Is this the future of drones? XCraft X PlusOne Unboxing

by Jose
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Everyone bill Nichols here and I’m – excited bringing this video today so a while back. I was watching Shark Tank an on Shark Tank. There’s, these two guys that came on with a new-style drum that they had that took off vertically it had wings.

Then, when I got them speed, it would rotate horizontally. It could supposedly go 60 miles an hour and follow you. It’s called the X plus one. It was a high speed, drone utilizes, a GoPro camera, so you’ve got to supply your own GoPro camera.

Well, today, I’m, going to do an unboxing of the X plus one with their gimbal. I’ve. I emailed the company trying to get in touch with them. I never heard back from them, but I think this is such an interesting platform that I have gone crazy, trying to find one today I found one actually got delivered today.

I did find one. I got it here: it’s, a let’s. Do the unboxing. This thing is huge, so this is the box. This is the X craft X, plus 1 X craft is the company so what they say we’ll. Just run through it really quick, they say out of the box.

The X plus one comes with everything you need just bounce, your GoPro, you’re capturing high-speed shots. I wouldn’t say that’s. True out of the box, it does not come with a gimbal. The gimbal is a separate item.

Really, if you’ve flown drones at all, you know you need to have a gimbal otherwise, anyway, that the that their drone itself moves is going to pan on the gimbal. I’m just going to pan in the GoPro it’s, not a good thing.

You definitely need to have a gimbal on this. The gimbal mounts or the GoPro mounts at the very front of it, and it’s. So that kind of is the first axis, so this is a two axis gimbal that it comes with and the so let’s kind of go through what it says.

So they talked about doing epic flyovers drone pursuit of your favorite action. Motor sports mountain biking, snowboarding, you fill in the blank a regular drone, just won’t, keep up. I don’t know about that, because the phantom 4 goes 45 miles an hour.

Basically, it’s 32 and a half inches wide 19 by 14 inches. It’s about 3 pounds. They say it’s, a hybrid quadcopter flying wing , hovered at 60 miles an hour flight time, approximately 20 minutes.

It’s, an expanded, polyolefin material, looks kind of like a styrofoam. We’ll, see as we get it out of the box and it allows the allows the X plus one to fly at maximum speed and strong enough to take some abuse.

Then an optional 2 axis brushless gimbal for gopro. So we have that here. This is the GoPro mount as well. Then I have a GoPro 4, just in case it’s, easy to mount. I’ll. Do it now, if not, I’ll, do a separate video.

So let’s. Um, let’s, unbox the X plus one first, so pretty nice box. I will tell you price-wise. This is a this on its own, for the X plus one is nineteen hundred and ninety nine dollars, no camera, no gimbal! That’s.

A little expensive, but depending on what you can do with it, it could be worth it. It could not be worth it. You got ta keep in mind. Price is one thing, but if you know something cost you $ 300, but doesn’t.

Do anything that you need, then it’s $ 300 wasted. For me, my previous quadcopter that I had that I talked about. I actually have it for sale right now. I’m selling it. For me, it was four thousand bucks when I bought it.

It did everything that I need, and now the Phantom replaces about 90 % of it for 1400. So I have not opened this previously. This is a brand new, so Ralph’s about you. Get a quick start guide, you get an operations manual, you know.

Thank you for purchasing. Welcome to the club looks like they just put some Twitter, some Twitter links and their Facebook in here Quick Start Guide. Let’s, see what it says. Really quick in here so basically they say getting started to install a pylons.

So the pylons are the wings, the four wings into the pylon spars into the connector wing and slide you’ve got some electrical connections to make. Looks like two bullet connectors in a little wiring, harness probably on each one, install the propellers, so they clockwise looks says it they.

Okay, so clockwise and counterclockwise, like you would expect, looks like you need to have a little key because they get a cap on them. Then install the payload for a standard nose. Cone install as shown for all other payload options, follow the instructions with the payload.

