How can drones help construction companies?

by Jose

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We are hey everyone and welcome to a very invigorating episode of a mask drone. My name is Paul and my name is Rob, and this is an invigorating episode. Number six. Thirty, six: we are really really glad to be podcasting and hanging out with you guys and appreciate that you’d, spend a few minutes of your day with us.

We have a good question today because I think a lot of folks are in that place where they’re wanting to move up from maybe doing some real estate and looking for other ways to increase their drone business.

And this particular caller has a question about doing that. Well, it’s, a good question and if you’re thinking about getting into construction, you’re. Probably gonna want to take our intermediate mapping class because you’re gonna get details on doing maps in a way that you won’t, learn anywhere else.

Also in that class we talked about deliverables, construction agencies and it’s, really important how you deliver in the specific ways you do so highly recommend that class. It just goes into a lot deeper of what we’re about to talk about and the level of depth.

We could not cover the level of depth and information that you would need to know in order to do some of these higher-level jobs in construction mapping. It would take us hours literally. This podcast would be four or five hours long yeah, to talk about every single point, improv that kind of time Paul I don’t want to give that kind of time, and this isn’t a kiss.

I think we just said the same thing: yes play that funky question g’day fellas Roy here from Down Under I’m 25 and I run wire and aerial media part-time in a drone new member for over a month. Now look I’m moving from real estate into construction progress reports and such I’m, having trouble figuring out the major pain points that I can resolve with myself.

I just want to know how would you guys pitch to these companies? What should i holla and what problems do we solvers join operators? Lovely work, Cheers awesome. Thank You Roy. I’d love to hear from from the guys down under it’s very cool and it’s.

A good question. If you have a question, don’t forget to go to Astro neucom, like Roy did so you actually had opportunity to talk to construction company just kind of off the top. What have you told them like? What is one of the things that you say to them? Well, I personally don’t go after construction progression report jobs, but I’ve trained.

Many people who do in venj ole Frasier is a great example. Okay, his Joel Fraser has a full-time salaried job now, with Bradbury Stan as their drone videographer. I mean that’s. What he does that’s, a different path.

It is a different path, some of the same concepts salaried, but actually, when we introduced that new producer yesterday, he actually took on a salaried job with a real estate firm. As a drone pilot done.

I found that fascinating. It is fascinating, found that really fascinating the salary wasn’t as high as I thought it would have been, but still salaried position. Yeah so, and I mean it’s kind of cool because he only does like three or four jobs.

A week for him, so he still has like the whole week open it’s, just kind of fascinating, but anyway in construction site mapping. They’re, very distinct parts of this job. There’s. Taking pictures doing the Cardinal photos, a lot of people call it construction progression.

Information, in fact, Vic does this, but he takes five photos at the cardinal directions sends it in other people, do actual maps of the site each and every week to measure exactly what has been done.

They’re, also able to measure volumetric aliy. How much material has been used for a specific part of the project and how much material is left over mm-hmm? Now there are some very specific problems that progression.

Mapping and progression photos do for construction clients, but also for the investors as a whole. Right couple things number one: there’s, a big problem with subcontractors going into these bigger jobs and saying that they have done, but they’ve done.

Let’s say they said. Okay, I went in and installed all the HVAC in building C and let’s say there’s, five buildings in an apartment structure. Let’s! Look at Broadstone, okay, right down Louisiana that they’re building.

Right um, he says so Rob the HVAC guy goes in there. He says well, well guys. I got the HVAC installed it’s, looking good, but oh you got ta. You got ta, get those windows in for me to test it. When really he’s behind on his work and he’s, telling the guys like that, he’s done the job.

They should install the windows so that he can do his HVAC pressure test, which, if you’re, not familiar with the pressure test. It’s. Just essentially, are there a bunch of leaks in the building they don’t? Even do this in New Mexico, like our building standards, are not the highest here so, but they do it in California.

They do it in Virginia. They do it in Florida like in the bigger more populous states. They do. This not being said if I am doing my construction progression reports and if I’m, doing the mapping and let’s, say we’re still just looking at the frame of the building which in most aspects of HVAC, You’re gonna, have the framing and maybe the walls up, and then they’re gonna put the siding up after that and like they’re.

