InterDrone 2017 X Craft Shark Tank, all 5 Sharks invested

by Jose

Okay, it’s; JT apellido, thanks for throwing it to us Eileen. We’re in a tech x-craft and, if you remember them from what year was eventually two years ago and shark, take we’re just showing it.

You know, first time, ever all five sharks jumped in the product was excellent. What’s now out here at energy? Oh and remember when I worked with the sharks [ Music ] did anybody else, offer you money prior to this for sure yep, and so when someone’s come for you.

What were the discussions there’s? Really two categories of conversations? One is strategic and one is kind of pseudo institutional. A lot of the initial guys want to kind of shape that, like a early stage BC structure, not something we’re.

As excited about doing you all have a lot more operational execution experience respectfully than many traditional early stage, reducing us many who’s also covered in EM spectrum. You cover a variety of different areas which is really useful to the business, because that’s, the whole mob, Charles.

I think that’s, so smart, I feel oddly see guys like we all do. I got sons. All super smart, great theories and they give their hands to running. That makes a lot of certain mark on you. That works. There was amazing deal with the Sharks, were all greatly interested Sabine’s.

I just want to back out and show you what the actual aircraft looks like. I think this is a company that you’re, going to be hearing a lot of, especially because, if you saw any of the demos of our aircraft was unique in everything, it did the way it please vertical takeoff.

Thank you all of a sudden. They missed it so Riley. It was kind enough to tell us about it. Then again here it is again outstanding product. You’re gonna see more of it, but I wanted to bring it to you here.

First, thanks appreciate it right. Good luck! I’ll, send it back to you in the studio Eileen

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