ICARUS Testimonial – Andrew Walmsley (CAA Approved Drone Training for PfCO)

My name is , I’m a professional and I specialize in wildlife, particularly tropical wildlife things living up, trees, tropical forests, things like that, so I bought myself a drone a few months ago and I’ve been learning how to fly it. But yet now the time has come that I want to touch be able to use it professionally. It’S an interesting learning curve, seeing all the different things that you might need to take into account that you might not have thought of before, and actually I yeah. I really do think and then feel more prepared to go to my first jobs and use this properly. So tom has been leading us through all the different modules.

He’S now got a bit of a Bible for her of Icarus notes, which I’ve written quite a lot in as well and annotated things, and I can see myself coming back to this, this Bible. As I go along, you know to keep refreshing in things, because it is very well laid out if you want to take your drone some anything other than just making nice nice sort of silly videos around the park. I think absolutely. I would definitely recommend the Icarus

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