HOW TO become a Race Drone Pilot (Part One) KEN HERON

by Jose

Hey everybody. This is Ken. Welcome to day one minute, one of my journey into the race drone world. My buddy Brent here is gon na help me out with the Holly bro Copas one, and I know absolutely nothing about anything and I know very little and he knows very little so together we’re gon na figure it out yeah. So what’s the first step here?

First up we’re going to put where your own beta flight beta flight right, okay, we’re gon na plug the mini USB into the , aren’t plugging that in we have lots we’re good okay. So it’s connected there’s a little picture of my my drone and it’s moving. Ah, look at that, that’s the what is it did jar-jar, oh yeah, that is really really cool. Okay. So now I know everything there is to know about race Jones thanks for joining us and okay, now we’re going to calibrate the accelerometer.

Oh, that’s gon na be fun. Let’S skip ahead to the fun part. Okay, so this grade-a is turning a little bit sunny and that’s because we’re all learning together aren’t we. What we just did is – and I say we – he just figured out the accelerometer – so there’s some other settings. We got to do now right.

What are we doing with the controller to bind your controller to the receiver in your core? Okay, and to do that, we have to find the bond option on your radio, which I’ve never used on these radios. It’S gon na be fine. Okay, yeah, we’re learning together, he’s got a whole different setup and he’s been nice enough to come figure out my setup. Let’S fast-forward again: okay, so what happened?

It there’s a it’s a lot more complicated to get things set up, not going to be able to to fly the the copis one just yet so laptop battery died and we weren’t done setting it up. Is that right? That’S right, okay, so we got a lot closer than we were. Yes, we are and we got the the the controller I own. To that.

Do you call it a controller or radio I’ll call it a controller or transmit? Okay, because I want to get the lingo right, it’s your transmitter. Okay. I already feel like a racer with all this stuff glued to my goggles, so we got that we got the thing bound and we still have to finish setting up your switches. Okay, I mean mode switches on okay, so just to salvage the day, because there is rain coming we’re gon na fly the tiny whoop and you’re gon na record the video record as I fly, and I didn’t even know that anyone who has goggles like if you Go to one of these races, you can move Alone’s with anybody just tune into their channel.

Usually so, if you go to one, you can see a bunch of people in the audience wearing goggles right right, that’s awesome, and so we’ve got the tiny, whoop tiny whoop fans there. It is what kind of controller is this turnigy evolution controller? Alright, I’m on I’m on alright, so I’ll just take off from here, and the wind just picked up a little bit, so I still have to arm right arm. Alright we’re armed, and here we go. Oh did I just almost hit the camera.

Oh, my goodness! Okay, oh the wind, the wind, Oh, what am i doing? What am i doing? What am i doing? Okay, good good?

Oh I did it. I did a flip by a guy. I grabbed I crashed. I did a flip when I hit the ground. Oh man, you ready here, we go okay, Wow there he is.

Am I too far away, I’m coming coming back, I’m gon na dive bomb yeah! Oh my goodness! It’S fighting the wind! This is I’m going into the wind right here. I could do a flip.

Never done a flip here we go, I’m gon na do a roll. I guess roll ha ha ha. That’S awesome. Can I do a forward one, that’s great, no backwards. Ah, that’s great.

I think I love this. I’M gon na go around this memorial here. If I can, I love the tiny group. Oh wow, this is so great, oh, no! No!

No! No! Almost almost bid it! Alright! I’M gon na come back around and I’m gon na try to land I’m gon na try to land.

You know try to land by me. This is so great. We’Re gon na get the copis one from Holley bro working here in just a little bit, that’ll be in the next video. Once we figure out all the settings thanks for watching thanks for subscribing by so Brent’s got this all figured out. You got it all figured out.

Man look, Oh figure it out. Oh it’s spinning! Oh look at that. So we got the arm switch going. We’Ve got the flat moves going next: okay, we stepped outside for just a moment to test fly and I flew it and it was fine and landed and everything was cool yeah.

But then I thought well. I want to fly it again and I shouldn’t have because I destroyed it. It’S not destroyed it’s destroyed. Didn’T I break what I break. Let’S look at this camera lens.

Look there with a big crack in it. I broke the camera shortest race drone career. Ever thanks for stopping by how long did it was 10 seconds 10 seconds to the second flood, so people don’t usually break the camera. Nobody breaks the kid and I managed to do it. People break the camera.

I’Ve never broken camera, but I did you did it. So that’s a good thing, that’s a good thing. Okay, apparently you can order new lenses on Amazon. So that’s what I’m so problem anything over here could be fixed. I’M gon na order.

Three, dozen camera lenses. You know, but I didn’t break a prop, not a single pro, so I have replacement props. I didn’t have a replacement lens. Of course I broke the thing. I didn’t have a replacement for this sucks good news.

It’S working uh-huh check it out man, it’s actually working. Now so how did we do it? We’Ve busted a flow Pro yeah. I happen to have a foe Pro and I took the lens out and put it into here. I didn’t know that you could do that and it looks like the lens is even better than the one I had in there as far as being fish EIT, but I feel a lot better now that I got it working again.

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