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by Jose

A couple of years ago, I saw a video on YouTube at school and I was like, wow, that’s awesome. I was like I want to do that. There’s nothing else like it, like you can obviously go get your pilot’s license but when I started when I was 15 drones were sort of the exciting thing like it was new, everyone’s like,wow, that’s cool.

I want to do that. So, in 2014 you couldn’t really buy them you had to build them, I went to a hobby shop and I was like, can you help me out and they were like, yeah, for sure. So they got me all the parts and went from there really.

So there’s a fair bit of soldering, programming. It’s a big learning curve at the start, because you’re not really knowing what you’re doing. So you’re diving into something you’re not really familiar with, and then it gets easier from there.

You have to connect it to the computer, then fly it and test it, fly it and test it to see what works for you. Mainly it’s around 100 to 150kms an hour, Zooming around, so it’s pretty fast. And then yeah, you just mainly doing barrel rolls flips, and split-s’s, all that type of stuff.

You see a drone tearing towards you at hundred plus kms an hour. Even though you’re in the cab, you duck. He turns at the last minute of course, but then you look around and he’s flying through your machine and doing all sorts of crazy stunts.

That’s very entertaining. Only thing I worry about, you’re driving along and if he does have a prang and goes down. Well, you know, it’s to get run over. So you always got that in the back of your mind.

Everyone crashes like it’s a part of the learning curve, to be honest. You can’t not fly without crashing. But yeah, like once you get a bit better you start to figure out what’s what and you don’t really crash as much.

Mainly just going through trees easier because like that’s hard to line up. You can fly through them slowly but trying to flick yourself through them. You can fly through at straight, but then you can fly through it backwards and make it look better.

Source : Youtube

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