I’m official! FAA Drone Pilot Certification

by Jose

What’s, going on guys, ed Bricker? Here I’m using my little handheld point-and-shoot camera right now, because I’m, doing a little time-lapse test with a Matic product over here with my other camera, so that’s.

Why? But I do want to give a little channel update. I have a few things to go over with you guys. First of all, my FAA certification for remote pilot just came in the mail. If you remember from a couple months ago, actually made a video kind of showing how I went to the process of getting certified by the FAA, taking the test passing and my reflections on you know the study guide that I used well.

Finally, a couple months later actually got the official card for remote pilot certification. It only took two months Wow, so this is the Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration, remote pilot certificate.

So up until now, I’ve, been using my temporary certificate, which is right here and it’s. Just simple printout it doesn’t even have the certificate number it says, sort of certification pending by the way.

If anyone is interested in taking that study course to pass the SAA airman test and get certified by the FAA to fly drones like that, go to my video description, you will see that there is a link to drone pilot ground school as well as my own Custom $ 50 off promo code for that study course so check that out.

I also wanted to say that I’ve, had some really cool interactions with some youtubers through my channel on. First of all, Richard guys has been watching my videos and emailing me. He sent me some velcro that he uses with his Matic pro.

Basically, he wraps his drone up with it, so that his propellers all stay nice and neat, as he puts it into a bag. Also, he uses the velcro for the different cables and cable management. So thank you Richard for giving me this.

I’m, definitely going to try it out and see if it’s, something I like to do as well and constitutes as my first fan now. So. Thank you. Richard second of all, a guy named Shane, has been contacting me on YouTube and he turns out.

He lives right down the street essentially, and so we went flying the other day at Aberdeen Lake and he actually did some awesome shots of his Matic Pro shooting my phantom4 Pro in the air and the footage actually looks really really cool.

And so, when I do some drone comparison, videos that’s, definitely going to be something I’m, going to incorporate into it. Finally, just a little personal update, hellions rise, which is a web series that I was involved with last year, has launched its second and third episodes.

So you can check those out on Vimeo links in the description. It was a really really fun shoot it’s, not safe for work, though there was a little bit of nudity and language and blood and gore, but enjoy it.

If that’s, your type of thing also checking at socialblade.com. My channel looks like it’s slated to hit 10,000 subscribers in the next 10 days, and if it does that’s going to warrant its own video right, there 10,000 would be an amazing number.

I need some ideas. What am I going to do for the 10,000 video? If you have any ideas? Let me know in the comments: alright guys that’s it next week we’re gonna have some really cool unboxings, as well as some really cool testing, and hopefully a phantom4 pro video review in its entirety.

So, looking forward to that comprehensive video until then thanks so much for watching guys, thanks for commenting for liking for subscribing means a lot to me and until next video happy flying [, Music, ]

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