How To Fly A FPV Racing Drone – Lesson 2 – Slow Forward Flight

welcome back to two of my series on how to fly in a crow mode using fvd free writer real quick i'm just going to show you my settings i went over these in the first video default settings and throttle 0 at bottom let's go ahead into the desert track and i'm in accra mode low rates and the camera in the last we talked about using the throttle to manage your altitude and we did that in a hover but the thrust vector of the copter changes as you pitch forward and back and we can see this if I go into the third-person view just turn the copter slightly if I turn it sideways and then pitch forward to fly forward you can see that it tilted forward obviously right and as it tilts forward the thrust is putting out goes from pointing straight down to pointing diagonally behind it and as a result there is less thrust going down because some of that trust has been redirected to push it forward and what that means is that as you pitch forward and back you need to adjust your your throttle to maintain your altitude and that's we're going to work on in this exercise so what I want you to do in this exercise is take off just like before we're going to throttle up and I'm going to just start to climb and as you do that next pitch forward just slightly just now that's even too much there let me just reset that that's even more than I would like you to do I'm going to throttle up as I started to climb I'm going to pitch forward just the tiniest bit and I'm going to start moving what I want you to do is continue to maintain altitude using the throttle but the hover point will be slightly different depending on how far forward or back your pitch so you can't just memorize that your hover point is 39% on the stick or whatever you have to dynamically determine the hover point in flight as you're flying now you notice I raise the throttle just slightly to fly over these mountains and I'm continuing to fly now it's sort of flown out of the out of the park I can't really tell what's going on very well so I'll just reset and I'll do it again I'll take off by raising the throttle and then I'll pitch forward just a bit to start to fly forward and I'll continue to maintain altitude now if you find yourself moving too fast pitch back you'll need to adjust the throttle as you do that to continue to maintain altitude let me just let me just reset here you'll notice that if I find a good perfect hover point let me try to find a good nearly perfect hover point okay my altitude is just about right if I pitch forward notice that I'm not going to touch anything you see I'm losing altitude and if I pitch back again I will go back to that hover point and I'm going to touch the throttle at all when you pitch forward you need to raise the throttle to maintain the same altitude because you're using you're using some of your thrusts to push you forward so there's less thrust to push you up okay so I'm going to do it again I'm going to take off I'm going to find a hover point on the throttle I'm going to tilt forward pitch forward begin to fly forward and then adjust the throttle – to maintain the altitude that I desire and if you like as an exercise you can try to see how close you can get to this mountain as you fly over it you can adjust the throttle to get nice and close without hitting it if you feel like giving yourself a little challenge okay and in fact you can even you could even take off and I'm going to pitch forward slowly slightly go up over here you can start to play with your altitude a little I'm going to come down I'm not gonna hit the ground though I'll lower the throttle I'm going to come down I'm going to go over these bumps oh I land it a little bit if you get going too fast like I'm going a little fast now just pitch back and you will slow down but don't pitch back so much that you find yourself drifting back the reason for that is that you can no longer see where you're going and you're going to crash into something so here's a good guideline takeoff pitch forward slightly you're going to be flying forward now if you're going too fast pitch back slightly but don't ever pitch back so far that you're moving backwards you always when you're flying want to be moving slightly forward hovering is actually really easy in the simulator it's really hard to do in real life it's really hard to stay hovered over a certain point because you can't see what's below you you can't see what's the side of you and so in I always want to be pitched forward just a little bit and flying forward okay because then I can see what's in front of me I can see what's coming I know whether I'm about to hit anything whereas if I start if I'm drifting like this right I can't see where I'm going I can still maintain my altitude by the notice I'm still using my throttle to maintain altitude no problem but I can't see what I'm headed towards okay so whenever you're flying fpv always try to be moving forward ever so slightly never stop never go sideways and never go backwards at least in the beginning always try to be moving forward slightly because that sort of keeps if I try and stop dead if you try it you will probably have a very hard time unless you're a more experienced flyer so now I'm drifting backwards I need to adjust there's all kinds of little adjustments that you have to do to get a stable hover see what I'm having to do to get a hover because it's not something you should do when you first start out see I'm just barely hovering now but if I just start to pitch forward and set up a little flight path forward it's pretty easy and I can pitch back if I'm going too fast but not so much that I start to move backwards that's too much okay I'm going to slowly pitch forward more but I have to increase the throttle more to compensate for the change in altitude all right so that's your second your second is going to be takeoff pitch forward very slightly and continue to use your throttle to maintain altitude as you fly forward don't worry about turning just maintain altitude as you fly forward and use pitch forward and back to control your speed pitching forward to go faster and back to go slower but never get yourself in a point where you're drifting backwards or where you've stopped moving forward always be moving forward just the tiniest bit because hovering in one spot is actually really hard but flying forward is actually not that hard okay that's your next lesson give it some practice and I'll see you for the next one

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