes, real estate is one of those low hanging fruit opportunities that’s out there, but once you clear real estate, there are more and more and more things that you can cover in our most recent Denver training.

We actually went over all the industries that you can access with your GoPro and if, from what I remember Dave, it was about two dozen industries that you have direct access to with your lowest class drone, your phantom with a zenmuse gimbal and a GoPro, and even If you’re flying like the things like the solo or you’re flying and iris plus, you still have a lot of opportunity.

It’s. Like perfect example, did you know that you can do an industrial inspection with your GoPro? I’m talking about telecommunications and it’s as simple as this. A telecommunication provider just wants a guarantee that the production company actually installed the equipment on the tower that they paid for so all they want are your photos and they’re willing to pay you a few hundred bucks per hour to go.

Get them now, speaking of being paid, I mean Paul. You’re, doing a job in the next few days where a local engineering company hires you to go down and sir a high school campus that they recently completed.

I mean what’s that worth to you. What is that worth to me in dollars know about $ 3,000, and how long do you think you spend on-site actually flying probably three or four hours, not a bad day rate? If you ask me, those are the kinds of opportunities that exist right now.

The people are seizing right now if they have the right level of skills. Now to that – and this is not the first work – you’re gonna – do for this firm. No, how did you get started with them? I actually just literally got a the guys card from my girlfriend.

He said hey, I met him at a networking event. He you know, he’s very impressionable, loves and it heard that loves , and I called him – and I said you know: hey, have you ever heard of drones and what they can do for mapping? And you know even for a volumetric measuring and everything he’s like oh yeah, I’ve heard, but I’ve, never seen.

I said what about this. I’ll schedule, a meeting I’ll, show you what I can do and then we’ll go outside and I will show you what I can do and that demonstration really took it to the next level. And now I’ve got about four jobs scheduled with them this summer and that’s, just the tip of the iceberg.

What we just talked about that Paul’s, gonna be doing now that’s, not a first time effort. I mean it took a while working with these people to get them to see that he has the actual cinematography skills necessary to deliver the end product of the company effort and, frankly folks, it’s.

The old expression you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, if the first time that they had seen your video, you looked at it yeah there, probably wouldn’t, have been a second discussion.

No there wouldn’t have, but you know Dave in this shoot that I have to do. We’re talking about really hard shots. So, for example, imagine a building with a bridge underneath and then in under that bridge.

Then there’s, a slow Hill, so I have to fly over the fence under the bridge up the hill to reveal a clock during sunset. No, you want to know something folks if you want to see that just get involved with the join your community and you’ll.

Be able to see that video after it’s, all done and learn from so that shot may sound difficult to you, but it’s taken me about a year and a half to two years to get to that point. But that being said, that means you can do it, because if I can do it, you can do it.

Why is that? Because it just took a lot of time, a long learning curve and also a lot of practice so guys you’ve heard us talk a lot about the community, and some of you are probably even wondering what is this community? Well, we offer so much more than just the community.

We’re, not like the other, guys yeah, we have classes yeah, we have courses and even in-person flight training, but we don’t just sell you courses. Rather, we provide an opportunity and we provide all of these courses inside of our committee.

So simply by joining the community, you have access to every class that we offer and frankly Dave, I have to say even beyond the classes there’s. So much more than this cuz, even the community members have inspired and motivated me so many times to just continually, do better, try new things and really expand my horizons, even more so guys in the last few videos, we talked first about why the FA may or May not come after you in the second video.

We talked about the nuances, the things that you need to be able to fly and get smooth stable footage, and in this last video we’ve talked about the difference between videography and professional footage that you can so all things tomorrow is the culmination Of this series, you must lock the time to be with us tomorrow.

There’s, some exceptional information and, frankly one-time information that you can’t afford to miss. We’re gonna really spend time talking about the business aspects of taking yourself from a hobbyist to somebody who is really a commercial drone pilot that can open a whole new career opportunities for you, and we’re also going to Join that with a discussion about exactly what is this drone new community, its classes, its membership, the countless benefits that it could accrue to you by becoming a member we’re gonna have some really exceptional offers in a very short title into a Time so you cannot miss being with us tomorrow, see you, then you

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