JJRC H26D Camera Drone with Gimbal Flight Test Review

good morning 101 here and I really have something need for you today this is the H or jjrc h20 6d model what this is is you can see is it's a large a large brush motor but it includes something very different than other copters that I've reviewed in the past you know in the past there hasn't been much improvement in cameras particularly you know in aerial video copters more or less it's been the same 720p pinhole camera over and over and over again not anymore hopefully this will be impetus for people out there or the designers out there to start putting better cameras on these copters the only exception I've seen in the past two years is beating the c-max AG that came out with a 1080p camera but everything else has been more or less the same the same old 720p pinhole camera I put on all these quad copters this one's different this is a 3 megapixel but if you look on it it actually has a lens okay all other quad copters to date did not have a lens a real glass lens well it's probably plastic but still a lens they're gather light to provide more light in there you know looking in there it is probably is still a pinhole camera inside there but we have a it's actually a wide-angle lens to provide better view and also hopefully to gather more light for these image sensor that's in there another big advance on this quadcopter is it has a now it's not a gyro stabilized gimbal but it is a powered gimbal that provides up and down tilt and left and right tilt or left and right swivel now the left and right swivel I'm not that big a fan of but the ability to do the up-and-down tilting on this that is a huge improvement you know you sometimes you want to look at the horizon sometimes you want to point it down at yourself or the ground this lets you do it remotely at the same time it records to a microSD card which is well you can't see it right now because it's hidden behind the gimbal motors but it is their internal this quadcopter there is a twelve hundred mill you know you have to screw it open and shut I'm not a fan of the battery door here but there is a 1200 mm a per hour 7.4 volt battery it's actually very similar in size and power to the tarantula x6 batteries unfortunately it has a different connector on it the connector it uses is similar to the jjrc h28 thing it does not have a jst connector like the tarantula x6 so you cannot use the tarantula x6 battery directly unless you change that connector for it other than that it is the weight of this thing I wrote it down here hold on a second is 436 grams I weighed this at home with the battery installed and the camera installed since that's over 250 grams this will require FAA registration the pilot will be required to be registered with the FAA to fly this but still uh for this size of a quadcopter to keep it under a pound that's slightly under opponent that's achievement in itself just last week I was flying a similarly sized quadcopter that was one in a third pound and when its motors failed it came to head like a rock out here with that in mind this one's much lighter than that well it's only less than a pound but this time I've learned my lesson these big quad copters especially their first flight I am always going to fly with the pop guards on hopefully to reduce that terminal velocity in case I do lose contact with the transmitter it starts to drop this one does by the way drop about one and a half two seconds after losing reception from the transmitter I already tried that at home and it does that one other thing I wanted to point out to this quadcopter something I really like and I had not seen before it has heat sinks for the motors in there now the motors appear to be the tarantula x6 motors I don't know if they're plugging or not I haven't popped open the case too to see if their plugin replacement but they but the look of them from the outside here appear to be tarantula x6 motors or v26 two motors if you prefer but there is a big difference again I mentioned I can you see that blue in there you get the Sun glinting off of it that's a heat sick to keep the motor cool that and itself is a huge advancement you know jjrc every once in a while comes out with new advances well this is not really a advancement it's just it's novel to be put on a toy grade quadcopter I haven't seen heat sinks on the motors yet this is the first time I've seen it so Bravo jjrc for doing that especially with this big big brush motors let's go over the transmitter now the transmitter supposedly has got 300 meters range that's fantastic especially this that would make this very a very good aerial video platform if that is true we're going to try that out here I'm going to try to at least go out past the pylons there which is about 150 meters away let's go over the buttons that you got on this this upper left trigger button here solar button is for taking photos if you push in that direction and for taking videos if you push it in this direction this upper right shoulder button is for changing the rates from the beginner to intermediate to expert by pressing towards the back and for doing flips if you press toward the front and then tell it which direction to flip it'll do flips this these two dots here which would you would think would be for controlling the gimbal motors they're not they the the turning radius of these is inoperative what they are are just simply push buttons and this right push button is for headless mode a quick press and one key return if you do a prolonged press it'll do a one key return this left push button is for something that in the manual says fixed high I'm guessing that they plan for a future implementation of altitude hold on this quadcopter and I guess that would turn it on and off I'm going to try pressing the button anyways out here today and see what it does in case it does something but it doesn't describe in the manual or in the ads what this button is for or what fixed high is these trib buttons down here which would be your yacht trim button and your throttle trim button are actually the controls for the servos on the camera if you want to turn the camera left and right you press this button here the buttons here for left and right and if you want the camera to go up you press there and if you want the camera go down you go there and these trim buttons are actually trim buttons for pitch and roll so that's the transmitter in a nutshell let's go after a flight we'll take this out in the field and go for a flight of the jjrc h20 6 hope you enjoy this flight before we go out in the field I want to