So this is interesting because it has a a nose cone that looks like it comes off. They talk about payloads so that you can put your own kind of payload in here. Maybe they’re, hoping that there will be other developers.

I don’t know if it’s, an open platform, try and get together with x-craft and talk to them about this thing I actually think they’re, pretty close to where I am so. Maybe I can get down there. Visit them somehow looks like charging.

The battery does not say how long that takes. They have the controller and then the flight modes so really quickly. It says that there’s, a flight mode to return to home. There’s, a fly, which is a normal position for normal switch position for fly hover it’ll.

Keep the aircraft pointed up when the right stick is centered. Smart hover in place position can be controlled with hover controls, craft uses, GPS to auto, stabilize itself, make sure you have a clear GPS signal.

Like anything else, acro mode uses the RC sticks to control the angular velocity of the craft release the sticks. The vehicle will maintain its current altitude and will not return to level. Acro mode is useful for forward flight aerobatics such as flips or roles or fpv, when smooth and fast control is desired.

I don’t thing. I’m gonna be trying flips, and rolls of this thing. Last thing I want to do is crash this first time that I have it out, but we’ll, see what happens. Auto note, which is set on mission planner or cue ground control.

It says PC and Mac – hmm, guided ground station controlled flight. It says set via mission plan on the PC or cue ground control Mac and follow me ground station with GPS required follows the ground station.

So X, plus 1 will follow the ground station as you move install 3d our services and tower apps on smart phone to connect with craft ok, so they have some first flight stuff. Here let’s just open this thing.

Up much larger operations manual looks like there’s, even an addendum in here. Oh it’s. The GoPro fixed mount assembly that’s, for if you’re, not doing a gimbal there’s. A fixed mount option, and then that tells us what we should have in the box.

So let’s. Uh open this thing up. Regular styrofoam, like you’d, expect in a box holy cow. This is a big wing, so let’s, get it out of here, pretty light it’s. Definitely, like seems like it. You know they have.

These carbon-fiber, looking stickers on here, looks like a carbon-fiber exterior wing, like with a little wing lit out here. The rest of this is definitely a like a poly something kind of like a polystyrene or styrofoam somewhat stiff.

I’m sure that it needs to be a little bit a little bit. Flexible looks like this is the GPS compass here looks like these are the two areas where the other wings will go in. So let’s, set this off to the side and go right back like this here’s, the controller rather small, superlight controller.

Let’s, see what does it take? Takes? Double-A batteries not sure what the it says on it X, plus 1 AI looks like a multi-channel. You can adjust. The sticks like you, can’t on the DJI phantom, your power.

All of that up-down cancel. We’ll, get into that later. Props plastic props – I’m. Actually really flexible plastic props see what the other pieces are that are in here a whole bunch of Oh space. Er rings not sure.

There looks like two sets of propellers. Oh boy, I hope antennas wires. Usb cable looks like this is a micro USB, maybe a charge. Cable here is the so it comes with double-a batteries. For the controller that’s.

Nice looks like this is the battery charger little fifty watt charger. Let’s, see nosecone, weighs nothing. It’s just styrofoam and then looks like these are each of the external wing. So there’s, a shaft that comes down here.

I imagine that that’s for landing. So in Atlanta, doesn’t tip over that hits on the ground. Doesn’t hold the bottom, so maybe you can put a little foot on there. If you wanted here’s, your motors, that your props, you’re, going to go on to that here’s.

The bullet connectors and the other wire connector was talking about, looks like there’s, a screw hole here. So you put these in connect them. Then you’re, going to screw it in to lock it there’s. Two of those, so there’s, one.

There is two: do they say which is which I want to see if they have a left or right indicator. I don’t, see that, but maybe they will only go on one way. I think it will only go on one way and then here is the battery relatively small battery.

Let’s, see what it says: four milliamp hours so 5400 milliamp hours. I think that’s about the size of what the original Phantom was the new Phantom is, I want to say, 8300, I’ll, correct that if I’m wrong, but a lithium polymer battery, and so there’s your battery there’s, your charger there’s.

