It’s a Weird Time to be a Drone Pilot

by Jose

All right, it is currently 5 30. In the morning i’m late. I slept through my alarm my alarm. Didn’t, go off actually, but we’re heading to colorado, have a big car commercial. So we’re going to take you guys along.

I’m trent palmer flight drones for a living and bush planes for fun follow along as i journey off the beaten path of aviation, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], all right guys.

So we are on our first job since covet hit it’s been months, and we’re up here at like 12 000 feet day three and this one’s just been a challenge and man working since covid. Everything takes longer it’s, an uphill battle across the board.

I mean they’re, taking our temperatures every morning we have to wear wristbands, obviously masks we’re supposed to be physically distancing and then to add to all that we’re shooting in i mean right now we’re at 12 000 feet.

We’re supposed to be working our way up to a pass that’s 13 000 feet. So here we are top of pass 13 000 and change. So i’m in a t-shirt. It’s warm. I bet you density altitude’s. 15. 000 plus this is un, uncharted territory.

For me, with a drone and honestly the performance charts of any of the aircraft, we fly don’t even kind of state that they can fly up here, let alone what to expect performance wise, so pretty wild and for people that don’t know how altitude works and how it affects aircraft and really everything the higher you go, the thinner the air is, we’re middle of summer.

It’s, warm so at 13 000 feet the density altitude. Last i checked up, there was about 15 000 feet and you have about half the air density. You would at sea level. So if you have a drone that’s made to fly at 40 pounds of sea level, all of a sudden, it feels like it’s at 80 pounds up here, so our regular platform.

We had to get rid of that. Wasn’t gonna work at all. So then we got the alta x from free fly. We were planning on flying that with our red setup, director threw a curveball right at the last second said: no, let ‘

S fly a mirrorless camera, let’s shoot this new canon r5. It’s, an awesome camera just overheats, and by the time we balanced it all out and got it all set. It was just as heavy as the red [, Music ] and, of course, on our prep day, we went to test fly it on landing.

The gimbal was on a side hill. The drone was trying to stabilize the the aircraft, keep it level and when i turned off the props, all the mass of the drone shifted to the downhill side and basically pulled the entire thing over right there.

This guy’s, so when it tipped over fully broke that piece and now we’re on set for a shoot with broken equipment, and this thing’s on loan too, so sorry free fly. That was how we started. This one off, so we made the executive decision to go to the inspire which we normally consider a toy drone, but up here it is actually a the smarter option.

What you just did was great so stay with that you’re gonna get lower. Please uh reserve it there we go rolling and action. I see him. I got him yeah like that, jerry, the hound dog, [ Music ]. So this job again, i’m, not allowed to talk much about it.

It’s for a car manufacturer. We’re shooting next year’s vehicle, so they’re. All embargoed you can’t, show them can ‘ T really talk about it. The director on this one is a great guy. He’s worked with us forever, but when it comes to the heat of battle, he’s, not the easiest to work with he’s very uh.

I guess detail oriented and very specific about what he wants and nothing outside of that and a lot of times. What he wants is not the most physically possible thing, so uh it ends up being a kind of stressful thing.

At the end of the day, we all shake hands, but oh man, it’s, not the easiest guy to work for, can we run it yeah? Well, let’s, shoot it. Okay, all right who’s, that person in our shop. I got to lose this and who’s, that oh, okay, hey! No wait! Now go trent, zip back low mother now swing.

What’s! He doing swing over over the road getting over the road step up a bit, please slow down and hang just hang just entourage have to back up. I can give you a mark if you need it, but weigh the back.

How don’t. You think i thought i don ‘ T have no idea. Yeah, i’ll, go big man, go stay low, tip up, stay low, tip up stay low, tip up tip the [ __ ] up there you go, but not that much. That’s, good okay, that’s; a cut that one though let’s, get moving to the top, and so also this location up here on pass um.

It’s, a single lane road and normally what they they shoot. All their car detail stuff with is an arm car that’s a you know, car with a big crane on it. Then a stabilized head, they can’t get that up here.

So we’re, trying to basically cover what the arm car would be getting and a lot of those shots. Just aren’t drone shots, and especially once you start factoring in the gusty winds. We’ve had in the rain up at high altitude.

The gps signals getting cut off because we’re on a cliff’s edge and it’s. It’s been a difficult one, but we’re kind of getting through it. And what speed do you want me going down this? A nice speed go.

Go a nice little nice speed action action, roll camera keep the car in. If you’re, not now when he comes around this bend, it’s, going to be great, get lower below the road below the road hurry up, hurry up hurry up come on up now come back with me.

I’m holding uh nice nice, where the [ __ ] did this come from oh jerry. Well, he just popped up off [ Music ]. This is a little moment of really a moment of inspiration having their treasure now. If the car pulls in – and i see it – then i can’t do much, but if the car could pull in and as it’s landing, we reveal it michael norman.

I want to see that i think the 24 is the right lens and then i want to come up and come around, and i want to see that and i want him to 12 000 feet. I don’t know if you can see that i’ll, say 15 20 mile an hour winds and he just put the longest lens on yeah.

We’re screwed, okay, ready a little higher a little higher. That’s good right there and that’s high enough. You want to wrap back around either. Okay, okay, let’s. We’re done. You’re, going to break them.

Always it was fun! Dana yeah the wind was brutal. It was great great flying good luck. Getting down this freaking mountain yeah, wrapped in time influencers in the wild [ Music ], all right guys. We are finally wrapped on our job four days of shooting.

We had a tech scout a prep day and then two long days of driving. I think it took us 15 hours to get there the first day and now we’re on our way home. But before i wrap this up, i wanted to touch on a couple things.

One got a new shirt. We’ve, actually added a couple new designs. You guys need to check out also the freedom fox rc freedom fox video wow. I did not expect that much as far as feedback and comments on that thing.

So what i’m gonna, do, i guess in the next week or two i’m gonna go ahead and do a random selection pick. The three winners and get you guys, your uh freedom foxes and for those of you that are impatient and don’t want to wait or hope that you win.

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I hope you guys enjoyed it and you know the drill like this video. If you do subscribe, if you haven’t come be my wingman see you on the next one: peace

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