I passed my Part 107 – Drone Pilot Ground School


What’s up guys? I want to do a really quick video, because my , the license came in today, um. It took two weeks to study one hour to do the test and only eight weeks for this to come in the mail.

I do video production for a living, so finally getting the license once the law came out. It feels really good but, like I said it takes, it took eight weeks for this card to come in the mail, but fortunately they give you a printed off proof that you’ve passed the test, so you can start working immediately.

You just got ta have to wait a little while for this beautiful little card to come in the mail there’s, plenty of people, much smarter than me that have done videos on what to expect on the test. I would recommend, go to them, not me, but what I did want to talk about really quick is what I did because I started off.

I downloaded the the paperwork or the the document, the PDF of it’s, like 80 pages of the FAA regulations for drones in I’m Dyslexic and that that was getting me nowhere. So after about a week of trying to study the you know like the 80 page FAA regulation law, my buddy ed Ricker pointed me to a online training course and there’s several of them.

This one is the most thorough that I found and I’ll show it to you, because I really really recommend it and it actually. It was a big game-changer for me because it actually gave me some direction. So this is the main page.

pilot ground school and just I just wanted to show you really quick the thing that makes this so awesome to me. They’ve got each section broken down into you, know: laws micro, meteorology, you’re gonna, have to know how to read weather at crazy altitudes higher than you can ever fly, but you got to know how to do it.

You got to recognize airspace, you know basic flight operations which, if you’ve, already been flying for a little while that should really not be that big of a deal. And then you know, reading aeronautical charts and things like that, and then the awesome thing and the game-changer for me was the practice test.

Its got five practice tests on here for you to do and you get your results right away. You can go back and see what you missed and it’s just awesome and during each section here you go through. It tells you how long the video presentation is for each section for each little part ten minutes from you soon kind of plan.

Accordingly, which is huge for me for each category here, you ‘ Ve got four three four five different parts for you know the different topics and then, at the end of each section there’s, quizzes that you can go through and test.

Your knowledge for each section, which is awesome, it made it for me. It made it very easy to learn and also to confirm to myself that I was actually learning the material with the quizzes and the tests that they had and others really starting to sound.

Like a commercial for these guys and it’s really just because I’m, so happy with the results I got when I sat down to do my test at the FAA Testing Center – some, I would say somewhere around ninety percent of The questions that I saw on my FAA test were identical to the questions that I saw on the pilot ground school on their quizzes and their practice tests.

They had. I mean it was crazy, because the multiple choices were the same, that the wording of the questions were the same, and so these guys have done an incredible job in making a very, very accurate preparation for the FAA test.

When I sat down to do my real test, I felt like I was looking at one of these practice tests on their . It was very bizarre, but very comforting, because when I sat down I felt completely prepared and I passed and you know yeah I couldn’t, be happier about this.

A couple of things you may want to know when you go take your test. They’re gonna provide you with a pencil like snow bug, paper a calculator and then a camera, because they’re, going to be watching you the entire time.

So anyway, that’s, just quick little story so excited so happy to found these guys. Good luck to you guys who are out there going for your part. 1:07. If you have any questions, just let me know you can private message me or you know message in the comments be happy to answer any questions you’ve got if you like this video, if you found it helpful, please like share subscribe and we’ll, be flying in the next video thanks, guys,

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