I got hired by GMA as a drone pilot for a new tv show!?! (Mavic Mini)

Uh all right. Let’S go good morning, guys, i’m on the way to batangas. Right now i have a shoot for . One of my good friends who is a director for called me asking. If i could do some shots for a new show on , so let’s go , all right guys.

Finally, in batangas and we’re at the location and it’s time for me to fly the uh say good, say good morning to my subscribers hi good morning: , oh so we’re almost there we’re almost there getting there getting closer to the Location well, this is the location but to the site where i’m supposed to fly the over the actors. Here we are finally at the location battalions. There’S the famous director the adolf alex right there in the flesh. Come here come here: , all right guys. So i just finished talking with the director.

So he wants me to fly the drone over the actor actor i’m supposed to fly over the actor. So so i’m getting ready now to get the drone out, get ready to fly. It say: what’s up small subscribers , , okay, , just finished another scene and just walking around now checking out the the area here in bataangas, right from the director. He wants me to fly out to behind the end of you behind an actor yeah. Let’S do it.

Action, finds happiness in the uncertainty of things, so you guys got ta fly over them. Gon na fly with the drone follow dennis. Thank you is . What’S up guys, we just got finished, having lunch break and i fell asleep. But now i got ta do another drone shot.

So let’s go okay, standby, first come to! Second, come five: four: three: two action: , , hmm, . So right now i just went for a walk to see, see what’s going on down here. I saw this rock of rock formations over here so just to open the hunt. There’S some crabs huh.

I saw some crab so all right guys we’re getting on the bunker right here. Big bunk up we’re going to get a couple of shots of the mermaid i’m going to drone and then i’m going to get other wonder water shots of the person. well guys, um. While we were shooting the underwater uh scenes. I got hit by a jellyfish medic.

The medic is coming back just to check check on me we’re doing good. Oh look fish! This is fish. Well guys, i guess that’s it for another. One um i’m gon na probably try to get some more sleep and then mommy and gabe.

I have another. I have another scene. I have to shoot with the drone and then i’m here for one more day and then go back to manila. So like it’s something in the air at that time, , – is i was young. I couldn’t see that leather jacket, though it’s too cold .

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