JTF-Bravo: Engineer Drone Course

(drone whirling sound) – [1st Lt. Adams] My name is 1st Lt. Marie Adams, and I am the project officer for the engineer section for the Joint Task Force – Bravo. Today, we were learning how to fly the drone that we just purchased for the engineer section. The drone is a survey mapping drone, and so it has the ability to take pictures, and from that, it’ll take ground elevation points. – [Pete] You have a GPS base
that is broadcast through the mission software via a 2.4 GHz radio. It broadcasts its position, and
the satellite data it's tracking. The device on the drone processes it, and gets a fixed position. The fixed position is going to be within a couple of centimeters. So as the plane is flying along, it geotags the photos. – [1st Lt. Adams] Say we have a mudslide, we can take a volumetric of that and figure out what we need to help move that out of the way, and get the area running again.

It will also help our host nation partners for whatever projects similar to that they want to do. It has a lot of capabilities for pre-planning for missions for us. That's really what this is about, is going out and figuring out what's needed to complete a project. This will allow us to do the critical first step of any project, which is get a survey of the land to figure out what we're working with. (drone whirling sound).

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