I Took The New Canadian Drone Pilot Test – Without Studying!

By the time you see this, will have implemented new laws that make it nearly impossible to fly a drone anywhere legally anywhere, hey folks. It’S reviewing that phase coming back at you, and today I’ve been watching this new video and I love . is awesome, but who’s talking today about the new here in and let’s be clear, flying a drone in . You know it’s never been easy. The rules have always been really hard trying to find a space somewhere to actually go.

That’S not within range of a heliport or Airport, that’s not near buildings or roads or people or livestock was hard enough to begin with. Now, with the new rules put out by Transport, Canada, it’s even more difficult or is it so if we look at the new rules for drones in Canada, really they’re trying to keep people safe, drones can be dangerous and I get it, but it makes it really Hard for the hobbyist, who wants to get some really cool shots. So if you’re looking at the new regulations, you need to get a license and there are two levels of licenses. So you have your basic operation license and your advanced operation license basic operation license. If you meet these three conditions, you’re conducting basic operations so you’re, never flying over top of people you’re flying at least thirty meters away from them, and you are not flying in controlled airspace near an airport or something like that now.

So, for those first conditions, you need to register your drone with Transport, Canada. You need to mark your drone with its registration number, pass the small basic exam and be able to show your pilot’s license. So that sounds really onerous right. It sounds like I got. Ta get a pilot’s license just to fly a drone nevermind, I’m out done not gon na do it, but this is where you look – and you say, okay out of these are what’s so hard, so registering not that difficult.

Just then fill in some paperwork for the government. The government loves its paperwork, marking your drone with registration number. You got a sharpie. You can pull that one off being able to show your basic operator’s license. Well, as long as you pass, the license you’ll be able to show it.

So the small basic exam is a thirty five question: multiple choice that you have an hour and a half to answer, and you only need to get 65 percent. I’M sorry that doesn’t seem not hard to do so. Here’S what I’m gon na do today, I’m not studying it says. Online exam questions are based on the knowledge requirements for pilots of remotely piloted aircraft systems. We strongly recommend taking a course with a drone flight school to prepare for your online exam.

I’M not gon na do that. No today, I am going to try to take my online small basic exam, with no studying no knowledge and see if I can Bluff my way through now. I’M not gon na show you the questions. This isn’t going to be a way for you to cheat. If you want to do this, but I just want to see how onerous is it, how hard is it to get your small basic license and you’re thinking reviewing?

Why would you do that? Why would you want it this well mostly to see if I can, but at the same time, if I can get this operator’s license, I can then study up and get the advanced license and then I’d be able to shoot drone footage which you know would be Really handy to be able to have that in my repertoire. Don’T have drone right now, of course, but after you pass your online exam you’ll get your results right after you finish, you’re thinking! Well, okay, I mean it doesn’t sound that hard, but it’s probably really really expensive right. I mean that’s gon na be the thing they’ll get you with is so they’re gon na, say: okay, you can take the license, but it’s gon na cost.

You an arm and a leg right: no there’s a ten dollar non-refundable fee for basic or advanced exams, uh yeah, all right. Let’S take ten bucks. Let’S take the next hour and a half. Let’S try to fill out this. This test.

Thirty five, multiple guests questions an hour and a half to complete it and all I’ve got to do is get sixty five percent. I’M not gon na cheat, I’m not gon na. Like look up the answers anywhere else. I am actually going to give this. The good old college try by college dry, I mean absolutely no prep whatsoever.

Let’S see how we do all right, I’m not a robot. I’M already passing. Look at that, and maybe that’s one of the questions. Are you a robot? If it is, then then I’m doing well already, I’m not gon na.

Let you watch as I put in my payment information, though I’m ready to continue welcome to the transport Canada drone management portal. Before you start, there are 35 multiple choice, questions the exam must be completed within 90 minutes and the minimum part pass mark is 65 %. If you close your browser any time during the exam, you may log in again and resume the test within the allotted time. If you run out of time, you will be automatically submitted and scored. If it’s unsuccessful, you can pay to complete the exam again.

If you don’t pass the first time, you can’t take it again for 24 hours and then you could take it as many times. You want, after that I will not copy transmitted distribution, share, record or post any exam questions, and/or responses, electronically, digitally or bright any other means to anyone. I will agree to that. I’M gon na start the exam I’m gon na. Stop the camera.

You don’t get to see the questions, but I will give you my once I’m done. Let’S get testing twelve and a half minutes later and finish. Are you finished if you would like to review your answers so out of the 90 minutes? I still have 77 minutes left. I crushed this exam all right before I give you my impression, I’m gon na submit and see how we did because we’re gon na get our marks right away.

I remember 35 multiple-choice questions. I have to get at least 65 % to get my small pilot’s license. How did we do ah exam unsuccessful? Unfortunately, you did not attain the minimum mark of 65 % required for the small basic exam King. Apparently you can’t just randomly guess these things.

So, let’s take a look here. My overall result was 51 %. I missed out on my small license by 14 %. Considering I had no idea what this was not bad. I got to tell you the questions on this exam.

I don’t even know if they were in English. There was a lot of stuff on that. I had no idea. I had no idea the abbreviations they were talking about. I didn’t know the weather conditions they’re asking about.

They were showing some charts and maps and stuff me like: where can you fly I’m like north? I have no idea not a clue most of those questions. I it was so far beyond a guess. It wasn’t even funny. Oh here’s a little funny.

No, so can you pass this exam without studying? Maybe it’s possible that just randomly ac/dc be going through the whole thing? Maybe you’d pass. It would be a fluke if you think you can get through this without studying yeah. No, unfortunately, you know what you got it.

You have to know there’s so much more to this. I figured drone pilot power it on batteries up to die and off you go. No, they want you to know weather conditions. They really want you to be a pilot in order to pilot one of these things who knew yeah. So as far as my subject areas just checking air law, air traffic rules and procedures, I got 9 out of 14.

Some of those, I think, we’re just dumb luck. Some of them were just kind of common sense. Very few common sense questions on this, so these are mostly technical, our PA airframe power plants, propulsion and systems. I got one out of two. I don’t know human factor zero out of two.

I got zero out of two on the human factor, so apparently I failed the are you a robot question. That’S always good meteorology one out of two. I think I remember some of those terms about clouds from junior high science. I don’t remember what any of them do. So I got that on that navigation.

Two out of four I can I I can read a map, but I probably won’t so. Basically, I’m a guy flight operations, three out of five lucky guess: theory of flight, one out of two. I know that things can fly. I don’t know how it works and fine. Finally, radio telephony, one out of four, because I can’t even say radio telephony all right.

So I get bad, that’s the the general gist of this. So if I actually do want to get my license to fly a drone outside of restricted airspace 300 feet away from people and never over the top of anyone, I am gon na have to study, and I’m guessing from this that, if we’re talking that this test Here was that hard, the advanced one is going to be that much more advanced that much more difficult, so yeah, you know what Transport Canada really has put some regulations in place here that are gon na, make it difficult for the average random hobbyist to be able To go out and fly a drone if you do want to do it, it’s not prohibitive in terms of cost. It is prohibitive in terms of the amount of time you want to put into studying for this test. You probably want to take more than the 12 and a half minutes that I took and you probably want to take more than the zero minutes I took in studying. So there you have it I’m ungrounded, but hey, I’m not trying to sell you anything.

I’M just reviewing how hard it is to get up in the air. I’M reviewing it review face I’ll, see you next review.

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