Interview with a Drone Pilot

by Jose

Hello, my name is David quinones. I am the owner and chief pilot of site game USA. We are startup that does aerial photography and video based here in New York City. This little guy right here is a short-range drone.

The drones that we use typically are battery-powered lifting polymer batteries, and the flight time is approximately five to ten minutes, depending on payload copters themself hives, anywhere from six to eight motors.

Although there are designs with more motor than that, they can probably travel within line of sight. So with that being said, that would be about five six hundred feet away. This has actually made it possible to film and not disturb the environment, and at the same time, you get unique shots that are lower, closer, more intimate that we’ve, never been able to see before, except for which use of a cable.

But without a cable you have way more versatility. This is my radio controller, and from here I have control over all the flight characteristics of the drone, as well as some of the camera control. We like to fly them in parks and wide open places, places that are not too urban, especially here in New York.

You know we make sure we have a nice open space to fly somewhere safe, not too many people. It’s very interesting, actually because everywhere I go with these things. It attracts an amazing amount of attention.

Somebody called and said it was a UFO flying so that ‘ S actually happened a few times where they thought it was a spaceship and then one the show up. Of course they just laughed because not a spaceship.

Well my background. I have an aviation background. I went to flight school in Florida. I have a commercial pilot’s, license with a multi-engine and instrument rating. I just love flying. I love photography ever since I was a kid.

I always was good with cameras and whatnot at this time. You do not need a pilot’s. License to fly these short-range drones. Don’t want anybody to be confused with the drones that are flying long-range that we hear about so off for the news.

What I have here is a far cry from that those drones that they have are millions of dollars and they’re capable of hundreds, if not thousands, of miles of range, and there’s, satellite control there, some of them you have Weapons onboard and all kinds of high end cameras and whatnot.

The future is going to be amazing. The future of drones in the world in this country we’ve, barely just begun to imagine the possibilities of what can be done right now. You can only operate these drones kind of demonstration or for test or for fun.

However, for commercial use we will have to wait for the certifications to come into play and that will be about a year and a half from now. So when it happens, these will be certified and people will start seeing these all over the country with various different uses, all different kinds of uses from agriculture to security, photography, thermal imaging, the sky’s.

The limit literally you

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