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Hey everyone, its Matt Williams from mr. mpw dot-com, and today we’re, going to dive into the process, the systemization really of creating a successful drone business. Everyone, Matt Williams, mr. MPW, and welcome to today’s video.

So this is one of those things that you know we talk about all the time and it’s becoming more and more apparent. I think from engaging with people on the channel and we’re, starting to see it now in the groups, the forums and on the channel comments itself, people saying wow.

You know I’m, not gonna bother renew my PFC, oh because of all the changes and because actually I’m, not making any money from it. And the big question is that I guess all people at a place where they are and have created a business or and it’s.

A question to ask yourself: have you or are you looking at getting into this business by just getting a drone? Get in a PFC, oh and getting a , because if that’s the case, I’m afraid it probably isn’t gonna happen.

You need to come at this and treat it as a proper business, as you would do with any other business venture. You’ve got to think about it. You ‘ Ve got a planet. You’ve got to work out. How you’re, going to generate business, how you’re, going to get people in and really then? How are you going to deliver your services and, increasingly now, the drone elements of a drone business is becoming a smaller part of the whole piece and what you’ll find is generally that the people who are excelling in the industry, those people who Are doing well in the industry, use it either as an add-on to the existing services, their current services, that they provide.

For example, if they are a TV camera person, they throw a drone into the mix so that they can add that in for a production, if they are a roofing surveyor, they get the drone, because that allows them then to provide a new service on top.

It complements the service that they already provide. No, I’m, not saying that’s, always possible. We don’t always have something in the background that we can add a drone into, but that’s, not a problem.

I would suggest you know you are not going to come at this and make a six-figure business straight away by just I’m gonna drown. Getting the and or I call it a license – a drone license, because that’s.

What most people refer to as, but as you are or should be aware, it’s. The PFC, Oh, is a permission for commercial operation, not a license, but we will refer to it as the license from here on in just to make things easier, but it’s, not as simple as just getting that and cracking on.

You know you’ve got to, as I say, have it and use it as a business. Now then, we have over the last year or so in particular, systemized out, we’ve processed out how to generate business, how to create a successful business, and this is something that we took on tour last year, not quite in the processed way and The systemized way it was more, we went and did seminars on how to create a successful drone business, and that was talk to people about the fact that you can’t, buy a drone, get a PFO and get a and make money.

You’ve got to do some business planning. You’ve got to work out what your revenue streams are gonna, be you’ve got to work out. How are you gonna service, your customers, but what we’ve done is taken that to the next level, because it seems as though people are wanting that extra element of hand-holding.

If you like, that extra element of tuition of coaching of nurturing of being led so that they can create a successful drone business, so first of all it’s, not going to happen overnight. Second, it’s, not going to happen much.

It’s, going to drone a PCSO and getting a . What you need to realize is that you need to do as a business. So what we’ve done from all of the seminars that we’ve done and if you haven’t seen it already.

You can go back and you can get the full kind of lowdown from our 7 steps to a successful drone business playlist. I will drop that down in the comments below go and check those videos out, because we did those to help everybody.

But what we’re going to do is pray, see it here and then I’m gonna. Let you in on something that we ‘ Ve got coming over the next couple of weeks. So, first of all of the 7 steps, the first step is to attract eyeballs.

You’ve got to get people to you, you’ve got to get people aware of you. You got to get people looking at your site, you’ve, got to get people kind of networking and engaging with you. You know look at what we’re doing here and we’ve.

What we’ve done is found our target market. We’ve got our target demographic and we are creating content that hopefully serves that target market and serves our target demographic because that drags people to us and then, ultimately, by helping you out as much as we are.

Hopefully, at some point you engage where there’s and you come to a seminar or come and buy something like a training course from us or something like that. The second part, once you’re, attracted those people, you’ve, got to find a way of turning those people into lead.

So how do you take these digital eyeballs? How do you take the people who are now coming to us who have been made aware of us who are telling other people about us? How do you take them and turn them into leads, and if you look at what we do, I’ll.

Show you an example of this at the end of this video. In fact, what we do is that to turn those people into leads is that we say right if you want to come and do our free OSC course go and sign up to the newsletter.

We’ll, send that out. If you want to come and get things from us, come and sign up to something, so that we can turn you from an anonymous visitor into a lead that as ultimately, what we are trying to do with the processes that we’re running through.

And that’s, what you need to think about doing as well, so the next part part 3, is how to than the nurture those leads. So how do we take those people on a journey from becoming an anonymous visitor to becoming a lead through our website by maybe download an e-book or downloading, as I say, being an offer, giving them an offer whereby they can sign up something and then they can Get something in return: how do we then nurture those people and take them on a journey where they get to know like? I can trust us more and more and more to the point that they’ll buy something from us, so that third part nurturing leads is really important.

And if you are part of the channel, if you are part of the subscriber base, if you not don’t forget press the subscribe button press the bell button next to subscribe, icon to stay up to date with everything we ‘

Ve got coming all the time if you are part of that subscriber base, and if you are part of the newsletter subscribers on mister mpw comm, then you will get nurtured. You will get taken on a journey where we take you from ok cool.