All this all right, so let ‘ S. Put this back here. Build quality seems okay, I mean it’s. It’s, a different style than you’d, give them like an inspire or a for a phantom for where they’re. The Phantom 4 is largely high impact plastic and then a magnesium body.

The inspires a lot of high impact plastic, this being a styrofoam. I would imagine it would dent it. Probably wouldn’t crack, it could break. Maybe it’s. A little bit more repairable. I haven’t had an issue with that with either one of the others or my all carbon-fiber , all right.

So there’s that there’s a lot to do to get that thing together. So I would definitely say not ready to fly on the box. You’re gonna have to do quite a bit of assembly. I will go through an assembled app, probably on the next video, as well as install the gimbal.

Let’s. Take a look at the gimbal, so this says brushless, gimbal and cludes controller board, hopefully no soldering. Hopefully everything is just plug and play. Oh okay. So the gimbal is all carbon fiber.

Let’s, see here alright. So here’s your so this is going to mount on. You’ll have the GoPro. Obviously this is the GoPro bracket here. So you’ll fix the GoPro on in some fashion. We’ll, read the directions.

Then this isn’t going to to stabilize its set like this isn’t going to move, because this moves back and forth and this is going to move so on the fam. You have a 3-way gimbal right, so it’s going to go here.

It’s going to go here and up and down now on here. If the craft is moving left or right, that’s, not going to be stabilized, but it should be going mostly straight right. But if the wind blows that’s going to knock it off.

But if it’s tilting at all this, this axis is going to do it here and if you’re rising or falling right. So the nose is going like this. So, as you, you have the camera fixed somewhere as it comes down that gimbal could now rotate to keep that in line.

I will say, like I see like exposed electronics on here there’s, a controller board on here that’s. Pretty well exposed I don’t know how worried it’d. Be about that in my other , my big that I said that I paid like four grand for about a year and a half ago.

Almost everything’s exposed, I haven’t, had a single issue with it. If I hadn’t seen that before I would be worried, but I’m, I wouldn’t, be with this. This actually relatively liked, we will see so we’re going to get this thing together.

Put it together see how it looks and hopefully take it for our first flight tomorrow, maybe throw it behind a car 60 miles an hour, see if it’ll actually do 60. They’ll kind of live or die test with it.

So yeah, so the X plus one big wing here it’s, going to stand up, yeah stands up and then let’s. Just look at this, so the gimbal would then go something like this right here right on the front with the GoPro on there.

If you didn’t have the gimbal, you just have the nose cone on there and I think that you can put like I don’t, know a phone or something in here like let’s open this up and Take a look at this Kinect for fpv power, so we are going to have some oh no.

This is where the battery is going to go so yeah. So we are. We’re, going to have some pretty serious reading. To do to get this thing together looks cool it’s. Gon na be really interesting. You know I’m, really partial right now to my quadcopters that I have.

This is obviously brand new territory. I haven’t. Seen anything like this. I don’t know that anybody else is really seen anything like this. There’s, a few x-craft videos on YouTube really excited. This could be a killer platform, so let’s, get it together and take it out for a first flight.

So thanks for joining me watch in the next video I’m gonna put this thing together, see how hard it is right. Now I’m going to use. I’m, going to read the instructions figure out what tools that I need and just record a second video right now.

So I follow along and thanks for watching talk to you soon. You guys keep watching videos, I’ll, keep making them. As a reminder, I am giving away a set of ND filters for the Phantom 4 as soon as they get to 2000 subscribers.

So look at that video right here where I announce the giveaway. Look at a previous video that’s in the cards of the indie filters that I did and just comment on that. One video like it and subscribe and you’re, going to be entered and I’m going to draw it as soon as we hit 2000.

So I provide all the prizes myself. I have no sponsors just really. You know a lot of gratitude for you guys watching my videos and give me the feedback and helping me to develop some content. So I will talk to you soon.

You keep watching. I’ll. Keep making videos thanks.

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