Humans of UAE: The Drone Pilot

My name is jeanna. Paulo has to be of Palmas, I’m born and raised in Philippines. I’M a , so I studied in Manila with a degree of multimedia arts and sciences. I dream to have my own business. When I graduated.

I considered it as mistake because I do it as early as when I graduated no seemed like businesses are very hard for me. The reason why I decided to go here in . It’S it’s a land of opportunity. I absolutely didn’t choose this profession, because I always have this in my mind that there’s an opportunity: it’s either you grab it or you make it so I met this guy um Rashad and then I asked him. So is there any chance?

If I can, you know how the job or something so it’s never planned for me to be a videographer to be a . So it’s just that comes there and then I I make it when it comes to my family, like because we are actually like in a separate areas. So I have my brother and my sister here in , and one of my brother is in Japan and then my modern medicine Philippines struggling with the volcano eruption because they evacuated the area. It’S it’s. It’S sad that you’re you’re away in your family and then you don’t know what’s happening there unless you call them, I call them every day just to check what’s happening.

They just check if everything is good because actually what’s left in our home is just my father and my mother. It’S actually not not a bad memories, but when I was born, my father has been in for 27 years and I’m 27 years old. So I I barely see my father, so my father is actually always I mean he’s just coming home once a year. So, like almost 27 years, I saw him like almost 27 months and it’s quite hard at that time, because when he came back to our country, I’m the one who lived. So it feels like it’s like a crossover, I’m still lucky, because I have made my parents who supporting me with my hobbies with my careers and everything, even though, if they’re away.

So what inspires me? The most is my miniseries film, which called a minute of a lifetime which is featuring those talented and skilled people doing their passion. I’M getting more motivated. I’M getting more inspired to do this because, before I’m chasing my dream as well, so it feels like I’m seeing these people chasing their dreams feels like I’m chasing my dream as well.

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