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We believe that videos, images, words and families have the absolute power to inform, inspire and entertain. We are united under the virtues of safety and knowledge. We are a training community of learners and teachers who encouraged and energized each other to achieve greatness.

We are pilots, videographers, photographers, freelancers, business owners, enthusiast experts and apprentices. We are creators, we are the drone. You Oh welcome to another awesome episode of ask a drone.

You all the way from Nuevo Mexico. My name is Paul absolutely, and that is in the United States, and I’m rob case. You were wondering for those call centers that don’t think you’re in the United States, which does happen a lot more than you know.

It happens actually but anyways. This is podcast number three three six, and we are very, very glad that you’re with us. Thank you. Yes, we are, and thank you so much for listening. Thank you to everyone who is a member of the community.

Management has been growing like crazy. It has the today’s. Question actually comes from one of our members who came in for some in-person training yeah. Actually, this is from a member that’s, been a member for a while yeah just around a while.

You know what let’s, just hop right into this one. Okay, let’s. Do it today’s? Question is brought to you by. Are you a drone pilot? Are you operating under a section 323 exemption? Then you may be familiar with item 27, which requires you to get a property release for every flight over property.

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Going to the web sighs I’m. Fine. Does page I couldn’t, I you know my still in there about like to set of me. But how do you get your foot in the door? I know Paul’s been doing this a while and a lot of this, the second nature to win, but I feel like flying after you know I’ve flown for a year.

Now I’ve done the end or search writing fantastic gave me a lot of great skills that I want to put into use now, but the hardware is getting in the door finding the right. We will talk to you not getting blown off and just figure out that process or whatnot, so that’s.

Really my question and you know: what is your process to do you show up? You know I thought about showing up to a dealership with ten pieces on a Saturday with my car stapleton. I think we’re, going to try that this weekend matter of fact – or I know you mentioned – taking down that’s, two different real estate offices and stuff.

So – and I guess I just need to try doing that and see how that goes. But I didn’t know if you had any insider secrets, if you will to to getting in the door and started the process thanks for all the help, guys great work.

So Chris, thank you for the question. Well, everybody yeah. We always love hearing from you and you know. The first thing I’m gonna say is right off the bat you’re personable guy yeah get out there. I mean people, you’re likable.

We’ve spent time with you here and you’re, easy to talk to easy going. I don’t. Think you’re, going to have any troubles if you’ll just get out there and start talking to people absolutely, and I would agree with with Rob on this.

Chris. You are very personable and I think a lot of people who say they’re, not sales types, don’t understand how sales works or they’ve, never had formal training. In fact, I was just on the phone with Doug who’s, going to be working on our 333 class cool and he was saying the same thing.

He’s like I know for you, it’s, a cakewalk. You’re, just like it’s. True, you know you can just go. Go, go talk about anything reel it back in like work. The whole thing, but you know sit formal sales training will help you out.

There are steps in to sales by the way it makes me think of the podcast. We did a couple few days ago about deliberate practice yeah. This is no exception to that. It’s, the same concept. This is a perfect example of where deliberate practice can make you better something really important.

I agree, and I would also work you know when you’re practicing. I would not practice with potential clients. I would try to work your way from the bottom to the top. Essentially, but yes, deliberate practice is definitely important and you have to understand too that people will say no, and you have to look at that scenario as no okay.

Moving on to the next person like how fast can I move on to the next person? Because when I had sales training, we always had the rule, we call it the sales rule of law, which is just total BS. But you know that you’re, going to talk to 10 people before you get one.

Yes, absolutely and even a lot of the people that are saying. No, I think sometimes people are saying no, but they’re. They’re, not against saying. Yes, they just need to hear from you that you’re persistent and that you’re, a hard worker.

There are going to be those people that are just flat-out not going to say. Yes, ever I mean yeah, but you also have to think of it in, like a politician mindset right if you go and speak to a politician, they honestly don’t care what you think they wonder.

No, no! It’s. True it’s yeah. I really just said they really don’t care. What you think, what they want to know is what you’re, saying: how will it affect them, of course, and then for sales? Take that same mindset, how will it affect them? You have to communicate upfront and clearly and succinctly that you are providing value.

You are going to help increase their sales, engage more clients and provide a new dynamic perspective that maybe their competition may already have, but that they need to. You know really work this in.

