In-Person Drone Pilot Training – How To Start A Drone Business

by Jose

Welcome back, I’m Dave and I’m Paul. This is the culmination of the last three days were the videos, and this is the day we’re, going to talk to you about what do you do for the next step, which is using your drone to build the business, build something that’s a whole new possibility in your career, for you, let me give you an example.

Just this last week, Paul was out shooting for a client. It was a one-day engagement and how much did you charge him three thousand dollars? How many of you are charged in three thousand dollars a day for your video services? Now I Got News for you, he does it.

You can do it that’s. The hope that we want to give you, because you know what Paul you are a lot like a lot of these people. At one time you didn’t charge for video. Did you no? In fact it’s been a step up.

You know my business has made of multiple sections. I got real estate, it’s, a low hanging fruit. I love doing water sports and boating commercials. That’s, come on middle stuff and my higher at my higher end stuff.

I’m doing architecture production for film crews and film sets and then feature films. So, as you can see, there are opportunities for people to make money flying drones, starting right now, and you don’t have to be the pilot.

That Paul is yet because you know Paul, you were back where they are now totally, and the thing is is that you have to be practicing a lot. But you know what’s great in this offer that you’re about to go over.

You’re gonna get free, in-person training, so you’re gonna have what the counter of the day just just hang in there folks do. You heard something, and we’re gonna get to that more. In a minute, but let’s, talk a little bit more about business.

Paul don’t, give it all: okay, okay, okay! Well, I was just like everyone out there, and you know I was flying houses and had lots of yaw. In my video and you know how to take very specific clips, but I’ve really honed that process down and the thing is, is that we’ve actually created.

You know flight sequences and flight patterns to practice, as well as all the nuances and things that you need to know because Dave you know this best. If you can’t provide the deliverable to a client.

Are you gonna get the client again, of course not, and the other side that you need is you need the business sense of what it means to build a video in a drone business and that’s, where the things that our community has Not become very vital about it’s.

Sharing that information it’s. Talking about billing rates, it’s. Looking at practices, it’s, giving you the ability to actually build a viable business that can be extremely profitable without giving away your services law underpricing.

What you’re worth because believe it or not. When you’re doing good work, you’re worth more than you could possibly imagine you wanted something interesting Dave on my first two videos that I made for real estate.

I paid for my phantom in two videos and those were the first two that he did that he charged for now. He’s, known at that low rate anymore. Now I could buy and inspire every day, but I don’t have to pay bills to use it.

The point is folks: if you ever dreamt of building a business around drones. This is the time to start getting in gear in this area. This is the time to begin learning the steps that you need to to do that and do that well and that’s, a big part of what the drone new community that we’re talking about and have been talking about for Days that’s, one of the core fundamentals of why we’re, offering you this opportunity today, then we’re, going to offer to you in just a couple of minutes, because if you are serious I mean Paul.

What would you say there & # 39? S got to be at least a couple hundred businesses right now that are already considering using drones. Almost four thousand it’s craziness, so there’s, opportunities that are bound.

Some of them are the ones that are the most obvious too. There are other little niches that you may choose to become an expert in because of some background or experience that you have and people that you might know there’s, all kinds of places that drones are going to become a transformative career.

In a disruptive industry, and so many of the things that we’re used to looking at there’s, a lot of places that never ever had look from the sky that had the ability to photograph from the air. The way that we do now – but you know what Dave one of the cool things about all these industries and one of the cool things about the drone youth community – is that there are so many people in different aspects of different industries, different jobs, they’re using the same tool, not a toy, to get different results in different deliverables.

So one of the great things about this community is that if there’s, something that we can’t directly teach you. There are people in the community who can whether it’s from methane inspection to power line, inspection to roofing inspections, to surveying to filming to real estate.

Filming we keep talking about this drone community. Let’s, talk a little more specifically about what that’s all about what are they getting now they want to know. Oh, we’re gonna get there Paul. We’re gonna get there.

We’re gonna as we describe what the community does. They’ll, get a sense for all what they can avail all here. Think again, let me help you really quick. Why is this community different? It’s very clear.

It’s very simple. Yes, there are forums all over Facebook. There are forums all over the internet, but there are also lots of trolls lots of haters and the great thing about this community. It’s actually built by and for professionals.

So everyone who is in there is very professional, offering constructive criticism. You’re, never going to hear someone kind of just attack you, you know, write hateful comments. It’s, just not going to happen.

What I love about this community Dave is that everyone is so positive and you know what it’s, a it’s, a really great thing, because you know like me, there aren’t very many people that I get To meet with you know all the time so having this community and say: oh man, look, I did this.

