How to Fly a Quadcopter/Drone (Basic Tutorial)

Okay, here’s, a small tutorial about flying the quadcopter, a basic level tutorial, for example, this one is the . It looks like this: the of the quadcopter it’s moving all around the right.

is moving all around also okay, and this is the quadcopter itself.

It’s a syma x5c.

These are the propellers.

It has four propellers so that’s, why it’s a quad, copter quad, means four okay and let’s start with some basic things.

So here on the on this one, we have the left which is moving all around.

We have the right that one’s moving all around.

Also these butters are for making some corrections the other buttons also exactly on this model.

This one is for making photos and videos, but the onboard camera is removed.

This is the battery of the quadcopter. It’s a small battery, okay, and this one has also batteries here for double a batteries.

Okay, so both of them are devices and let’s start with some basic things.

For example, this stick on the left side, as you can see it.’s freely moving up and down, but this one is spring loaded.

It comes back to the initial position.

This one comes back on the horizontal direction, but it won.’t come back on the vertical direction and that’s, because this one up and down, is controlling the height of the quadcopter.

So if you raise this one, this joystick up, for example like there, then the quadcopter will go higher.

If you lower it, then it will go lower, so this is for going up, and this is for going down up in the air and down to the ground.

Okay, you can move this one to the left or to the right that one left and right is for turning left or turning right.

So if I move this one, the joystick to the left like so then it will continuously turn to the left.

If I let it over, it will not turn. If I move it to the right, then it will turn to the right continuously until the joystick.

This stick is released.

Okay, so that’s up going up going down.

Turning left and learning right, okay, you can combine these movements also, so you can turn to the left while going up or while descending.

So in this position I’m descending and turning I’m going up and turning to the left same here, I’m turning to the right and going up turning to the right and descending going down.

Okay, let’s go to this joystick.

This joystick is, for example, the left and right movement is for inclining the quadcopter.

So it will turn this way and it will go that way to the right, and if I move it to the left, then it will tilt this way and it will go to the left that way.

So just stick to the right.

It will go to the right in a linear direction. Just stick to the left.

It will go that way in a linear direction.

The same thing with going ahead, that we are tilted that way and go head that way forward.

If I move the joystick towards me down, then it will turn this way.

It will come towards me so left right forward and backward okay.

If I talked about forward and backward that is forward and backward, then we can see I painted this quadcopter.

The propellers were not black, it’s black, because I wanted to make a distinguishing.

The black is the rear part and the white propellers are the front part of the quadcopter.

So if I move let’s stick a head up, then it will go that way, but if it’s this way and I move it up, then it won’t go that way, because this is the head.

The white one and forward. Is this way the quadcopter does not have a headless mode in headless mode? The quadcopter would always go towards the transmitter.

For example, if I pull the stick down, then it will come towards me whether this one is the front and that’s the end or this the front, and that’s the end.

But since this quadcopter does not have headless mode, if I position it this way, then the front is to the left and the back is to the right.

If I command it to go ahead, then a head for him is this way, because the white propellers are here: if it’s that way, and I press the head, then a head is that way, so you must know the direction of the quadcopter, and for That we have some LEDs here.

The red LEDs are the front and the LEDs are the back, so you can see even lower light condition.

Also, the plastic fell off from here.

Okay enough talking let’s get to some action.

I won.’t fly high because it’s very windy, and this is very light and when we blow it away so since there are devices I have to turn on the transmitter.

This is the on button.

I have to turn on the quadcopter. Also that’s it it’s blinking blinking.

That means that it’s not bound to the transmitter not yet.


If I move any of the joysticks, it won.’t do anything.

Unless this one is moved up and down now it’s bound and when it’s bound, this quadcopter is not flashing.

The LEDs is constantly on okay, so this one controls the height so that’s for going up and going down.

If I don’t move it, then it’s, spinning constantly okay done so it’s windy out here that’s.

Why I don’t want to fly it? Okay and let’s move it to the right.

I mean left notice that it’s not doing anything until you give it some thrust.

That is spin up the propellers from this one. What is the moment? Ouch, okay, so and I tweet care spinning propellers at high speed will cause damage.

So once again, some speed and notice the directions it’s moving that way.

Now to the left, oops that’s fighting the wind, the constantly had to correct it, oops! Okay, if the wind blows the way, then better get it down turn off this one.

When it’s turned off, then it loses the signal from the transmitter.

It’s blinking.

You can turn off this one also and that’s it for this basic tutorial.

Thanks for watching you .

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