Idiot drone pilot in NEW YORK making drone pilots look bad!

What’s up everyone Mike but accelerate heights? So no big secret here, no intro! This is all about that stupid flight that everybody’s talking about some buzz on there. So in case you haven’t been watching their channels.

I’m gonna put it on my channel just so you kind of get in gist of what’s going on now. There was a pilot out there in New York City. I’m sure. We all know who he is sorry guys and I’m. Not sorry to you, you know what I’m.

Talking about you’re, a dumb ass dude, what he did if you haven’t seen it now. I’m, not gonna put the video up here. He matter of fact he has taken it down so, but it is still up on CBS. He has. Let me see, I wrote this down, so I wouldn’t, forget it.

He is basically flying a drone with a speaker looks like it’s, probably a Mavic with the loud speaker on it, and he is repeating this that calling himself an anti Kovac. 19 volunteer and telling people to keep their social distance in and everything.

So here’s. You know I don’t even know what to say. I don’t even know. I mean this guy’s done some stupid things in the in the past and he is big on clique me. Well, this one here. He I think he just shot himself in the foot.

So not only has he taken the video down, he’s, probably on the advice of some people and it’s. The best thing he probably could have done, but dude they’re coming after you. Let me just tell you the FAA contacted me over flying at night.

I was legal. What do you think they’re gonna do for you calling yourself a task force this? What you know I was kind of joking a couple weeks ago about where’s, the remote ID gone. Nobody’s, talking about it more since the coronavirus, guess what dumbass you’re about to put drone pilots back in the mouths of everybody when everybody left us alone for a while.

Now people like you, are creating this negative image. You know you’re, not a task force. You’re, just an idiot with a drone. You should, in my opinion, have your drones, taken away from. You should be done like this guy that basically flew his his drone into the Space Needle or whatever it was, and not allowed to fly, drones again or severely fined.

This was an absolute boneheaded thing to do so. You do not try. You do not fly your drone matter of fact. I don’t even know if, where you flew, your drone was legal to fly your drone, but if it was an airspace that you could actually fly it in then flying it in the proximity of people like you were, somebody was taking a video And that video got put on CBS News that video received 1.

8 million views. I doubt his video got very much. You know he doesn’t, get that many views in the first place, but somebody’s cell phone video of that drone. You know the problem is, he sounds very, very official from my understanding.

They had called the NYPD to find out if this was one of their drones, that’s, how official it was sounding so not to rant anymore and not to make this a very long video. But I wouldn’t put my two cents in because this really really pisses me off.

You know we’re fighting so hard to keep this hobby alive and you ‘ Ve got dumbasses like this out there. That’s. Doing everything in there they don’t care, they could care less. All they want is YouTube hits and once they get those hits.

If we get shut down, they’ll move on to something else. It’s, not going to affect him one bit, so it’s going to affect the rest of us. It’s going to affect the rest of you, so we’re fighting hard to keep this hobby alive and we don’t need idiots like this out there tearing us down Mike that’s, my two Cents and I’ll talk to you later,

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