I think I could have done this better, but maybe this and then having that feedback from them and saying you know, hey great video, you know maybe would have slowed down your yah through this or I would have gone at a higher frame rate.

It’s. Those little things it’ll, make your videos just so much better. Why is that? Well, in your old field, in my dad’s old field, it’s all about peer reviews and nothing is really worth anything unless your peer reviewed well, the great thing about this community is that you can literally peer review your videos To know that you’re, delivering the highest quality content you possibly can.

But what else are you doing? You’re, maintaining the competitive edge, so you’re, always sure that you’re at the highest tier of drone pilots. Now one of the key components and there’s several and we’re gonna go through them a little bit right now is there are webinars there’s, a weekly webinar that we have where we’Re bringing people along with the changes that are happening if you were to take a class that’s, a one-time, static event, the beauty of our webinars is there’s, always new information and the webinars are fresh every week, bringing out New information for them to view then our podcasts there is the forum members only forum that they can go into and exchange ideas.

Now you’re wondering what about classes Paul, let’s talk a little about classes, so we have the great thing about this community dave. Is that and we’re, not like others places we don’t really sell classes.

What we do is we provide all of our classes inside the community, so whatever it is that you want to learn, you can learn inside of the community, but the great thing about this, like you said, continuing education, is so important.

Why? Because the changes at an unprecedented rate, so you want to know about the best batteries the latest batteries there’s, a new drone coming out. Do I really need that? Do I really need that to get my work done? Well, the good thing is, you have the community to fall back on, so you don’t just rush out and base thousands of dollars, and you’re, unable to really make it back.

It’s, a great thing. One of the powerful aspects of the drone your community is, it is established and it’s functioning and it ‘ S come to the attention of many of the manufacturers, of a lot of the accessories and drones and related products in the field.

So many so that we’re now getting sample shipped to us that we can test and we can do evaluations on. So, rather than just take a chance on something, go to the community find out what people are doing, they’re using it find out for people like us that are testing it.

I got ta say that I got to stop you because there are a lot of reviews on products out there, but they’re, not taking it from a commercial standpoint. They’re, not talking about how you can use the tool to really create money.

It’s, a bunch of guys that don’t really fly that much or they fly for hobbyist purposes, even recently Dave. I saw this guy who was doing a drone review video and he’s like talking about pre-production problems in in the drone itself, and he was talking about it because when he was landing, the drone that he landed it too quickly it tipped over And went upside down and the motors continued to spin the guy made a substantial pilot error and, frankly, the information that you get from us is tweaked.

It’s a little different. The content reviews that we do are actually focused on your needs. Not just the hobbyist purposes or people that have substantial pilot errors, we’re, actually going to tell you the things that you need to know to get the deliverables that you need to acquire for your clients now Paul right now, some of you.

I can predict are saying this all. This is only for the most serious experienced pilots who are already building a big career around drones, that’s, not true. Yes, that is a segment that’s, part of our community right now, but we we are gearing this materials so that we can take people pretty much anywhere along that continuum from folks that are just their drone, out-of-the-box and learning how to fly to Those that are now finally embracing some of the videography that they were really challenged by for a long time.

Whatever you sit along that continuum, you’re, going to be engaged by the drone. Your community now Paul here’s. How? I think our classes are substantially different. Yes, there’s material that we offer incredible.

I mean if you saw the thousands of slides and bits of data that we’ve already assembled for you. You would be blown away, but while you’re learning, you’re practicing and while you’re practicing, you’re getting feedback, and while you’re getting feedback, you’re.

Getting stronger that’s, what sets this program, apart from anything else that you will see anywhere else on the web? Everybody else is basically a standalone class. Take it and good luck in our case it’s.

Take it, learn it practice. It get feedback, take it to the next level and on and on, if you work, your skill sets up and up Paul. That to me is that’s? What completely sets that our own new community apart there’s, so much information in there Dave, I feel like.

Sometimes I’m just dumping, my brain out or the other pilots are just dumping their brain out. But the thing is it’s, it’s, the most useful information it’s, the most practical information and it’s. One of the things that we really forgot to talk about and the reason that we’re really different, is because it’s taught by people who actually do this for the living.

It’s not taught by people who think they do it for a living or people who just review products and think that they can fly well and they can’t. This is actually done by people who are living. What you’re hearing, they are experiencing these things every day they’re learning from their mistakes, so you don’t have to this course is taught entirely on experience.

There’s. No theory there’s. No well! You should do that, and maybe you should do this there’s. None of that. This is purely practical everything that you need to know to transform yourself into a confident flyer who is ready to really turn that toy into a tool.

