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Hey everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. npw, and welcome to today’s. secrets, podcast it’s been a while, since we’ve done a secrets. Video and today we’re, going to talk about something seemingly quite removed from the business.

We’re, going to talk about planting trees. Everyone to today’s, video. It has been a crazy week within the drone industry, and now we are looking at how we kind of move away from the talk of the registration scheme and all that sort of stuff, and we’re gonna start.

Looking again back at how we can market our business, how we can get our message out there, how we can start to connect with an audience or even build and grow an audience, so we can start to get our message out there um.

We obviously have this channel, which is here to help you learn, build and grow. If you haven’t subscribed early don’t forget to subscribe press the bell button next to subscribe, icon to stay up to date with all of the new and hopefully interesting and useful information.

We’ve got going all the time if this isn’t the best medium for you to download sorry. If this isn’t the best medium for you to watch and get their information in, and we also have a podcast that we launched a couple of weeks ago, quite quietly, it’s going really.

Well, though, I will pop the links to all of the places that you can get the podcasts down below, so you can get that podcast download it and get this information wherever you want to get your podcasts from, and that actually leads me on to an important Point about this whole thing about planting a tree.

Now it’s funny. We were talking about this in the office. We mentioned this not a seminar about eight months ago, six or seven months ago now, and it just kind of came out of nowhere. The old Chinese proverb when is the best time to plant a tree and actually the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but actually the second best time to plant a tree is now and that’s.

What this is all about. It’s all about getting your message out there, making people aware of what you’re up to the services that you offer and how you can help them. So how do you do this and it all comes down to planting a tree? It all comes down to getting going.

So you’ve invested in a drone. You’ve invested in a web site. You’ve invested and getting your license. Now you ‘ Ve got to get your message out there. You’ve got to tell people about the solution that you’ve, created to a problem that they have and what’s.

The best way to do that plant, a tree which is really random. But what we need to do is exactly what we’ve done on this channel. We looked at where the people that we want to engage with that we want to connect with hang out.

Where are those digital eyeballs? Where is all the attention going and yes, we’ve had blogs for a long time. Yes, we ‘ Ve got a huge email list and if you’re on that list over on our other company or if you’re, not on mister MPW, comm list go over to mr.

Peter. Be calm. Go down to the bottom sign up to the newsletter, so we can keep you up to date with everything. Those are great places to interact with people, but actually what we were finding from talking to people is that our target audience actually want to consume a lot of information, almost passively they don’t want to be sent it on email they don’t want to sit there and read through emails on the phones.

We get inundated with emails all the time. Open rates traditionally for emails are going down all the time across the internet. So how do we get in front of people, and actually the best medium generally is video that’s? Why we’re doing this, so we hadn’t started that 20 years ago we didn’t start at 10 years ago, when we were talking about it.

We didn’t start it five years ago, when we kind of started the business and the drone training sort of things, and I wish we had has done everyday. I wish we had it done, but you know what the best times of planetry was now and we said right.

Our audience is here. This is how people want to consume the information. Let’s, get there, let’s, get it done and let’s start and we have started and it’s going really really well. We’re growing, an audience really quickly, hopefully, because we’re, bringing you valuable information and we’re, giving that information away for free, which is a concept that a lot of people don’t seem to Understand in the business which is great for us and that’s where this comes from, so for you, it comes down to finding your target audience finding out, where your target audience hand out where the digital eyeballs are for the solution that you provide And this will vary by the industry and the solution that you offer, but from what we’ve seen regardless of the industry, you’re in one of the best ways to get your message out to the world is by building a Personal brand take a look at what we’re doing here.

You know: how have you found us? How have you become kind of aware of us? How have you become aware of what we do and if you’re watching this on youtube, if you’re listening to this on the podcast, it’s because you’re, the founders through those search engines, Probably or we may have sent you an email that’s led you here or someone’s, told you about it or you’ve, seen it in a forum.

Okay. So all of these things come because we’ve started to build a personal brand. We’re. Getting that brand out there. We’re the brand we’re, giving away a lot of information for free. You get in to know like and trust us, and hopefully at some point we’ll, deliver enough value that we’ll exchange that for some kind of service you will be interested in something that we offer and that’S where really we convert you from a an anonymous visitor or a lead to a customer, and you become part of the family so that’s.

What it’s! All about you know you ‘ Ve got to get yourselves onto platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter as well. You know wherever the digital eyeballs are going. Wherever that attention is, you need to be, and you shouldn’t discount any of these platforms.

We never thought that by setting up a YouTube channel by setting up a personal brand and taking it onto YouTube and talking about drone regulations, the stuff we talked about is really boring and it really isn’t that exciting or engage, and we try And make it interesting, we try and get you the facts and the information across, but it actually isn’t that exciting, when you think about it and break it down, but no one else seems to be doing it.

They’re, certainly not doing it in a way that is getting the actual information across the people that they need so find your niche find where you people are and get it done, go out there and do it another place that people discount.

Quite a lot, but we’ve signed some really good success on lately, particularly with building a personal brand, is reddit. It’s, a very, very active community, but more than anywhere else, you have to get deep seated into that community.

