How a hobbyist drone pilot can fly legally in controlled airspace.

by Jose


Hello, everybody thanks for coming by today, we are going to talk about how you, as a hobbyist drone pilot, can get FAA authorization to fly in . We got that coming right up. My name is Tim and we do a wide variety of videos from unboxings to reviews to some drone footage to just a whole variety of stuff. Right now so go ahead and hit that subscribe button, and if this video helps you’d be sure to give us the thumbs up back in May of this year, the FAA said that they no longer wanted hobbyists to call the local air traffic control tower to get Authorization to fly in May until July, I believe, is around July 25th of this year.

Hobbyists could not fly in and that’s kind of a bummer, because the majority of us live in metropolitan areas where there’s gonna be and then, in July, air map and Kitty Hawk updated their apps to allow hobbyists to file for authorization to Fly in .

What was interesting about that is the FA, put out the regulations and said hey. We no longer want you to do this, but they didn’t give a whole lot of guidance as to how to do that. So today, we’re gonna show you how to do that using air map. There are a couple of different apps out there. Air map to me is one of the easiest, so you will have to download it from the App Store it’s available for both Android and iOS users and can be used with a tablet or with your phone.

It can also be done offline before you go to the location to fly. So what you’re going to do is you’re gonna open up the app and it’s gonna. Ask you if you haven’t already to create an account and it’s gonna, ask you to verify your phone number. If you don’t verify your phone number they’re, not able to send you the authorizations to fly. So let’s go ahead and we’ve done all that.

So now, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and create our flight and, let’s just say, I’m going to fly right here in this open space. This is some open space over here by where I live and you’re gonna select your radius. In this case, I don’t want to fly over the main road there. So we’re just going to do a 250 foot radius and then make sure that that says recreational, because that’s going to tell them that you are recreational fliers. So we’re going to go ahead and hit next, it’s kind of go ahead and generate this particular one.

Let’S go back for a minute so before we do that, let’s just take a look at the airspace in general and for this one it says that’s under 300 feet. So what that’s telling you is a pilot. Anything under 300 feet is going to get you an auth on automatic authorization from the FAA, so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna go ahead and pick our spots. So we’re gonna go ahead and go right here to our open space and then we’re just going to do just just for demonstration purposes. 150-Foot radius, we’re gonna make sure that where it says what is our mission, that recreation is, is there and now we’re gonna go ahead and hit next, and then that’s going to take us into here, so we were approved for under 300.

So we’ll go ahead and do for 300 and let’s go ahead and say we are going to go ahead and do this flight today, it’s now, let’s just say, 3:05, because that’ll in real. If we were really flying it, then we would run over there and have time to get there so we’ll go ahead and do that whoops, so we’re gonna do our flight at 3:05. There’S my name there’s what drone I’m flying gives you an opportunity to purchase insurance. If you, if you want that the name of the pilot, what is the last name? First name your phone number so that they can send you the authorization weight of the drone, because it’s already in there for me, it’s gonna tell you that.

Does this occur flight over people, I’m going to say no! Is this a flight that occurs within visual line of sight I’m going to hit? Yes, I will tell you that if you hit yes for flight over people and no for visual line of sight, it’s going to be an automatic denial. So once you have all that feel then you’re gonna go ahead and hit max it’s going to go ahead and generate that flight plan for you and there you go. So it’s going to tell me: here’s the local weather so today, at 3 o’clock, it’s going to show that the winds are 295 at 3.

Visibility is 4 statute miles and the temperature is 81 degrees. This is also going to give you some more information, so this is a pending submission, which means they have to approve it before you’re authorized to fly there and it tells you the local FAA facility, in this case it’s a PA or that’s Centennial Airport. For me, it’s also going to talk about air rules, you’re violating so this one’s telling me that I must fly cautiously within 5 miles of the airport and, if there’s any other rule so this one here says you must have authorization, because this is Class D airspace. Once all of that looks great you’re going to go ahead and hit submit it’s going to pop up a warning, and it’s going to say that this isn’t conflicting with the rules display. Do you wish to continue we’re gonna go ahead and hit continue?

It’S gonna go ahead and generate your flight plan. It’S gonna put it on their map, so other drone fliers can do it and then gives you a warning saying that, hey that this flight plan has been – and it’s gonna go ahead and tell you now. Your flight plan has been submitted to air map and it spinning authorization from the FAA. I’M gonna hit. Okay, I just got a notification from them, so we’re gonna go ahead and go in there and there it is right.

There authorize FAA, controlled airspace operation and accepted for flight within confirmation number. Please fly in accordance with rules and regulations and then there’s their easy to do. Anybody can do that as long as you’re flying within the rules stated and then let’s go back into air map. Real, quick and I’ll. Just show you a couple things, so this is just telling you right here that the flight starts in 3 minutes and 34 seconds.

If this was if we were actually flying right now, it would just start that it would tell you how long you’ve been flying. So, if you had an hour, then you would know this also gives you the opportunity to pull up a checklist again. Just everything that’s been approved, you can save your approvals, there’s the weather again. You can also go in here and look at the rules you can zoom in and out as you need to, and it’s that simple we are approved to fly now in controlled airspace. As a hobbyist guys, I hope you got some value out of this video if you did be sure to give us a big thumbs up, we would really appreciate it.

If you have any comments, please leave them in the comment section and I’ll be sure to link our map below. If you guys would like to see a video on how you can do the same process using Kitty Hawk, please let me know that as well and if you there’s enough interest I’ll go ahead and do that.

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