How to Launch a Drone Business Under Part 107: Meet Your DARTdrones Instructor

by Jose
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Hi this is Chris. I am one of the cofounders of dark drones and also the director of entrepreneurship at Marywood University in Scranton Pennsylvania. I’m, very excited to be here to talk to you today about drone entrepreneurship, part of our series that we’ve created for you, the drone entrepreneur I’ve, been dealing with entrepreneurs for over 30 years, and this Is one of the most exciting pieces of entrepreneurship that I’ve ever witnessed in my life everyday? It is so exciting to come to work and have people come to us and approach us and tell us about new ideas that they ‘Ve come up with involving drugs, so we’re very excited to help you out, but with any entrepreneurship, there comes a certain level of risk. The purpose of our series here is to mitigate as much of that risk as possible.

In this course. We’re, going to talk about five different key areas of your business. First is strategy operations, legal considerations, insurance and how to operate your business. So we’re, going to try to give you a lot of steps that I think, will help you to be successful and if you follow them closely, hopefully you’ll, be very successful and we look forward to working with you in The future you

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