I Passed My Part 107 Test

by Jose
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Did I pass the part 107 commercial drone pilot’s license test? I have no clue because I haven’t taken it yet so it’s. Test day, though, and I wanted to just talk to you – guys – explain what’s going on for those of you who watch my videos, you know that I failed the first time around and it was devastating to me and I was super bummed more About that, in a second also for those of you that watch my videos, you know that I have facial hair and I actually haven’t seen my own face for like eight years, and this is sad for me this this is lose some weight.

Chubby darn, but a TL yeah, so the mishap I do in the no-shave November thing this morning. I thought I’d, even out what I already had going on and I went like this and it went. You know, then, cut off that half so yeah I’ll had to go anyhow, so here we are so what’s changed? Why do I think that I can take it now and pass it? Iowa’s contacted by Russ over at ground school.

It’s. Actually, sorry: Gold’s, gold seal , ground school. Their is HTTP. It’s, so let’s, go to online ground school comm on line ground school dot-com. He contacted me and said: listen. I watched your video about failing.

You know I felt for you if you would like we ‘ Ll set you up with our course. We really think we’re the best in the country. We want to prove it so take it and tell us what you think guys hands down.

You’re, not going to find a better course. This is the only course to buy. I’m sure there’s, other ones that out there that are decent but listen. I took a really expensive course, and I failed this test.

His course has everything on it that I was like what the crap this wasn’t in my training or whatever. So I know that that the contents covered first of all, second of all, his style of training is great.

The videos are great. The quizzes are great, the finally, the prep exam and final exam was great everything about. It was a great experience. I have to say I literally a ten out of ten. If I could give them more, I’d.

Give them more here was my process just for you guys that are thinking about doing this, though so you understand – and you know I’m gonna be honest with you and show you my score. Am i a hundred percent confident that I’m gonna pass today yeah I am and my 100 % confident that I’m gonna get a hundred percent.

I’m. A hundred percent, confident I won’t, get a hundred percent. I’m, just hoping that I get a good enough score to make. You know my journey feel like it was an accomplishment. This is more about, at the end of the day, being safe and being able to fly this these journals commercially and know what I’m doing than anything else.

So I feel, like I’m, pretty close to that and you know really actually have a pretty good handle on it now. So we’re gonna take the test, and I’m excited about that. Let me tell you guys, though, the process that I went through to kind of get to this point, with the course that I took basically what I did is.

I went through the whole course. I took all the quizzes along the way. Then I took the prep exam and then the final exam prep exam. I think I got 92 % and then the final exam. I think I got 89 and 88 something like that.

Then I waited a couple days because it was a weekend. I took some time off. I came back and spent another day going through the entire program again and retaking all of the quizzes. Now I went kind of a step further.

I it gives you the option in his system to either print the questions. You got wrong and the answers or print the whole quiz. So I printed each quiz that I felt like I needed some some work on right and wrong answers.

Then I took it back to my wife and she read the questions and I needed to come up with them out of my memory, not by multiple choice. I did this to force myself to really get a handle on this, so that when it comes time to multiple choice, I’m.

Like Bam. Bam. Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, no big deal, so I did that we took the practice final exam, and Here I am today so yeah what an experience I’ll. Let follow this up when I’m done, because I actually need to get into the exam now wish me luck there’s! No point in that.

So here I go. I freaking passed. I freaked the past. I forget past. Why are you not focusing I don’t care? Freakin passed, I passed all right, listen guys! Listen! I only got 87 percent. I wanted better.

I know I know I know I know I could. I could have done better guys, better out-of-focus better. If I mean listen, I could have done better. In all fairness, there was a couple of questions on that test that were not on that.

I didn’t study, but and also in fairness. They were questions that I should have got. I should have got when we’re hard stuff. They were, they were. All I can say. Is this go go? Do this, if you’re gonna take this test, go to online ground school comm sign up for it study their stuff.

I guarantee you, you will get. You will pass this test, I guarantee you, they give you all of the information repetitively so that you literally memorized the questions that are going to be on this test.

Do it do it now? Thank you guys. Thank you. So much for your support, Wow! I’m, a commercial drone pilot now that’s, awesome. Okay, now that I’ve calmed down a bit from all the excitement I just want to.

I just want to say this online ground school comm Russell, the team. There thank you guys so much for helping me through this. If you guys are considering taking the part 107 test, I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to have the right content being taught to you.

I wasted 200 bucks of hard-earned money, getting the wrong content and that didn’t even include the hundred and fifty dollars I lost. Taking that first test guys get the right content. They make it so easy.

They give you a bunch of tools that you’re, going to need that you would have to either just figure out or pay for yourself as a commercial drone pilot later so, above and beyond the course it’s. Awesome I’m, so happy with the results I’m, so excited to be a commercial drone pilot.

Now win, win, win, win and win. Thank you guys for your support. Thank you for all the comments in the last video. If you haven’t watched the last video where I failed skip it, because this is all about good news and good stuff.

So again, thank you guys for watching happy flying safe flying and go pass. Your tests

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