How to become a license drone pilot in Australia part 3 – Drone Pilot Practice Test

So you need to be able to figure it out if the orientation is this way, how you’re gon na fly it in an 8 or figure-of-eight similar exercises, just different orientation makes it challenges. That’S why you practice that ones all right. So tomorrow is my practical assessment for my drone certification or the repl course. I’Ve managed to pass all my online modules. Thank goodness, I don’t even worry about studying them.

I managed to power it through over the last couple of weeks and tomorrow is the yeah. It’S pretty much the you know the final step in order for me to get my certification all I know it’s gon na be a full day thing. The PO can assess my you know my basic and advanced maneuver skills, and also you know how to plan missions. You know how to sort of set up a flight plan and all those things so probably things that I’ve learned in the online module I’m gon na put it into practice along with you, know those basic and advanced movers, so that they can see and grade how Good, I am as a drone pilot, something like that. Now they have been practicing the basic and advanced mulu maneuvers, sorry, the advanced maneuvers.

I wasn’t quite sure with how to do some of the things in there. So caught up with my flight instructor and showed me a couple of things, couple pointers on how to do the advanced maneuvers. It really comes down to you know putting the time and effort to practice. You know those maneuvers, so I’ve been practicing pretty much every day. Almost every day after work back here in the open field again so just start practicing so on the maneuvers, just a lot of things to cover and it’s 5:10 a.

Now to an eye level – and you move about 10 meters forward – stop move 10 meters to excellent to the left. Then you stop move backwards again. 10 meters, you know, go to a nearby park and practice. You know doing the figure of 8, the horizontal or the vertical figure of 8.

You know the points of interest. The reverse points of interest challenges only have really limited time in my battery, and I really want to maximize my my flight practice. You know trying to squeeze every ounce on every minute of that battery. It’S a practice mark my fingers in my controls and you know, because sometimes when you just move a little bit, I just hover out, so you really need to have that type of control. One thing I found out is you don’t actually look at the camera of your throne?

You actually fly with visual line of sight on, depending on the orientation of drone. Obviously, that’s gon na change, the controls you’re in that’s something that’s new to me, because I always rely on the screen so at the iPhone screens to you know, because that’s where you see your your videos, this one’s a little bit different, because I’m actually looking at The actual drone, depending on the orientation, obviously that would change the movements and that’s where they’re gon na grade you yet so time and effort to reorient myself understand the direction of where the nose is or the tail. And how do I do the horizontal aids? So, for example, you know you can do the horizontal eight with the front or nose spacing at you, but they will also test you if they, if you’re the tail is facing at your. You know it’s the other way around, then how you can do the figure of eight and also, if it’s on sideways, having them do the figure of eight.

So that will really depend on how you maneuver. With your controls. I got a phone call from my flight instructor just he gave me a rundown of what what will happen tomorrow. So my cold time is at 7:30 a.m.

We’Ll need to wake up, maybe an hour before that, because travel traveling to that location is about thirty minutes. It’S an open area. I didn’t mention they’re gon na put some cones in and specific sort of measurements, so that I really need to be very tight. When I fly, you know really, you know, follow the flight path that they’re gon na present. To me, they told me to bring my drone, so I’m bringing the Maverick to zoom its like charging and charging batteries.

Yeah also told me to bring in notepads. I’Ve got packing up. My drone use my drone putting it there in the bag, and I’ve got everything sorted in there. My notepad batteries charging yeah mortos charging as well. I actually really like this bag.

It fits everything in our three batteries. I might do a quick video on how to pack the Maverick to zoom into this fly more kit bag yeah watch that space I’ll drop the link down below once it’s ready. What else yeah look um yeah try to get a good night’s sleep tonight. I’M really really excited, however, I’m actually a little bit nervous and plus it’s a whole day sort of thing, so it starts again starts at 7:30. I think we’ll finish about 3:00, so I’ll, be there I’ll, be there for at least a good six seven hours, but you know how I go.

Hopefully I pass the practical assessment and I’ll keep you all posted. Just a quick reminder in planning to get a drone license or become a drone pad here in Australia. I’Ve enrolled in our repl course and consists of two exams, one theoretical and one practical assessment. I’Ve done the theoretical already, and this is all the practical assessments. So that’s really thank you so much for watching.

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