Hubsan Zino Drone – My Experience

by Jose

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Hubsan did send me this to evaluate. I did not buy it, for full disclosure. It's a good-looking little . It's foldable, much like the Mavic Pro. It unfolds in a sort
of origami kind of way. You gotta do the front legs first, and then the back legs next. It has a decent look to it, and a decent build quality. Now, one thing that it does have also is a three-axis gimbal, as
well as GPS built into it.

I think it's on. Gonna hit Enter Device. Enter Main Interface, Enter Device. Novice Guide, all right. Thank you for all this information. Enter Device. Not Connected, it says. I know this is on. Oh, there it is. I see the camera now. There's no SD card in it, and it says, "Weak GPS signal." It probably needs a little bit of time to capture all the satellites, just like any other does. Yeah, it's got 10 now. Says device status, weak GPS. The does have an SD card slot right here in the side that I'm assuming I can just slip in. Looks like it goes in upside down, or at least with the pins facing up. All right, that went in pretty easily, so that's good news. I'm getting a little notification that says, "Checking SD card speed," so it's probably just making sure this is gonna be a fast
enough card to write to it.

It says, "Speed check passed." Bind aircraft to current device. Okay, let's do that. GPS accuracy test. Testing GPS accuracy. Again, this is my first time to fly it, so I'm having to do some setup stuff. Looks like the video is rolling now. There's my feet. Let's see if we can get it up in the air. All right, here we go. Okay, up it goes. As I said, it's pretty windy today, so gonna see how it's doing in that.

It seems to be okay so far. See if I can just bring it over here. I'm gonna be careful 'cause it probably is not quite
as accurate as I'm used to. Try to bring it in. I'm by myself today, so I don't
have anybody to shoot with. I don't think it has any
sort of obstacle detection or avoidance, so I'm just gonna try to keep it here in the middle. Okay, I'm solo today, by myself, so it's a little bit hard for me to fly and shoot at the same time, but one thing I'm noticing
about this guy is, it's all over the place.

I say all over the place, it's
probably going up and down about five feet, six feet difference, and also moving in a range of three or four feet
from where it started, and all I mean by that is
that it's not as stable a GPS. It's got 16 satellites right now, and you can see how much higher it is now. It was down about three
feet off the ground just a second ago. The wind has actually died
down a little bit too, but yeah, it's just not quite the GPS hold that I am used to.

There I am, tilting the camera, and letting go of the stick just to see how much it drifts. You can kinda see it drifting. You can see, from the camera
shot, how much drifting. It's moved off of me now, and now it's going way down, and I'm not touching the stick at all. Look at how far down it's gone from where it was a moment ago. Now it's going back up. It's trying to hold, but it kinda seems to have a range of plus or
minus six or eight feet. I'm gonna just see, I've got 65% battery, so I'm gonna go ahead
and tilt the camera up, and I'm gonna fly it
over the football field, and hope that I don't
have to go rescue it.

(lively electronic music) From what I can tell on the phone, the footage looks decent. It looks fairly stable. I am currently 208 meters away, so what'd that be, about 600 feet away, and it's got a fine signal. I'll flip it back around towards us, and bring it back this way. I'm 30 meters in the air, or that'd be about 90 feet in the air. Coming back towards us. I can see the props in the shot. It's also a little bit, it's not very snappy with its precision. When you move the stick, you see it, a second later,
kind of react to your input. It's a little lumbering, is maybe a good word for it. Gonna bring it back down towards me here. Again, it's pretty windy today, so that may be having some impact on it. I would not try to hand
catch this thing today. Definitely not quite
as stable as I'd like. All right, here goes full yaw. You can see, it's not staying
in one place as I do that.

It's going up, which is
not because of throttle. All right, now it's kinda locked in now that it's found the spot. Bring it back away from the camera. Whoa, the wind's blowing
it towards the camera. I'm gonna bring it over
here, take a photo, like a little selfie,
and see how that looks. I'm not sure if it's tap to focus.

Let me stop the video, and go ahead, and take my picture. I think I took a picture. Switch it back to video, and zip it over across
the field real quick. A little bit higher. Gonna go right over us here. (phone beeps) Okay, it's going against the wind, decent. Now I'll take it with the wind. It's not super fast in sport mode. All right, gonna bring it over here, and bring it in for a landing. I'm gonna switch it back to normal. Spin it around, bring it down. Like I said, I really wouldn't try to hand catch this thing with the breeze the way it is today.

(drone beeps) All right, I've got the
out here. I've flown this about three times. Today's actually a nice day, but it's kinda windy, so I'm curious to see how it does in the wind. I'm gonna do a little bit of flying around in both sport and normal
mode around the field here, as well as roll some camera on it, and just see how it does, and take a little more time to investigate what all the app can do. (drone beeps) (drone whirs) As I've noted before, this is a GPS drone, so it should lock in place. I'm not touching the sticks right now, and it's actually doing pretty good. I'd say the wind is probably about between seven and 12
miles an hour out here today. It's holding in place. Gonna rotate it a little bit. Oh, it's going down on its own. I had noticed its altitude
hold is not great. It tends to bump up and down even when you don't want it to.

Now, the livestream quality from it is a little bit shaky. It's not terrible, but I
can get an accurate test of its range because
we're on a football field, and we know that's 100 yards, slash a little less than 100 meters. I'm gonna take it all the way to the other side of the field, keeping line of sight on it, of course, and see at what point I
start to lose the picture. I'm still going. I still got a good signal from it. Boy, the wind is picking up too. Okay, I'm still seeing the
video just fine, clear. I'd say it's probably
150 yards at this point. Wow, it's really fighting
that wind up there. Oh, goodness. That was not me. That is totally the wind
fighting that thing. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna switch it over to sport mode and see if I can get it back here. Yeah, I think it's too windy for me to be that high that far away. I did switch it into sport mode and managed to recover, but
look how much it's angling when I let go of it.