show you this let's show this thing in action ok I'm going to press it to the right and it turns to the right I'm going to press it to the left it turns to the left and now I want to Center it and if you wanted to go up you press up if you want it to go down you press down and I'm going to want to point it slightly up since I've generally fly with 4 pitch on okay I'm going to leave it at that for now let's go out in the field now and see this let this thing fly ok I'm turning on the quadcopter it has an on/off switch I forgot to mention that and I'm pointing the quadcopter in the general direction of the pile and off in the distance there and binding the quadcopter and let's take it up for a flight and just see how or before I take off actually I want to be the first flight of this thing I am going to try to calibrate the gyros while I'm out here let's make sure they're calibrated I want to see how stable this is in flight first before you do anything and also I'm going to start the camera I'm going to keep the camera on for this entire flight so let's take a video and confirm is there a light that lights up yes I got a light on the bottom err that indicates I am recording okay let's go for flight obviously needs a little bit of back trim trim minute-to-minute but ultimately stable nice stable quadcopter okay it seems to be stable a second for flight first off I'm going to take it up just so that we can do a pan of the area oh it's a stable flier yes okay let's rotate it nice general rotation banning the area and climbing at the same time oh this might be a wonderful wonderful camera bird especially if that 300 meter range is correct you're given a four pitch get some range on it and it's predicted range seems to be true I am out at least 200 meters folks without the tude and slant range I better reduce the throttle son let's go up to the other end of the field this is a nice camera bird folks let's try pointing it down it myself okay I'm going to point the camera Don get a little more throttle here putting the camera downward you see me down here folks I got to point it all the way down and because of that I don't know what a book it at right now I'm going to put the camera back up here in a second putting the camera back up and I'm gonna bring it down I want to see if that camera is level reducing throttle forward pitch I'm gonna try different rate higher rate is intermediate rate yes folks I like this very stable wonderful point it up too high boring it level there we go let's go to the other end of the field oh my goodness so smooth yeah I just said every once awhile jjrc comes out with a home run they have a lot of strikeouts but they also have home runs back either or they don't have anything in between oh the range on this is great I'm not 150 yards loose 450 meters or so and it climbs very well this is a serious competitor folks to the x8c right now tell you that x8 C's got competition I hope of that cameras well it depends on how well that cameras doing I don't know if it's got a lot of jell-o or not I'm gonna try to go over and hover by the pylon here without colliding with the pylon grandma please don't slide to the fire line that pylons 150 beers folks I can't tell far I am getting down close to the ground so I can gauge the distance okay I'm by the pile and I should have been by the file on which is on or 50 meters away yeah the range is excellent and the performance of the quad is nice and stable I'm crabbing with the wind here right now there's a slight breeze coming across the field but let's bring it in closer again I like this this is going to be people's favorite camera quad next to the x8c or well like I said this is going to be a damn good competitor the ex-ac let me uh okay let's head in the video right now stop the video and turning off the video camera which is pressing this button again that should be the end of the video let me make sure that that recorded I'm not sure if it is or not because it's still blinking red there's no indication whether it's recording or not other than does it show up on my LCD screen let's see here yes that's how you know if you're recording or not you get a little video camera on the screen so I'm turning that off now okay headless mode let's go try that thing at let's go go down the field a bit let's come back to beginner right two and one key return well let's stable it one key return now one key would touch it's dead let's mode now one key return you got a hold the button down and now it seems done forgotten forgotten the direction that was pointed when it took off let's see if we can correct that I don't know why I forgot that direction okay I just pressed headless mode again it seems to think that direction is the headless mode bearing that I set which at takeoff which I did not let's turn it off and on see if I can reset that headless mode burn in the direction of the pylon okay headless mode there we go now let's remember it right left back or let's go try the one key would turn again like I wanted to do one Dyna field a bit right about there pressing one key return and my flower I'm out of battery that's the battery juice and one key with turned started to work there okay that's the flight tab you get that was actually pretty good flight time for the amount of video was taken up there the headless mode does seem to forget its direction during the flight I don't know why I don't think I start the quadcopter up in a different direction when I bound it but other than that I was very pleased with how it was flying particularly the bitterness off so I don't hurt myself there we go particularly the range I was getting excellent range it was odd about 200 meters or so it probably does have 300 meter range I didn't take it out that far but 200 millimeters yeah it seemed to be out there the headless mode again seemed to forgot its direction during the flight somehow but I want to rebound the quadcopter to the transmitter it was the headless mode Direction was operating properly I didn't get a chance to see what fixed high does ultimately I'll try that the next flight but I did demonstrate the up-down the gimbal here I didn't do the right and left because I don't think that's a good idea I just if you want to turn right and left just turn your quadcopter okay and let's see that's about it folks I hope this off light came out okay and I hope the video came out okay it's quadcopter 101 with a jjrc h20 6 real neat quadcopter for the beginning or for the end of 2015 and start of 2016 hope you enjoyed this flight signing

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