How To Get Drone Pilot License In India | How To Become Registered Drone Pilot

<b>if you're one of those selected few</b> <b>who's childhood dream was to become a !</b> <b>than you should not miss this video</b> <b>now the first quesiton will come into your mind that..</b> <b>…do we really need a license to fly our own drone now? </b> <b>and the answer is yes</b> <b>Subtitle</b> <b>and very soon it's going to be implemented strictly</b> <b>Right now the drone rules in india are going through</b> <b>transition phase..

They're constently updating</b> <b>and people are not sure about them including the authority</b> <b>it's like a beta testing for drone rules in india</b> <b>however once all the rules are defined and implemented</b> <b>than flying a drone without a valid </b> <b> license would become illigal</b> <b>and it will attract penality as well as punishment</b> <b>just like its illigal to drive a car or a bike without </b> <b>a driving license</b> <b>as I mentioned that these rules are changing constantly </b> <b>and its really hard to keep track of them.. so for this </b>
<b>video</b> <b>I took help from one of my friend..Mr Pranav..he is from </b>
<b>pune</b> <b>he is a director of a flying club</b> <b>as well as he is DGCA approved drone instructor</b> <b>basically he is the man who trains the drone pilots </b> <b>post this training they can apply for license</b> <b>obviously he knows much more the I do about the drone laws</b> <b>except for the nano catagory drones</b> <b>for all the other drones you need have a valid </b>
<b>licnese</b> <b>just for you information..the drones which weigh less than </b>
<b>250 grams</b> <b>are comes under nano catagory</b> <b>so ultimately..except for the mini and mini 2</b> <b>for all the other drones, you would need a pilot license</b> <b>which is also called "Pilot Identification Number"</b> <b>to apply for this license you age should be between 18-65 </b>
<b>years</b> <b>to apply for this license you age should be between 18-65 </b>
<b>years</b> <b>to apply for this license you age should be between 18-65 </b>
<b>years</b> <b>to apply for this license you age should be between 18-65 </b>
<b>years</b> <b>to apply for this license you age should be between 18-65 </b>
<b>years</b> <b>education should be minimum 10th (X)</b> <b>education should be minimum 10th (X)</b> <b>education should be minimum 10th (X)</b> <b>education should be minimum 10th (X)</b> <b>from any recognized education board</b> <b>you'll have to clear a DGCA approved medical test</b> <b>design for this training</b> <b>and last but not the least, you are requried to get a </b> <b>formal drone pilot training from any of the </b> <b>DGCA approved training center</b> <b>this is a 3-4days training where you learn about drone</b> <b>you also get to practice on simulation as well as reall </b>
<b>flights</b> <b>once you complete that training, you'll get a certificate</b> <b>and that document is reqruied while applying for drone pilot</b>
<b> license</b> <b>these are the 4 main criareas if you want to apply for pilot</b>
<b> license</b> <b>on this weblink you can go and access the DGCA approved</b> <b>Subtitle</b> <b>training center list</b> <b>not all of them provide drone pilot training</b> <b>so you'll have to search this list</b> <b>apart from that you can also run your search through google</b> <b>just be careful about the DGCA approval</b> <b>make sure the institute you're choosing is actually approved</b> <b>and not a fake one..

Just call them as ask them to show the </b>
<b>copy or letter from DGCA</b> <b>because the certificate from any unapproved center is not </b>
<b>valid </b> <b>you might also be thinking that do we need to own a drone</b> <b>to get enroll yourself in drone pilot training</b> <b>I have read the rules of some institue and found</b> <b>that its not mendatory to have your own drone to attend this</b>
<b> training</b> <b>but different institue might have different rules</b> <b>so make sure to read their FAQ and rules sections</b> <b>once you met all these conditions</b> <b>than we'll move to next step..actual applying for drone </b>
<b>pilot license</b> <b>for that you need to go to this </b> <b>which looks like this</b> <b>here we'll scroll down to the bottom</b> <b>where it says "I am a RPAS remote Pilot, how do I go about </b>
<b>it?</b> <b>now if you look carefully..

There are steps deifne </b> <b>and we'ave already discussed the process of step 1</b> <b>so we'll move to the bottom</b> <b>and click on the blue button called "sign up as remote </b>
<b>pilot"</b> <b>and here you'll choose the option "an indian pilot"</b> <b>now the next page is pretty simple</b> <b>all you have to do is put your name, email, phone number & </b>
<b>set a password</b> <b>now on this step you will receive an OTP on our email for </b>
<b>varification</b> <b>and you cant move forwrad without this OTP</b> <b>and I guess if the resigtration are not open, you;ll not get</b>
<b> that OTP…</b> <b>and thats what happend here..

So unfortunately I cant move </b>
<b>forward</b> <b>although this new ruels look hassel for us</b> <b>but there some benifits also</b> <b>first is you can fly worry free once you receive you pilot </b>
<b>license</b> <b>the 2nd benifit is that you enters in the register pilot </b>
<b>database</b> <b>and if someone want a registered drone pilot ..

They look </b>
<b>into this database </b> <b>and hire someone from here only</b> <b>so this can help you with your earnins as well</b> <b>guys these rules are chaning constantly..</b> <b>so there is possiblity what I am telling you today might </b>
<b>become irrilivant after 1 week</b> <b>so if you come across any such update.. please comment below</b> <b>and let me know so I can keep myself upto date with thes </b>
<b>laws</b> <b>I hope you guys are doing fantastic</b> <b>I'll see you soon with my next video</b>

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