How To Build An Online Training Course (WHILE FLYING DRONES!)

by Jose
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My name is Kate Clawson. I’m. The director of operations at coastal drone Co coastal drone Co was created to provide training and consulting to those trying to figure out the Canadian drone industry. My background has all been in in-person teaching and I really enjoyed that because I, like the interaction that you get with folks, but the the geography of Canada is not all that conducive to in-person training, especially when you have such a massive audience that needs to get Through the training in such a short period of time, so although I really enjoy that in-person interaction, it just wasn’t possible and I was getting too tapped out trying to deliver the courses in person to everyone who needed it and wanted it in Canada, by moving the course online, were able to give the students a chance to move through the content at their own pace.

You’re able to go back to content. It’s, tough in class to be the only one to raise your hand and say actually, can you go Q back? Can you explain that again it didn’t quite sink in but online. It just takes a couple of mouse clicks and with the very new content to a lot of people that the aviation industry is all of those knowledge requirements.

It’s, really nice to be able to go back and dive in a bit deeper on something or hear something a few times you draw it out, make it make sense in your own head, because I’m, not spending. All of my time, actually in the class and teaching, I’m able to get that one-on-one time and spend a little bit more time with someone who sent an email and needs help with a certain concept.

Just able to be a bit more effective with where I’m spending my time, rather than just giving everyone kind of one level I can dive in a bit deeper with those that need it. We get kind of a wide range of customers, and but that’s kind of the beautiful thing about the courses that we offer.

We can fit the needs of most everyone kind of funnel them into the courses that are necessary for them to reach the certification that they need. I didn ‘ T know that I liked teaching until I started to do it and I really enjoyed that interaction and the sharing of knowledge and the storytelling that goes along with teaching feeling like it’s, a way of helping them move forwards and achieve the goals That they’ve, they’ve set for themselves and for them to be able to help their customers from there as well.

Knowing that this is not just a one-on-one, you benefit, I benefit. It continues on from there as well. Teaching online allows me to teach period, because, if I was needing to do all of the content teach all of the content in person, I would not be able to reach the audience that that needs the training right now so, by having our training online were able To provide education for people that would not have access to it, otherwise they’re either in remote areas or their schedules.

Don’t align with an in-person teaching session, so we’re in teaching online, allows us to reach a much wider audience than we would have ever been able to do in person in the timeframe that we had. When we looked at the course, a year ago, we were just hoping that maybe it could allow us to break even each month because it ends up being pretty passive after you have that initial interaction with with folks and point them to the right courses.

It we were just hoping that maybe it might cover salaries, just cover expenses would be great, and if you’d, told me that in a year it would be doing what it’s. Doing now I would have left would have laughed at you.

I wouldn’t, have believed you, it’s, it’s gone well and above what our expectations were, and it’s. Just continuing continuing Grille [ Music ]

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