You’ve, given us some details, we’ve got your email address. We know you first name your last name. We kind of maybe know what you’re interested in by virtue of the fact that you ‘ Ve engaged with us and the things that we’ve talked about.

Where do we then take you in terms of the journey? And again this is one of the things we’re. Bringing this out. We’re, going to announce something after this people will get to see what that is if they sign up to the newsletter.

So we’re, turning our leads into turning our eyeballs into leads, and then we’re. Taking those leads and nurture them, hopefully, eventually into customers. The fourth part is creating your offer, and this is the thing that’s, going to make you stand out from other people in the drone industry.

What is it that you can offer? What can you add to just go in and fly in a drone? It might be that you can add in I don’t know it might be that you can add in a roof and report and inspection reports.

If you’re qualified in that it might be that you can throw in three hours of editing for free, but actually it’s, part of the costs of delivering the delivering the product in the first place. But that will make you stand out if someone else who’s just gonna turn up with their maverick 2 Pro, will there inspire to and go flying and capture some footage or photos? The next part is systems and processes.

So we ‘ Ve now got a lead generation tool. We’ve got a blog, we’ve got a YouTube channel or we ‘ Ve got a busy LinkedIn kind of profile. We’re, then taking them turning them into leads.

We’re nurturing those leads we’ve got an offer that we can offer to those leads when they get to the appropriate stage in their journey. Now, how do we put it on all all on autopilot? How do we make it so that we, don’t have to keep pushing and pushing and pushing for people to come back to us again and again and again? How do we get that snowball effect, but actually not burden ourselves? So much that we can’t cope with it and it’s all about putting things in place like a CRM system, a client kind of a relationship management system.

That means that you can take those people on a journey which makes them really happy and works for them, and when you say you’re gonna call them back at 10, o’clock on a Wednesday morning. You will call them back at 10, o’clock on a Wednesday morning.

You won’t forget about them until the next Monday, at which point you’ve, disappointed them and they’re, probably not gonna buy from you, the sixth spot, and the thing that makes this really powerful is partnering And collaborating with other people, so you know we ‘

Ve got all these people coming to us now and we might find that you actually, as part of your offer, for example, can’t. Do Roof Inn reports you can’t edit, so collaborate with someone who can come up with a rate with them.

That means that you can still earn some extra money. You bring in the work and they deal with it or do things either way around. If you specialize in surveying – and then you know about the drone thing, you get UPF 0, you get your equipment say to people, send people my way and you can get a cut in a white label as you partnering up and collaborating with other people.

Is such a powerful tool, because not only does it enhance what you’re gonna, be able to do and give you additional capability without any extra outlay or time really having to learn these things. But it also means that you can spread your reach, because every time that person talks about you or every time that person offers out your services to their audience, you you are being put in front of their audience by proxy, which is incredible and you can’t, you literally cannot buy that kind of exposure.

The final part on the seventh step in this whole kind of seven steps to a successful business, and this works in any business, not just the drone industry is to delight your customers and it’s all about giving it’s.

All about, and if you’ve, never seen it and those you come to the thing we’re, going to talk about in a second go and look book by a chap called Gary Vaynerchuk. Okay, I ‘ Ll drop. A link to it down below there’s, no affiliate links or anything like that.

You wrote it back in. I think it was 2010, it’s called the Thank You economy, and if you read that it should be quite obvious, then what it is that we are doing what it is that we do within our business and it works it’S all about delight and our customers giving giving giving giving our best for free so that eventually that people get to know like and trust us and actually to say thank you.

They will come and do something with you. They will come and buy something from you or they will tell other people about you so step. Seven is about delighting your customers, so I hope that was useful, a quick little rundown of the seven steps.

I know a lot of people don’t have the time to go back and look through all of the different videos and to be honest, if you don’t then make time to do that. But what we are gonna do and again this is you’re gonna see the process happen in here we are now going to start a new set of seminars for the 2019 2020 kind of public speaking season.

The first one is on the 31st of October 2019: it’s at Keele University in Staffordshire, which is the mr. npw headquarters. And if you go over to mr. npw comm, you’ll, be able to find tickets on there.

For that and in that seminar it will be a whole afternoon where we walk you through the Stephen step and there’ll, be a few extra little bonuses there as well for you, and it should be really interesting and exciting event.

We did this in a different guys over the last 12 months and we stopped. We ‘ Ve had a kind of two month – hiatus, if you like. While we develop the next thing and we and we’ve tried to nail down from the feedback.

We got from all of our clients over the last 12 months from the how to build a successful drone business seminar. And if you ‘ Ve been to one of those, please let us know down in the comments below what you thought of it: good or bad, but hopefully it’s all good and yeah.

We’ve, taken all the feedback from that. We’ve processed it out and we’ve created the next thing so say: go over to mr. npw comm go and check out the tickets, they will be first-come first-serve. They’re, quite small groups of people that were allowing in and we’ll only be holding these events once a month.

So I hope that’s been useful. If you did like the video, please give it a thumbs up. If you didn’t press that thumbs down button twice and watch what happens, drop your thoughts comments, questions down below keep your questions as well.

Kkona in please Matt ma TT at mr. M PW calm I’ve, been Matt Williams, fly safe and blue skies.

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