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You’re listening to be a strong new podcast. You ask. We answer your own question, whether you’re here, to turn your passion into profit. When you’re, simply slice of fun. We’re, a community of learners and teachers who aspire to achieve greatness.

We are so yeah, hey everyone. Welcome to another awesome episode of ask thrown you. My name is Paul, my name is Rob and this is episode. 5. 45. Thank you guys. Hope. All is well hope. You’re, getting a lot of flight time in yeah.

It’s. Pretty nice here in Albuquerque accident kind of jealous. I’m not flying to day, but for those of you who have a broken drone and can’t go flying, then you need to call the guys at unman SAS calm.

You know why they fixed your drone veteran-owned business here in the United States and if you go to unmanned SAS calm /a drone you for 2995, they’ll. Tell you what’s wrong with your drone? He’ll. Even send you the nice little packing slip to send your drone to them right.

Isn’t that iffing awesome. It is pretty awesome. It is awesome also guys. Today we have a very interesting question and we thought it was a good opportunity to kind of tie it together with living the drone life, because you guys know we’ve got living the drone life the book, but this guy he is a local Albuquerque in and recent member said, you know, i’m so jealous that you’re actually in albuquerque, and you know he’s, wondering what all we have today and a lot of people ask this question like you know What kind of trainings do you guys actually do? What do you have there in albuquerque and it’s? It’s very interesting when people stop by because they get to see you know where we fly.

They get to see kind of the studio and what it’s like, but i’m, hoping that this podcast answers those questions on the you know. I just wanted to kind of put this out there in the beginning of the podcast.

If you’re, not interested in hearing more about drone, you, then you may want to skip this, show just giving you a fair buying, because i just want to let all those people know who you know. Listen all the time that business podcast is just going to talk about.

You know what trainings were doing, how drawn you is going to grow this year into more trainings throughout the country and how we’re, elevating experiences, because there is something that a drone you is doing.

If you’re a drone, you member, we’re having the fly in an annual conference. If you’re interested in joining us, you have to be a drone you, member to join us. We are capping registration at 60. People, the reason is, is because I’m, really trying to have the ultimate drone conference, and I ‘

Ve worked really really hard on that, and we’re going to talk about it so Rob before I ramble on anymore. Once you go ahead and stop me with that question: hey guys, my name is Rafa and I recently learned about from you and signed up for classes, good friend of mine, John back in Connecticut it, which is where i’m from also actually informed Me about you guys, Andy Kenny said I’m, so jealous of you, because they’re on your neck of the woods, and I was like what do you mean? Randy told me that you guys are now.

I’m, occur, keen Howser whoa, so you know I got thinking I’m. Like wow, I was wondering if you guys have some kind of like campus here classes. You hold any kind of seminars here at in Albuquerque. You know we can learn more about drones, one-on-one kind of stuff from you guys directly and just basically what your presence is like here in Albuquerque I live in Bernalillo now so pretty close by so that’s.

What I was curious about so far. Everything I’ve, been you know. Listening to you watching is amazing. You know I’m, really excited about, hopefully getting my part 1 07 test and starting your own business and just want to you know, network with people and learn as much as possible.

So I could, you know, do the best business that I can so that’s. What I’m, a asking you guys about, and I’ll, be listening to you thanks a lot bye that’s! A nice word they’re rough yeah, very nice and, as always, we think for the question, and I’m glad Paul mentioned for those of you that might not be interested in hearing us talk about that kind of stuff to say.

Bye until tomorrow, but you know it is a question that we get a fair amount, believe it or not, and we tend to shy away from talking about it too much on here for obvious reasons. Well, we want to provide value to you guys.

We want to make sure that you’re engaged that you’re, getting information. It’s helpful to you. We’re, not here, to be on a soapbox, because that’s honestly and not going to help anyone else yeah, and that said, we’re excited about what’s, going on and drone you and some Of the initiatives that we have in place that I think ultimately will help everybody out there that we’re going to go into today.

Yes, so where do we start Rob? Well, everyone knows how I don’t even know. Well, I think, maybe where we started to answer his question directly as far as he’s, talking about what’s going on here in Albuquerque, do we have a campus? What do we have going on here locally and the reality of that is pretty small, it every small we have our building.

We’re actually across the street, from the FAA over one Paseo, the irony in that yeah, and also a good thing. I think it’s so funny, but we’re up here in the north side of the city, because it’s out of controlled airspace yeah.