If they’re going to continue to see the sales that they want or maybe to increase their sales, I mean whenever I attract or whenever I speak to someone new it’s like it. Well, what if i told you that i could help you with your sales by essentially utilizing a new that’s, not really going to change the way that you do business, but rather provide a new perspective, a new engaging perspective.

It’s, a way for you to stand out from your competition, and the experience I’ve had with my clients is that it really has helped their bottom line. So I would love to show you what I’m. Talking about, if you’ve got a minute.

Otherwise I come back grab. Some coffee got a beer. If you’re down whatever you want to do, rub yeah absolutely so you’re, probably role playing there, which I just totally nixed. But yes, you did sorry that’s right about that, because I wanted to back up and and so you’re.

You’re, already kind of at the point of where you’re in front of this person yeah. I think what Chris is saying is: how do i even get get in front of that pursues the right person and has the right person if we’re talking about golf course, we’re talking about car dealerships.

The right person is going to be the department, it’s, going to be the internet, manager or the manager. I think it’s really important, but you don’t want to go to a car dealership on a Saturday on their busiest day.

Nor do you want to reach out via their online yeah whenever you’re, never going to get a response because it’s, so easy for them to say no right. You’re, trying to make it difficult for them to say no, and I think, even in the world that we live in with drones, saying no is very difficult because it’s such a cool thing.

It’s, got that cool factor right so go. You know if you’re trying to go after dealerships. Go in on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, meet with the marketing manager and if they say well, you know I can’t meet right now they are sales, people too.

They know how it works and you have to one-up them. So if Rob says well, you know what Paul. I think that’s, an awesome idea that’s really great, but I am super busy right now. What what do you say as a salesman at that point? What would you say, Rob uh and for me and for me I would be like you know.

I understand that you’re busy serve. I am really busy too. It’s. Actually difficult for me to take days off to try to get new clients, because I have so much work coming in people really find this valuable.

But looking at my calendar, I could probably do thursday morning or maybe next Tuesday afternoon. I could buy you lunch if you’re interested yeah, and I totally get that and I think that’s, a great approach and probably works a lot of the time it’s.

Not it wouldn’t, be my style, and I think that’s. A big part of this is chris. You’ve got to figure out what your style is, particularly when you get resistance like that yeah, but i might just say something more along the lines of.

I understand that you’re busy, but I think this would really really help your business and it would help keep you busy into the future, and I’d love to tell you a little bit more about it. That’s, a great that’s, a great one too.

I just go straight for the lock down. I’m, like here’s two times. You pick it right that’s, great. That’s. What we were taught in sales school it’s like never. Let them make the decision, let them think they’re, making the decision, but you’re, really paving the two roads and both roads lead to the same place.

Let me ask you this, so you get in front of this person. They’re too busy. They’re, not you say how about tuesday morning thursday morning friday night saturday morning and they say no, no, no! No, then I look out, I would say well, are you busy in the following week then? What’s a good day for you, okay, or would you have something with you? I mean I’m thinking of, or maybe just a card with your demo reel on it that you say at least check this out, maybe not use the term.

At least that sounds defeated, but some way of giving them something to go check you out, because I think they might do that. I think they, like you. I think that is a great idea and to have that demo reel.

That has footage that you shot for similar industries, for example car dealerships, golf courses and whatnot right um. You know here’s. The thing, if you have no intention to sell the footage you have a lot of freedom to fly according to the FAA.

So if you don’t have footage of a car dealership and you can get footage of a car dealership safely without flying over people without flying in restricted airspace. You know just go out there and get the footage, because you catch then show the these people like here’s, an example of what you know what I can provide for you, and I know a lot of people are afraid to do that.

But you got ta fake it to make it. I mean you really do and I think when you have that demo reel when you’re, showing them something and going back to the instance of you know. Oh I don’t. Have those three days available, you know what do you say, then I agree with you giving them something that’s, a visual right and it’s, also a quick link or QR code.

Whatever to your demo reel, then you can say well here’s. My card here’s, an example of things that I can do for you right and on top of that, you know here are the things I can do for you check it out.

I will call you back see what you think is yeah. I’m sure this got a follow-up, got a follow-up, got a follow-up, so very important yeah! Absolutely you know any other thing is we talked about this. I think on yesterday’s.

