Indian Academy of Drones – Drone Pilot Training Institute in India

Welcome to Indians, best unmanned aerial systems, , capsule, Indian Academy of . were once considered a hobby possession but has now transformed into a must-have gadget known for its versatility and worthiness capability.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the drone market has reached its saturation point with all the different shapes and sizes they are available in from many to micro, , droney Tucker’s. The leader in drone dreaming consultation and expert support for new drone .

We believe that drones are going to change the world and we are using this amazing technology by promoting safety, comprehensive understanding of the equipment and knowledge of the current regulations.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality on unmanned aerial systems to ensure the safe integration of drones into Indian airspace. We are an exciting team based in India and Canada, offering multiple courses through our , vertical Indian academy of drones.

The courses offers a combination of classroom training and multiple hands on flight sessions, explore the possibilities of drone technology and learn to fly professionally with indian academy of drones, training program get hands-on flight training and learn responsible flying drone courses at indian academy of drones.

Turn you into enterprise standard pilots enroll today for a five days, advanced drone training in two days. Aerial cinematography programs register today on indian occurred me — off Transcom or give us a call or no nine one.

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