How to Register Your Drone 2021 (FAA Registration Tutorial)

Hey! It's KRUSER where I show you how to
make professional drone videos and today I'm showing you how to your
drone as a hobbyist or as a part 107 pilot with the . Check it out! Wonderful! I'll just get right into it.
I'm gonna be covering a ton of stuff today. One of the first things is if you
should your drone? Because not everyone should actually need to
your drone. So I'll cover that. And then I'll cover what the drone test
is that's gonna be required of hobbyist pilots in 2019 and what you should know
about that and then how to register as a hobbyist, a part 107 pilot, and then
lastly the new law that was passed in 2019 requiring your registration number
to be put on the outside of your drone.

All this will be covered if you want to
just hop around and look for exactly what you need to – there's gonna be links
in the description that'll take you just to the parts of the video where you need to
be looking. And then as well make sure to subscribe to my channel if you want to
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stay on top of everything. K , let's get into this. So do you need to register your drone?
The way you would need to know is if your drone is more than 0.55 lbs and
less than 55 lbs. If it's in that range you do need to register your drone. If it's less than 0.55 pounds and you have
one of those small toy drones, you probably don't need to register it. Just
make sure to weigh your drone though and then you'll know for sure. Now the big
question is do you register as a part 107 pilot or a section 336 pilot. The difference is, is part 107 means you're gonna be flying your drone for
commercial purposes, meaning you'll be making money through your flying.

Whether that be through YouTube or working for clients. If you're gonna be making money,
bottom line, you need to do the part 107 and then if you're gonna be flying as a
hobbyist you need to register under the section 336. And that will essentially
just means it'll cover all the basic knowledge that you need to know and
understand and then you'll agree to that and then you'll pay $5 and then you'll
be registered. As a new law passed in 2018, hobbyist drone pilots will actually
have to take an aeronautical knowledge and safety test which will actually make
sure that they understand drone laws and you have to do this first before
actually being able to register your drone and being able to fly it.

Now the
good news is that this test actually hasn't been created yet and there's a
180 day window when it will need to be created and that 180 day window is from
the day this law was passed which means it will actually be on April 3rd 2019
when this test should be released theoretically. Now if you're watching
this video before April 3rd 2019 that means you can go ahead and register your
drone without having to take this test no problems at all.
But if you're watching this after April 3rd 2019 that means you will likely need
to be taking this test and to pass it in order to register your drone and fly as
a hobbyist.

Now if you're watching after April 3rd I actually have a link in the
description on how to pass this test and pass with flying colors so you're able
to fly as a hobbyist and keep doing the hobby that you love. Otherwise if you're
watching it beforehand keep on going and I'll show you
with the . as a hobbyist?
You're gonna go down to the section 336. Click register.
You're gonna, if you don't already have an account then you'll go and create a
new account. You're gonna have to do a verification email. Once you've been
verified, you go back to log in. You're gonna scroll all the way down and agree.
And then you're gonna log in with your email again.

Once you're logged in all
the way you're gonna put in your personal information. And then after you
fill everything in you're gonna click proceed to checkout. And then it's gonna
have you go and acknowledge some safety guidelines. And this is important as a
hobbyist because you need to understand these safety rules that a lot of
certified drone pilots follow already. And you need to follow these same ones.
So go through all of these and make sure you understand them and when you have,
check this box. Click 'Next.' You're gonna put in your payment information and then
click 'Next.' And then you're gonna come to this review page and you're gonna see
that you'll get a five dollar charge for the UAS registration as a hobbyist. Check
and understand this. And then click 'Pay.' And then congratulations! You got your
new number. It's gonna leave you some instructions on where
to put it on the drone. I'm gonna cover this at the end of the video. There's
some new laws that have to do with this but if you're a part 107 pilot watch
this next part.

Otherwise, skip ahead to the end of the
video through the link in the description So what you're gonna do is click on
'Dashboard' here. And hopefully already you've made an account. If you haven't
then go back previously in this video where I show you how to register as a
hobbyist. I'll show you how to set everything up as a new as a new
registrant on this website. Otherwise if you already are logged in then use
existing profile information. Click, 'Continue.' It'll have you verify some
information and then you'll see at the bottom here, 'Part 107 Account Information.'
So you just need to do your first and last name and that is just exactly what
you need to do. You can see that there's one user on this account. That should
just be yourself. You're gonna manage your inventory. So what you're gonna do
is you're gonna click on 'Add UAS.' That is how you'll add a drone. Select whether is
'Home-built' or 'Purchased.' I have a purchased drone.

It's actually a DJI one,
so I'm just gonna click that. You're gonna put in the manufacturer for
whatever built your drone. And then the serial number. That will be on the box. Sometimes it's inside the drone where the battery is or maybe on even one of
the legs. If you did a home-built drone or you just don't know where the serial
number is you can actually just click, 'Serial number not applicable.' Put a
nickname for your drone.

I'm gonna call this my 'nice drone.' And then for the
model you're gonna put whatever model it is, which will be different from the
manufacturer. And then click 'Add UAS.' Nice, it was added to your shopping cart. And then checkout. This is also gonna be $5. Click, 'Next.' You're gonna put in your payment information. Just remember that this is
going to be your valid number for three years and then after three years you're
gonna have to register your aircraft again. Now after you put in your payment
information you're gonna click, 'Next.' You're gonna review your order.

Make sure
that you check this and understand what it's saying here. Click, 'Pay.' Congratulations you've successfully registered your drone. Now you're gonna
have to put the number on the outside of your drone here, and I'll show you how to
access that. You're gonna go to registered inventory and you'll see it
right here. So the very last part of registering
your drone is making sure that your number is on the outside of the drone. So if you have uh… if you're flying recreationally, you'll use this number
here. If you're flying part 107 you're gonna go to your registered drone in your
inventory and take the number there. Now what you'll do is actually, just you can
put that on a sticker you can put that on a piece of tape. You can even write it
directly on your drone.

I'll show you what I would actually recommend doing
and that is this product here on Amazon. I'm not sponsored by them by any means
this is just something I'd use in the past and I've found it very useful. As you'll see here that you can actually get some stickers that will actually
have the number and then the your phone number if it's found. And the reason I
like this is because if you're a part 107 pilot you actually have to renew your
drone every three years and sometimes that might mean getting a new number and
you don't want to have a permanent number written on your drone. There's actually two sizes that you can get. There's a one inch or a little bit
smaller than a one inch and you can actually see here what that will look
like on a phantom 3.

Now when you go and actually buy this I'll just show you how
it would go through and what it would look like. You'd click on this link and
then you go to, 'Customize Now' and then you would enter in your number and
you put your phone number in. Then you can select a color and then your label
size. And it's only seven dollars but for me it's been totally worth getting and
it looks nice and clean on the drone.

This is something I highly recommend
doing, so check it out there's a link in the description for buying these labels
and putting them on your drone. Comment below if you have any questions about
registering your drone. I get on this I get on this video a lot and I answer any questions.
And make sure to go and subscribe to my channel if you want to learn how to be
professional drone videos. I post every week and #KeepKrusen and I'll see you
in the next video.

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