Podcast is go to where there are a lot of people that you can serve, for example with realtors. I think there’s got ta, be offices that will let you, because, frankly there they have their sales meetings every week.

The real estate offices I’ve, got to imagine prep rallies, but yeah yeah, essentially right and but they’re, always looking for people to come in and provide information to the Realtors that they believe will help their Realtors do a better Job or sell more homes or whatever, and what you do is going to do that they will let you come in and talk to the Realtors and you can sell yourself there.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, and there’s going to be similar opportunities. I don’t know what kind of groups are out there for there’s. I know there’s, dealership gatherings. Maybe in the bigger cities, OCA shins associations have things available, gosh even apartment complexes, they have association.

We have one member who loves those, but the point is there: are these groups where they come together that you could be reaching out to and talking to them about, coming and presenting? I think they’re, going to be open to that idea.

It goes back to what we were saying yesterday in yesterday’s, podcast about social media and you’re going into groups. You know if you’re trying to go after the car industry. You know go to auctions. Go to association meetings right, you know you’ve got to figure out where these people collaborate where they meet.

You know networking events are so huge and one of the difficult things that I see with people in sales is that sales is not a flatline thing. You know you’re, you’re going out there, you’re. Getting leads you’re, getting new clients and you’re doing the work.

So the number of leads coming in starts to go down right and then you go back up, get leads, go talk to them, start working on the business and go back down. So it’s like this cyclical nature of business, and a really good salesman has no cyclical nature, meaning that they always have things in the pot or in the hopper or whatever.

You want to call it that that’s. Moving up into getting work done, deliverable final output, next client yeah, it’s, the old learning, how to work on your business and in your business at the same time and kind of figuring that calibration out as quickly as you can pinned agree.

More absolutely agree more. It was one of my most difficult things and I was in sales with aflac was I had months where I killed it, I mean destroyed everyone else. Even the veteran sales guys and then I’d, be so focused on getting all the work done for those clients right that I couldn’t get out and go out anymore, but I could look.

I can’t talk. I couldn’t, go out and get more clients, so you ‘ Ve, got to figure out a way to create a constant stream, and when you create relationships, can you work with these clients? The next thing that you doin is some.

We talk about our book is, go after the referrals yeah absolutely, and I I don’t know Chris. I look at this in terms of what you and other pilots are selling it’s really cool and I think it’s. An interesting thing to talk about, and I think people are going to be willing to listen.

It’s, not like you’re selling, I don’t, know office supplies or something and stopping by and trying to talk to the manager of the office. I mean this is something that people are interested in. It’s, a new media, it’s new it’s cool.

I really believe that people are going to be willing to talk to you about this. You just got to get out there and be yourself. You got to be yourself and do not be afraid. You have nothing to be afraid of.

You got to know your self-worth. You got ta know that if someone judges you because of how you talk to them, that’s, not someone you want to know or hang around anyway, so you can ‘ T worry about what other people think about you ‘

Ve got to be strong, you’ve got to be a leader. You’ve, got to go in there and know for a fact that what you do is going to provide value to them, and people already see that value of there’s.

Not much explaining really have to do, and I honestly believe that yeah no, I absolutely believe it so go. Get him just go, get make it happen, but you know: do we need a team rah rah? If he was here, maybe Chris we miss you think to that little shout out, though, on the in-person training.

That was a blast. I really had a lot of fun with you and it’s. Funny the lady that we met on the field. Our producer and our intern, we were out there flying again and she was asking about you, so you’ve got friends in Albuquerque there we go.

Somebody remembered GE, yeah, so anyway, guys that’s. What I gonna do it for us today, if you like this podcast or any of our podcast, we would greatly appreciate a review or, if you want to subscribe, and then you automatically download these to your phone or wherever you listen to podcasts, whether it’s in the car in the air or on the ground wherever you are, you can get our podcasts guys really appreciate everything again.

Thank you so much. My name is Paul and I’m Robin this is ask drone you. We believe that videos, images words and sounds have the absolute power to inform, inspire and entertain. We are united under the virtues of safety and knowledge.

We are a training community of learners and teachers who encouraged and energized each other to achieve greatness. We are pilots, videographers, photographers, freelancers, business owners, enthusiasts experts and apprentices.

We are creators, we are the drone. You

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