It's just fighting that wind. It's going up. Okay, now it's kinda holding in one place. I was flying a Mavic a little earlier, and in fairness, the Mavic did fine. Gonna turn it around and
bring it back over here. Let's just give it a
little try in sport mode. I'm gonna kinda dash
it around a little bit. This is against the wind. Oh, man, it started going
down fast on its own. This is kinda with the wind.

The wind's kinda sideways of it. When you turn around, and start going in, it dives pretty far. Gonna go around that goalpost. Now, I'm kinda fighting the
wind here in sport mode. Gonna switch it back to normal mode. Yeah, boy, look how much it drops. When you turn it around… I'm trying to go right,
and I got the stick full right against the wind, and boy, it's really fighting that wind. Okay, after a minute, it
tipped over enough to get it. (drone whirs) I'm gonna bring it down and land it. Boy, that wind was really affecting it. I was trying to see how far
I could go that direction, which, with a Mavic, is
not a problem at all. I've been able to fly quite a ways. Of course, OcuSync has a great range, but it didn't lose signal, which was good, as far as the actual
transmission of video goes, but it just started acting
really erratic over there, and because it was over
the woods over there and I didn't want to lose
it, I brought it back.

Spin up the motors, take off. (drone whirs) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That was… Wow. I don't know what just happened. Maybe the legs weren't locked all the way. I'm not quite sure why that happened. (drone beeps) (drone whirs) I will say, in fairness, that, maybe I didn't have all
four legs locked completely. Maybe one of them had been
unlocked a little bit, so definitely something to check. All right, it seems to be doing okay now. Again, no hands on the stick, just letting it hold there. The wind is pushing it a bit. The wind is pushing it down, the wind is pushing it that way. It's holding okay though. Now I'm gonna cruise. Philip, if you want to go backwards, I'll go towards you at
a fairly slow speed. Yeah, it does tend to dive a little bit as it goes forward. Look at that, that's a
wind gust right there.

You see it going down? Oh, god, I had to save it there. That was just it diving down. (drone whirs) This is just in normal
mode, not in sport mode. God, it's not liking that wind. See, I'm trying to go right now. It's not going right at all. It's not going right at all. I'm going down. I'm on the ground. Wow, that was scary. – I wonder if you lost control. – I did, I did, I totally lost control. I can tell you one
thing, it's windy today. It's probably, on the low side, eight, nine miles an hour, and on the high side, 15 miles per hour in terms of the wind gusts. This thing does not do
well in that at all. It also doesn't do well when you rotate and start
coming towards yourself or away from yourself fast.

It kinda dives down. When you change direction and
start moving forward quickly, especially in sport mode,
you just lose altitude. The video transmission seems to be okay. I went about 150 feet, 150 meters away, and I didn't lose the video transmission, but the control, I was up, I'd say, probably 30 feet in the
air, which is not too high, and it just couldn't deal with the wind.

It does not like wind. If you live in a windy area, I would not buy this thing. Finally, we had two situations where it just kind of went bonkers on us. One was where we took off from the ground, and it kind of went over,
and almost hit the camera. Fortunately, we got it down quickly, and the other was where I
just lost control of it, and had to land it over on the other side of a building over there, small building, a little shed, but just out of the way.

That was pretty scary. I'm not a big fan, I gotta say. This thing has not impressed me. This is maybe third or fourth time for me to actually fly
it, and I have to say that I would not spend
my money on this thing, especially considering
the price and the hype. One other thing, if you
do own one of these, or if you are getting one of these, make sure the arms are locked completely before you take off. It seemed like it would actually spin up with the arms not locked, and in that case, you're gonna crash. As a matter of fact, let's
test that real quick. I just spun up the props normally. Now, I'm gonna take this leg, and just barely put it out of alignment. I'm curious to see if the
props will spin up now. Oh, they will. (drone whirs) (laughs) I mashed that land button quickly. Guys, this is pretty
dangerous, that it will spin up when the legs are not
all the way in place.

If you're trying to fly this thing, be sure you lock the legs in place before you actually take off. I'll do a wrap-up at home, but generally, I'm not a big fan. Okay, I really wanted
to like the , but unfortunately, I can't
recommend it as a purchase. There's a couple of reasons why. While the footage was pretty decent when the gimbal was working properly, the three-axis gimbal,
the quality was okay, but the gimbal acted
erratically a number of times. You could see, either it was the drone or the gimbal just freaking out, and the picture goes all over the place, which was not a great assurance that your footage is gonna turn
out well when that happens. Number two, it doesn't do well in wind. When the wind is blowing,
it moves all around.

It went up, down, left, right, it didn't stay in one place even when locked into 16 satellites. Finally, it just behaved very erratically. As you could see from the video footage, there were two times that I
totally lost control of it, once where I crashed behind a building, and once where I had
to put it on the ground after it hit my tripod. All that said, I'm hoping that there is a reason for all this.

I'm hoping maybe there was a
software update that's happened or is going to happen
that'll fix those things, but until that happens, I
really can't recommend it. However, if you have a
Zino, and you've flown it, and you've been happy with it, and it's done the job for
you, please comment below, or if you have flown one and had the same experience as me, also please comment below,
'cause I'd love to hear what your experience was with the Zino. I hope this video was helpful. If you liked it, please
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