How to become a licensed drone pilot in Australia – Studying for my remote pilot license or RePL

Hi everyone its Dennis here, thank you so much for tuning in another day, another vlog, you know it’s been a while, since I’ve done this last couple of weeks, I’ve been actually very busy. You know taking care of my kids, obviously working you know doing some drone videos and I’ve been actually been busy studying. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been focusing on my studies, I’m actually studying to become a pilot watch, the birdie, okay, not actually a pilot pilot, but I’m actually studying to become a certified drone pilot and thinking about this over the last.

Maybe what one and a half almost two years, I’m not sure what it’s called in America, but here it’s called the remote pilot license and I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now and yes, it look like made the decision, maybe about six weeks ago, Are you can take an exam in order to get the license? The exam consists of theoretical and practical assessments got the option to do a five-day five-day course or a online course plus two days practical assessment.

So, given the busyness of my schedule, you know I work. 9:00 to 5:00 take care of my two kids. You know spend time on my wife very unlikely that I can do the five day course. So I elected to get the online course. I’Ve done quite a few exams on my exams.

So far, only we’ll have two more left I’m trying to get through and then the next step will be to do the practical assessment. Sure it’s kind of similar anywhere around the world, but yeah. If you are a certified drone pilot, feel free to comment down below. Let me know: what’s the process in your in your country, how do you actually get certified to feel free to comment down below? I would love to eat properly, so why am I doing this eight?

Because I want to get a certain well, I want to be certified. I wanted to come a certified drone pilot and secondly, you know basically it allows me to fly commercial drones for up to seven kilograms, so think about the inspire owns or the other commercial drones. That’S available in the market like the Matthysse mitrice trees. Just do you know if you’re flying typically the normal standard consumer DJI drones like the Phantom and the Maverick proneness Park, you don’t necessarily need to get license, they’re all sub two kilograms, so you’re perfectly fine with that one, but again do check out the relevant regulations. That’S applicable in your area and read through if you live in Australia, do check the Casa from time to time to keep you updated with the relevant drone laws of wrong regulations.

Anyways back to this theoretical assessment, there’s a lot of things to cover. You know. I’M I’m learning about. You know: classification of airspace once in a what’s a controlled air space versus an uncontrolled airspace, understanding, VT c or visual terminal charts and the VNC or the visual navigation charts learning about how to read the map and aeronautical map. You know under study was that what know time is, I know what know domains.

It’S a notice, Airmen, the longitude latitude. You know how the equator and comm-pass works, they’re learning about GPS, Global Positioning System, learning about radio frequency. You know the low five high five understanding operational laws. What you can you can’t do even more study, more studying, I’m submitting them as much as I can, because those the vertical exams you got to take it seriously. You know the passing rate for each exams about seventy percent.

Generally they’re all multiple choice, questions some of the questions have been very, very tricky. To put you, you know those type of questions where you know there’s an all of the above or none of the above, or is it it’s only a and B or an or B and C or C and II hate? The second questions, because it’s Maggie, you know think twice or three times with your answers, there’s so much things to learn and read, and I’m just really glad that I passed all the exams. I’Ve took – and I still have two more to go once I’ve done the theoretical of how to start practicing on the maneuvers, because there’s a lot of maneuvers here now I got about thirty hours of flight time under my belt. To leave me.

I still need to practice that that’s probably the most important thing I find in here is to practice all those maneuvers. Now the maneuvers they’re all coming to different sort of stages. There’S the basic maneuvers, where you know you hover the drone, your land drone. You launch it upwards for a horizontal triangle on how to move the drone into like a techniques such as you know how to circle drone. So this is your drone circling around like that.

In a sort of controlled manner of do like a eight like important, you know I vertical eight like that or horizontal eight like that, and it shouldn’t oh they’ll, be very simple, but no they’re actually quite difficult and challenging. So the only way to overcome it is to practice just share you some things that I’m working on, and this is definitely something that I really wan na achieve by the end of the year and unfortunately time is, you know to challenge for me at the moment. Yeah it’s hard and I probably created a separate video on that one and some of the challenges as a small youtuber once I’m facing right now and yeah, look I’ll, probably elaborate born that way, I’ll share more that one anyways that’s really forming today. I need to get back into my studying just get this online assessment out of the way and yes start practicing those maneuvers in order to be ready for the practical assessments, so yeah look anyway, if you haven’t been following me on my other social media accounts, do Check it out twitter, facebook instagram it more they’ll keep you. You know news and up-to-date news with what I’m doing.

Actually, I do have an IG TV as well I’ll link it down below or in here to check it out and I’m putting in a little bit more behind-the-scenes content in there as well. So, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye,

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