Before you start to push your services, otherwise you’re, just gonna find yourself getting flamed and roasted for being spammy, and if you’ve got no idea what I’m on about. When I say those words then go and join reddit watch some of the drone threads for a week or two and you’ll soon get a handle on the way things work there.

But remember reddit is the front page of the Internet, so the power of it shouldn’t, be underestimated. Don’t, be afraid of jumping in on those kinds of platforms, start building a relationship start building your community start building your standing within that community and people once they get to know like and trust.

You will automatically come your way and start to find your content and start to find you much as I am sure if you’re still with us at this point in the video you have done, and that’s. Why you’re here, watching this now next as much as people hate it, you really need to get yourself on camera and remember, even though you feel super awkward and super self-conscious at first.

No one is watching you in the early days. I mean go back and take a look at the first videos that we did on this channel. They are pretty awful particularly compared to what we’re doing now, and there’s.

Still a lot of room for improvement on that stay tuned. The changes we’ve got coming out in the channel over the next couple of weeks, and let us know what you think when they drop. There is always room for you to kind of move forward with that, but, as I say, don’t be bothered at first just plant.

Your tree just get started that’s. What we did you know, I really really didn’t want to go on camera. One of the main reasons we set up a media company was so I could be behind the camera, helping people directing people getting the content ready.

I really didn’t set out on this journey when it started to go on camera, but you know what it became really, the only way we could get to the people we wanted to get to, and actually once we just bit the bullet did Those first really nerve-wracking videos.

Once we’ve done five or six realize that actually no one was watching. Really, it became one of those things that we just did and actually, by doing it every day it becomes normal. It doesn’t, become it’s, not as stressful, it becomes less of a stressor and it becomes one of those things that you can just do and actually quite enjoy.

Because then you start to build a community start. The relationships for people like Jim Jim pick, who comes on every day and drops comments like Al James and many others out there who come on and comments all the time, and it is really really good.

If you really don’t fancy becoming the next YouTube sensation and you’re. Convinced you ‘ Ve only got a face for the radio, then just start to create blogs around your subject. Aim them at your target audience and then turn those into a podcast too.

That’s. What we’ve done. We have taken this video-content a lot of people don’t like the fact that I wave my arms around so and actually, I suppose, a lot of people from kind of getting in touch with us have said.

Actually, I don’t, have 15 minutes to sit down and watch a video that’s cool. Where do you want to see it? Well, I want to listen to it in my car because we want the information you ‘ Ve given us, but we just don’t aren’t able to consume it online on a video that’s cool we set up a podcast links, are down below, go and get that and download it as a podcast.

Then you don’t have to watch me wave. My arms around. You can listen to the gentle swooshing as, as you drive along in your car or listen to me, the tube another one is It’s, one of the most powerful tools for finding people who need help.

So if you’re, not on Twitter, already get on Twitter plant, your tree start to build the community. Our community on Twitter is actually really small. At the moment, on the mister and Peter, were you sorry things we’re, not as active on it as I would like to be, but we’re gonna change that we’re gonna get more and more Active over the next couple of months, but get on switch search.

Dr twitter comm start to search for conversations around the services that you offer get involved in those conversations and start to build your standing within that community. But again you ‘ Ve got to be careful regarding how you’re, offering your services to people.

You need to provide value, first, build a relationship and then go in for the kill. Don’t just spam. Your services on someone else’s thread, so all posts all this is gonna do is make you look like a total dick.

It’ll turn off the people. You’re targeting and probably get you blocked by the person who’s thread you’ve hijacked again. If you’ve been watching how a twitter feed in particular, but all the threads we put out there.

We always get people jumping on them, trying to sell their services without even talking to us without even engaging with us, and they’re trying to push their services their products onto other people.

And you know what that &. # 39 s. Cool doesn’t bother us it. Just doesn’t work, but if they took the time to build a relationship with those people first, if they took it their time actually to reach out towards and build a relationship with us and deliver us some value, then actually we would probably push Their products to as long as they weren’t kind of conflict of interest based against ours.

So there we go really important to plant your tree plant your tree. Now, if you haven’t planted it already get out there get in front of a camera start making videos. No one is watching at first. If you desperately don’t want to get on video start, making some good blogs aimed at your target audience that answers and solves a problem that delivers some value and then start to build a community.

It is genuinely the best and fastest most efficient way of creating and building a business in this modern day and age. So today I hope that was useful, something a little bit different. Today we got the news coming tomorrow, so stay tuned.

For that, please drop your thoughts, comments, questions down below your questions, come in maps, ma TT with two T’s at mr. M PW calm. Let us know what’s working for you. Let us know what isn’t working for you.

If you want to see other things, if you prefer certain formats, if you don’t like this kind of content, then let us know WeChat will change it. It’s. Your channel, we’re here to help you learn, build and grow don’t forget to check out the podcast links are down below and then you, don’t, have to watch me wave my arms around, like a crazy Karate man from the 1970s I’ve, been Matt Williams, fly safe from blue skies;

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