We launch the drone new community in 2014 and that community is now strong and robust and it’s ready for you. Now. People who’ve come into the drone. U community came in and our standard rates you can go to the drone you.

com and you’ll, see the fees that we charge for membership and for live training. Well, we’re about to do something for next 100 hours. Only that we’ve, never done before it’s, an incredible opportunity and those of you that are tuned in now.

You are the few that will be able to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity man. This is what is this. This is unbelievable: it’s, unbelievable! Well, no! Okay! Well, let me bring you up to speed on this Paul.

What we’re gonna do for the next 100 hours is, and it’s 100 hours. Only if you sign up for the drone you membership class site, you’re gonna get a full year’s; membership for only seven hundred ninety seven dollars that in itself is a screaming offer that’s.

A big discount of what we normally offer as far as our annual rate is concerned, but Paul we’ve to say to sweeten the offer we’re gonna, do something that we’ve, never done before, and this Again is to be able to those you that are gonna join in the next 100 hours.

For those of you to join. Now you’re gonna get free, in-person training from Paul and our facility here in Albuquerque, free in-person training from the senior pilot with drone you yeah. The value of that is unbelievable.

I mean just a couple weekends ago. We had training up in Denver, Paul and those people paid many many hundreds of dollars of each for this opportunity. But if you take the free, in-person training and you take the discount or for the one-year membership together, you’re gonna save save over a thousand bucks that’s more than 50 % off the normal rates that we charge.

So again, for the next 100 hours, you will have the unique opportunity, the once in a lifetime opportunity, I might say, to jump on and offer to join in the drone. You community membership again for seven hundred ninety seven dollars.

You get one full year’s; membership that you’re, going to be at all the time, going back and forth as often as you want to as many times today as you want to you’re, also going to Get the chance to if you choose to come to Albuquerque and get free live in-person training from Paul with your drone.

Now this doesn’t like any regular training Dave, because we actually have obstacle courses and we’ve, also done so much testing on our training to make sure that people retain it, but also we ‘ Ve worked in conjunction with all the insurance companies, so we know what you need to accomplish in order to decrease your rate of crashing significantly.

Basically, there’s, a few choices you can make right now, number one! You can do nothing. You can just continue to plot along the way that you’ve, been doing in the hopes that maybe someday it’s, going to be different for you, that’s, an option.

Okay, you have a second option. You can sort of stick your toe in the water, maybe sign up for a membership and maybe see how it’s gonna go on a month-by-month basis and by the way, if you choose that option, you’re, not going to Get the great discount on an annual membership, nor will you get the opportunity for free, live in-person, training from Paul or number three just just jump in.

Do this join right? Now you’re only committing to a year for the membership. You’re, getting an opportunity of a lifetime to get free, in-person training and I’ll bet you, you’ll. Look back at the end of the next year saying it was by far the best investment I’ve ever made short of buying my drone.

We’re, getting comments from people I mean. I saw something on the site just the other day or a guy said thanks drone, you, you’re. Taking me along step by step, I’m making more money. Literally, every week I’m, seeing my business grow and evolve.

These are the kind of feedback comments that we get from our current members. You can join them or you can sit on the sidelines. It’s entirely your choice. Now I do want to reiterate: this only happens for a hundred hours and we can only accept so many people because Dave I can only spend so many hours training, so many people in a year and frankly, it’s.

Amazing to see what has happened with our students after they’ve gone to this training. I mean even just a few weekends ago when we were up in Denver doing our in-person training course. You saw so many people test themselves and really try themselves, and now they’re able to get the beautiful immersive shots where you fly literally through objects to reveal other scenes and really segue and transition different scenes, and it’s.

So validating to see people grow so much if you’re like me, if you’re like Paul, you’ve, always dreamed of these incredible shots. You’ve, always thought if I just had the confidence and the skill to fly like that.

Just think what I could accomplish well here’s, your opportunity to go there, but it really it’s up to you at this point. You can choose to either be afraid and be stuck or you can choose to step out.

Get the support of a group get the confidence you need and move your whole career to a much higher level, and that’s, something Paul that well, it’s, just a matter of an opportunity. The opportunity exists.

Are you gonna? Seize it or not, I have a challenge for you: try getting in person, training and trying getting all the coursework that you need to learn: systems, flights, photography and videography for the same price.

That’s. The challenge we have been told by some of our students that we have taken them from dreaming of being a career drone pilot, the people that are producing, in some cases, six figures of income with other pilots every month.

If you don’t believe us look at the testimonials below us on the page. Those are the kinds of coming to. Let you know that you’re, not alone. You absolutely are not out there by yourself. You’re, a rugged individualist, we know it.

So are we, but the point is this community exists to get you into that next level to carry you to a much higher plane than you’ve ever been in before this? Is your chance? 100 hours starts now. You

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