I knew you were thinking about that. When we look for ways always we actually did talk about before we moved here and then there’s, a field right behind us that we use often times for trainings, and we’ve done trainings kind of all over.

In fact, I would say one of the most interesting trainings I’ve ever done is trading time with a helicopter pilot, and he gave me that I think was like 11 hours at the helm of the helicopter, and he would then ask for me To train him, so we would fly out to the middle of nowhere and then slide don’t barter system yeah.

It’s really funny, but you know the thing is: I want to be honest with everyone, because, yes, we do have in-person trainings and we do have kind of a plethora of different trainings. If you are new and you and your brand new, I just had someone recently Buffy and in fact I’m, going to invite her back.

So she can have some more time. But if you’re brand new, we have full day trainings. We have half day trainings, but we’re, really kind of we’re kind of waning down on those between now and June July, because we’re doing the drone you fly in, which is a members-only conference for drone.

You it’s, oftentimes rob my you know, Jason my friend and I have a. We have said before that. A lot of these conferences that we’ve, been to these drone conferences. It’s like the corporate world took over and they’re, trying to create a normal corporate conference out of a drone thing, and no one’s really gotten there right, i mean even at CES and nab it’s, it’s.

Really it’s evolved, but it’s still not there yet, and i think what we have planned for drone. You is essentially the what i would call the the ultimate well in conferring one of the things that that’s, always gotten to me that you’ve mentioned, because the balls have never actually been to one of the conferences with you.

We’re, always holding down the fort here, which is great, but one of the things that you always mention that’s. A little bit curious to me. Is there’s very little flying yes, what a jam true his trunk and and when they do fly there in a freaking cage right and by 10 woohoo? This is so much fun.

No, it’s, not what a joke like like a copter pilot being put in a big building. Yeah, hey fly your helicopter inside the studio, woohoo yeah i mean, obviously flying and being outdoors and doing some really cool stuff is going to be a very, very large part.

The majority of what this flyin is going to be all about. So what is this line? It’s three days long. We are enacting something called the drone you elite, where it’s, essentially how we’re, going to spread our trainings around the country, because we are going to have specific members who are very experienced come and they’re.

Going to be challenged to do these certain things and if they pass the challenge they’re, going to become drone. You elite, they’re, going to be given the drone, you kind of training systems, so they can train other people and they can make a lot of money off of it as well and at the same time, drone.

You expands and helps more people and gets more people trained and more people flying safely. So this is really big expansion press and they’re being tested over the drone you flying in conference, but also you know, we’re, going to have the classic mixer.

Everyone else has a mixer. We got to have a mixer right. I mean so it what is it friday night we’re doing the mixer, because saturday night we’re doing yeah. I’ll talk about what about saturday night, mmhmm, yeah, okay, so that then saturday, which is day two, is when the real fun begins.

We have a debriefing in the morning and we’re. Shooting this whole thing so that, if you guys want to see what’s going on, you will be able to see it. I mean we’re, going to shoot the whole thing and it’s.

It’s going to be you know it’s. Funny because was it Daniel Herbert started that drone group survivor drone island, and it was just this like fake island on us. You know digital platform where people would vote each other off and i never got voted off by the way.

I was a part of that games. Well, you had drone you in your hip pocket that is true reach out to the throne. You folks that in to ask for votes yeah, but one thing i will say is that, like it really got me thinking like you know, I should really gamify this whole thing.

So the drone you fly in the drone you conference, whatever you want to call. It is one giant mission, so Saturday, once we go through our debriefing, everyone is going to be given the criteria that they’re, going to be judged on by the way this is being announced here.

We haven’t talked about this stuff anywhere. Well, I have you, get the information to the copywriters, somehow Rob okay, so one strategy. So anyway, after our debriefing, we’re, going to tell everyone about the exercises, what they’re, going to be doing, which, by the way there should be and right now I’m, not sure if it’S four or five exercises because we may be working with a drone company.

I’m, not going to say who they are, make. You know who you are um, but anyway we may be working with a certain drone companies so that we can actually do an exercise that is actually going to be a part of a new drone, jobbing company and a drone job.

That a lot of people would be doing so. We’re, really integrating our trainings with drone jobbing companies to really better prequalify pilots – and this is one of the first steps to doing that. But these four to five exercises exercise number one.

It will not be in this order. Quote me on this. It will not be answered in Italy determined at this point. You’ve, you’ve nailed down what you want these things to be. Well, I will say here’s, the caveat so we’ve talked about, I would say, probably not.