These things that have to go in chronological order when building to maintain the most efficient system – and I am NOT giving a good example with HVAC, so don’t, think that this is a real-world example.

It’s, not I’m trying to showcase the example of the fact that in construction, things have to be done in a very specific order and a very specific manner. If one person shows up and can’t do their work, because another person, hasn’t finished their work.

Now you’re paying for the guy to be there. The job is not getting done. The deadline gets pushed back right, lose money, lose money, lose money; okay, okay, where construction progression, mapping and construction progression reports help is, by showing the client every single week a permanent record of installation from subcontractors.

So they get a real-world, no BS. This is how much material we’ve used. This is how much is left over. This is what’s been installed. This is what hasn’t been installed now, if you really want to take it to the next level.

In progression, reports and progression mapping, I it’s really cool if you were to do a end of this site. So I said there’s. Many distinct points and processes in which we can go with this, and one of them is also just collecting photos for investors, sake for selling, but also doing hyper lapses.

So if we can see showcase the the progression of the the building literally, if we can showcase the progression, a great piece for the construction company, exactly yeah for sure exactly so very cool.

So one of the other things I’m thinking, because again we’re. Trying to help the construction company understand the value that this can bring right. One of them, I think, would be to sell the idea that look you don’t have to worry about sending people out and maybe even training your own person to fly drone, because that is one of the things that a drone pilots, such as Roy in Australia is gonna have to deal with is a lot of these bigger construction companies in particular, are going to say.

Oh, we got our own guy. That can do that. A lot of them are saying that now, so maybe it’s. The small to medium size that you’re gonna be working with, but you can lend them. No, I don’t know. Maybe that’s, not true, but what you can do is let them know.

Look you don’t have to worry about it. I will be there every day we’ll agree on a time not every day, every week or twice a week or whatever you need. I’m there. The videos and/or photos show up in your inbox.

Then you can do the Billings that you need, based on the progression that you see. I’m gonna become part of your system to help you be more efficient, mm-hmm that’s. Exactly right, but the biggest the biggest piece and part of that process is the deliverable, because a lot of guys are like saying.

Well, I can take the photos, I can do the maps, but I’m having trouble integrating this with the construction clients themselves, because they want to run their own measurements. They want to do volumetric measuring they want to do this.

They want to do that and in all honesty, sometimes it’s hard to give someone a map that they know how to open. Let alone know how to measure let alone want to be able to visualize said thing most people, clients that I know like well.

I want to see the high-resolution map and I want to measure from it and it’s like well. Visualizing and measuring are technically two different maps and yes for those advanced mappers out there. I understand that you can do a 3d point cloud with a mesh overlay in a DXF file, but a lot of clients.

Don’t know how to set up their SolidWorks or autocad viewers to actually see that 3d point cloud as a mesh overlay and that’s. Gon na be quite a bit more expensive for that kind of deliverable. Exactly – and you know, the next question is is like: okay: is the client using Autodesk? Is the client using ArcGIS? Is the client using SolidWorks? What is the client using to see the deliverable? Because if it’s more than just photos and you’re delivering maps, so they can actually get measurable data out of it.

You’re, looking at a whole new ballgame right, which may very well be necessary in some of the larger projects which, if it were me, I would work in with these clients to do the construction progression pictures.

And then I would also say that I would do the maps for them and then do the hyperlapse without them, knowing about it and then at the end, show them the hyperlapse and be like yeah. If you want that it’s 1500 more right, you know what I mean, because all you’re doing is taking advantage of the time on site that you have, and as long as you have completed the deliverables, as stated, I think You should totally go above and beyond get this data, show it to them.

Say hey. Not only am i a mapper, but I can also focus on your . The guy is gonna, be like wow. You are such a blessing to me. You know so it’s, all about the value you give to other people, but it’s also about how they perceive the value right, and I think it’s really important that, because I can provide drone you with A data set of how many members we have how often they click where they click on the where they go, how long they say they’re all that, and if I give you that data set you’re, like oh cool, You know like what do I do with it: yeah.

