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Everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and welcome to this video today’s. Video, we’re, going to be looking at one of the new rules which is coming into effect on the first of July, when we switch over to the new Yasir regulations, which hasn’t had much airtime, yet it hasn’t been documented much people are starting to become aware of it, but it refers really to the A to Z of CDA to certificate of competency, the a2 category of operations and the a2 subcategory of the open category.

I should say and really is quite important. What we’re gonna do is look at the one to one rule, how it works and what it means to us. This video is proudly sponsored by hub comm, connecting you to the heart of the drone industry.

Everyone so welcome to today’s, video, so the one to one rule. What is it, how is it gonna affect us now? People are quite rightly getting pretty excited. I think about the a to CFC and the things that that can open up for as the possibilities that that will be able to give us as drone operators.

Now there’s, a couple of caveats to this, and I think people are picking up on this now, which is good the fact that to exploit the a to difficut of competency, the a to CFC properly you’re, going to have To have a c2 classified drone and none of those exist yet in fact there’s, nothing in any of the literature from the manufacturers, yet to say that they have even got those in the pipeline, although, as I’m sure, we’re all aware, manufacturers like DJ, tend to play the cards very close to their chests, and things just happen, and often the rumors come out on the internet a week before the dealers are even told what’s gonna happen.

So keep your eyes out for that. Keep your ears to the ground for that as and when it happens, it’s. Gon na be great because you are then going to be able to exploit the 30 meter standard operation. Separation, distance that the A to C of C and a C to class drone will bring and the five meter separation distance that the a to C of C brings.

If you’re in a low speed mode. Now we ‘ Ve done lots of videos, lots of talking about the fact that we don’t think it doesn’t. Look as though the current aircraft on the market are going to be recertified retrospectively certified so go on.

I feel the material on the channel for that. I’m not going to dive into it here and label the points, but when the new drones come out, we’ll, be able to exploit this to a degree now that five meters and 30 meters is from uninvolved people, and there’s, a definition of that now again, we ‘

Ve talked about it in depth. If you want to go and check that out and check out the other videos, but one thing to point out is that it’s, not just people. It’s, also people who may be in a car, for example, so it’s involved people, but don’t just think of those, as we have done traditionally, where we need to stay 50 meters away from people and 150 meters away from congested areas.

It’s – 50 meters – in this case 30 meters and five meters, from one of all people which could involve people being in a car. Because if our drone was to have a malfunction or we were to lose control of it and crash it, then an uninvolved person could be involved if they’re inside a moving vehicle.

I hope that start to make some sense and again we’ll flesh this out in a dedicated video to those those definitions in the future, but 5 meters and 30 meters is all well and good. However, it is worth noting that the one to one rule, which is actually really simple, means that if you want to fly your drone at 10 meters in height from the ground, you need to say 10 meters from uninvolved people.

So although the minimum is 5 meters, that will only allow you to go, I’m 5 meters from uninvolved people, so I can only go up to a height of 5 meters above the ground, which means you might get away with it.

For gutter inspections on houses, you know 5 meters. What’s that 15 just over 15 feet, maybe most houses? You could do the gutter on larger houses. You’re gonna have to have right. Okay, I need to go up to 12 meters 20 meters.

Therefore, I’ve got to stay 20 meters away, and that is the basis of the the one to one rule. You know up to the point where we get up to our 30 meters away and then we’re at 30 meters in height 50 meters.

We need to you, know 50 meters high. We want to be 50 meters away, etc, etc. So it’s, yeah quite interesting and perhaps not quite as open as people were originally hoping. You know. 5 meters is all I need to say laterally away from people.

That means I can go up to 400 feet and I can operate that isn’t the case I’m afraid the 1 to 1 rule means that we need to maintain the separation distances based on the height that we go up To in metres – and it is pretty much as simple as that, so there we go – the one-to-one rule in a nutshell, fairly straightforward.

I think, but something that a lot of people have an mb jet and it is going to be one of the things that under the a2, so you see this open category, which allows us to do lots of things is potentially going to prevent people doing what I think a lot of people expect they’re gonna be able to because a lot of people saying well.

Why do the GB see if the a to C or C let’s me go down to 5 meters? Well, actually, that’s when the GBC comes in, because you’re in the specific category whereby, actually you know when we get the confirmation from the CIA, you’re gonna be able to go 400 feet 5 meters Away laterally from things that are not under your control from uninvolved people, so that’s, the the kind of background behind it that’s, the one-to-one rule.

You know you want to be 5 meters away from uninvolved people. You can only go up to 5 meters if you want to go up to 20 meters, you ‘ Ve got to go 20 meters away from uninvolved people happy to take thoughts.

Come out to questions on this down below again, throw feel free to throw spears. I ‘ Ve got my shields up at the moment. They’re, not our regulations. They’re from the CAA and it’s quite funny, actually seen some of you commenting about that, but that’s.

Fine, you know, if you disagree with these things and put your thoughts in writing and send them over to the CIA. If you want to know anything else, drop us a line. Matt’s, ma TT with two T’s at mr. MP.

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Having Matt Williams, I see the next one by safe blue skies.

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