I here’s, the caveat, so the caveat is, is that we’re working with another school in conjunction at the Albuquerque Academy. This is where it will be. We have the whole of pretty much the facility to ourselves, but things could change in this fly-in due to restrictions.

So I’m just going to throw that caveat out there right now that this is essentially what we’re planning. This is my ideas kinda, what we’re doing, but welcome to the dro new brainstorming session. Yes, anyway, okay, so the first exercise is subject tracking, so we had someone who is gracious enough to donate their polaris RZR to us to be used.

So we’re, going to be doing cinematic movements with subject tracking and people will have to do specific cinematic movements and they’ll, be judged on the distance that they are from the subject itself, but also they’re.

Framing they’ll, be judged on their lighting. They’ll, be judged on the overall shot and they’ll, also be judged on the complexity of their shots right. Oh, the cool thing is: is that there’s already, a trail set up in a figure eight at the event site where this is going on.

So it’s, really cool that we’re, going to be able to have everyone go through this this, so that’s, going to be cool so that’s idea. One idea one idea: number two is a two-fold: it’s real estate cinematography, but it’s.

Also, a little bit of roof inspection, so real estate cinematography people will have to showcase a certain building utilizing so many cinematic moves and then they’re, going to be judged on again. Did they set up their camera properly? Did they do pre-flight check? Did they do the cinematic moves? They only have one battery so how many cinematic moves do they get in the one battery and the cool thing about all this? I’m, going to just interrupt this.

The students will be tasked with, or excuse me, the d ue will be tasked with creating videos of this whole thing. To then show to everyone at the event, i think is gonna be really cool because you’re going to be you’ll, get create creative and constructive criticism on your videos and what you could do a little bit better like Using you know, lens flare using certain filters, so we’re, going to measure how thorough people are.

The second part of that challenge is that, and this is going to benefit people if they have a zoom camera, is that they have to get the serial number off of the HVAC unit on the top of the roof. Yeah we’re, going to be setting this up in teams.

They’re, going to be working in teams because it is like, like Paul, said, going to be gamified, so the idea would be to put somebody on that team. That has those in camera right, so we can kind of even things out and have everybody have an equal opportunity to win, because there will be a winner, isn’t that cool like there is going to be a winner yeah it’S going to be sweet, so anyways that’s, a big part of what’s going on, which is why one video we’re, going to give yeah.

Well, there’s, so much to figure out the office please, but anyways that’s going to be here raah face. Oh, you can yeah or neah Mars. I know that is that my I think it’s pretty pretty! Well established that’s.

What about I’m, just going to say really quick. There are two other exercises that involve thermography: dual camera, setups and scouting. So there’s, going to be a lot of real-world exercises and stations, but essentially no one’s done this before and I just want to create the coolest experience ever for drone pods and I would call it like a retreat.

Almost yeah because it’s, bringing the community together and we’re, getting to do these cool, like missions and whatnot, and it makes you feel like you’re John. There’s. You have solar array out there that we’re, hoping to use, and some of the exercises and people learn how to how to inspect those links remaining.

You got that well know. A lot of that is flying through tree. That mean it’s, going to be really cool. It’s. Gon na be super fun. We, oh, I didn’t even mention the obstacle course yeah. So for a lot of people were bugging me.

They’re, like hey the obstacle course you had in Rancho Cucamonga was so awesome, like I heard the story about you and John McBride, like racing inspires through these like three foot holes and it’s. It’s.

True and it’s going to happen again it even bigger than that one. Yes, I want this to be more. Like the Disneyland of obstacle courses, Wow Rob you’re, you’re. Making me happier. I just saw the budget went up for that, that’s, not that big video it’ll, be worth it will use them.

What else going on? Oh man, lots going on so the third day we’re, having workshops so Vic Moss is doing some photography, editing workshops and I think it’s in lightroom photoshop and capture one. I’m, not sure which platform is going to use don ‘

T quote me on that. I’m, going to be doing some video editing myself and you know I know we talked about ochre doing a class. So i’m, not sure. If that’s going to happen. Yeah i don’t know what we’re, going to have time for everything that we want to do, because, ultimately we want to keep it.

We don’t want to overcomplicate it to where it sort of just gets so fuzzy that nobody knows where to go next, because there’s too many ideas and too many choices. True, so we want to keep things simplified fun, valuable.