Well the action, but if I say I’ve got a data set that measures where people go on the site, how long they watch videos how long they retain a member on drone. You and honestly, what are the trigger points to as to why they leave or cancel then that data set means something totally different to you right it’s.

You’re, not perceiving that, as here’s, how I can measure why people are leaving when people leave, how long people stay, and I can get better business analytics to make better decisions to provide more value.

To remember right sure. It’s all about how you communicate the story, yeah absolutely and help the interpretive process, true for sure, which I’m, excited that if we get Chris Sheridan on board, [ Music ] – not if, but when.

Oh excuse me to have him do that on storytelling, because sorry, I’m. Getting lost in thought over here, because really storytelling is so much more important than just giving stories in your videos. Life is the story which, interestingly, a hyperlapse of a new construction, is a form of storytelling agreed, because I love growth over time, yeah from greed, nothing to something beautiful and the whole story.

That and really the story starts well before the construction started and goes well. After the construction ends, anyway, its collimation yeah, I mean we could go on for days about this yeah. Absolutely if you guys are interested in mapping by the way.

The new intermediate mapping course is coming out on drone. You, it’ll, probably a month or two before it is there. If you haven’t taken the introduction to mapping course with Doug Lafarge highly recommend it talks about again different apps because with mapping it’s not about just using ground station Pro it’s not about just using side-scan.

It’s, not about using maps, made easy. It’s, not about using picks 40 mapper, like each application has its pros and it’s cons and you can only get certain data out of certain applications and you don’t need to spend five thousand dollars to Do perimeter scans just FYI, so these are things that we’re talking about and that we’re teaching now and I think it’s really good for people to know those intricacies and nuances that again that you could Only learn by doing yeah, absolutely for sure don’t.

You don’t, have to waste your time and do it yourself learn from our mistakes boom. Everybody wins drone you in a nutshell. Anyway, sigh interrupted, you you were about to say something. No, actually, I wanted to kind of circle back just a little bit, because when I said that some of the larger companies are probably gonna be using their own drone guy, you kind of went yes, I want to know what your thought was in that moment.

One person that is salaried mmm, I know one group that’s, trying to hire drone pilots to build the team they ‘ Ve asked us for consulting help with that, but most people that I know in mapping are doing it as business owners.

They’re, taking on a lot of clients, Eadie example yeah yeah. I know – and I think I’m just thinking. Cuz, I know of a couple of the larger construction companies and I think they’ve, got guys that they didn’t bring on to be the drone pilot.

There may be a I don’t, know young millennial or something, and they just have a propensity, and the guy says hey. I can do that, and so they give that guy an opportunity, and maybe he gets his 107, maybe not but anyways, and where most of these people fail that are not trained in mapping is the deliverable I can’t tell you how many contracts? I find just by saying like well that’s, how they deliver it; that’s; a quality! You’re.

Getting here’s. This quality, and here’s. How you’re gonna get it right every single time I’ve done that we’ve won the contract sure and which is even funnier, because people have talked a lot of crap about us not to our ability.

But you know what it goes to show focus on quality, and you know what another thing literally another thing: if you’re, focusing on your quality, if you’re, focusing on doing the right thing in time, things work out.

That’s, why patience is profit, focus on quality focus on doing the right thing, but also be able to communicate? Why you’re different and when people speak negatively about you and do all this don’t focus on it.

Let them ruin themselves. It’s, just a matter of time. Let it happen. Yeah people see through that they do, but people need constant reminders to they like don’t, let it get to you. I do so. I do too look at me.

An hour ago. We’re all growing every day. That’s gonna do it for us today. If you’re, not a member of drone, you, I ask you well why don’t you want to be in the secret community, motivating and inspiring you answering your questions.

Lowering the learning curve and giving you access to people who are experienced in this business because it’s. The one thing that drone you has a lot other schools, don’t, and that is constant education with constant engagement and interaction.

To make sure that you get the most out of the training, my name is Paul. My name is Rob. This is ask drone. You [ Music, ],

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