A lot of it is just for people to get together and get to know each other. True, it’s. An amazing community in that community right now is electronic essentially, and we want it to be personal. Definitely so that’s, a big part with c’mon.

If I remember too, we said that we were going to do two classes on editing the photo and the video, but we are going to do two classes on business. That way it was like it, the two 90-minute classes. Then we switch people and groups and then do the other two classes.

If i remember correctly, that’s been thrown out gotcha. What idea, particularly on the side? Well, I think it would be really cool for you to do some business stuff and for like, for example, just you know, helping people understand the best way to manage their finances on the road like what apps to use, I mean you know, I’M still asking for that, so I think that would be really useful and we can go into for these guys in helping set up funnels and helping set up advertising.

And how does Google AdWords really work and, like you know all that, and that way people get the full experience of the fly in there? They’re, getting the business knowledge they’re hanging out with friends.

They’re testing themselves and pushing themselves to the limit to help gain that competitive advantage. I think people are going to walk away from this just like wow. I hope so. Certainly that’s. The goal I mean we want to allow people and we want to – we want to / /, deliver trails.

I’m. Really. I’m getting that out, so i have to draw back in the ideas yeah no, but it’s going to be good so, but in other things locally Paul mentioned the in-person trainings. We do do some of those, and if that does interest you, you can always email me at support at the drone.

You calm – and we can have a conversation about that. But beyond that, at this point there’s, not a ton locally, because we don’t have time. Mm-Hmm and you know we ‘ Ve got constituents if you will all over the country and even the world, and so we want to make sure we’re.

Addressing everybody ‘ S needs true staying connected to everybody who but come by roughly and say hello, oh yeah and people. You know one question that we get a lot. Is you know if I get a group of people together, will you come do a training in the answer? Is yes in fact, most trainings that we do on the road? Now our businesses, oh yeah, we’re, doing a lot more kind of stuff or local governments, fire departments, which is a lot of fun.

So if you work at a local government work at a fire department, department, whatever you can contact us about doing that stuff, yeah and I know it’s – not Jeff’s. Clemente’s birthday today. As far as the show’s going out, but we’re.

Recording this show on your birthday, so Jeff happy happy birthday. I can’t talk to you so yeah. What else we really the the drone you elite, the d ue. One of the things i wanted to mention when you are talking about that, since it came up, is one of the things that ‘

S, really really really critical and important to us, as it relates to those people that are going to be eligible. For that and may become a part of drone you in that capacity is they have to actually fly for money right that’s.

They have to be able to teach from experience. What we don’t want is an organization that teaches via a bunch of trainers who might be really really smart people, but they don’t, do what their training you on.

You mean like already like their drone schools out there. I’m gonna keep it positive and just accentuate. I’m gonna keep it real. I’m in okay. Let me keep it real for you, brother. I think there’s. Definitely a lot of people out there that are really smart.

They’ve, been in the aviation industry for years and years. Did I ask you a quick question: what they don’t fly drones and earn money doing so on a daily weekly, whatever basis that’s, really critical to our trainers, it’s, gorgeous yes, beautiful! Yes, you’re, going to ask a question.

Well I mean I was ask the question. I’ve didn’t. We start this school because no one else was doing that. It’s, important to us yeah. It’s, an important part of our philosophy in terms of making sure we bring value you’re.

The man robbed. So I got to say on that bombshell. Do we answer the question? I have no idea. We’re sure we searched took the Opera talk about your own. You, though, well well, you know yeah just so. You know.

After july, though, trainings are going to uptick, more trainings will be available throughout the country. I’ll, be doing more traveling trainings, but i’m, going to try and keep it two groups just because my time is so limited now yeah.

But i love seeing you guys. I love traveling. It is these in-person trainings and where we’re, doing more traveling and more classes on the road that is going to increase yeah, because actually you made me think of something and we do get requests from folks around the country.

That say: hey come to a fly-in where we are Atlanta, even New York City wherever, and that will happen. We’re going to do this. One here, get it down and then see how we can sort of take that circus on the road yep.

Well, I’ve already, given you the ideas for the trailer Rob. So, yes, I know Paul’s. Fault wish list is pretty long. Well, that’s right so, but I got high hopes. Am i well anyway guys that’s, going to do it for us today my name is Paul.

My name is raw and we hopefully answered this question today, but thank you for listening to another episode of ask drone. You thanks for reviews guys. Thank you, [ Music, ],

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