HM 1315W Sky Hawkeye FPV Drone Review

good morning quite copter one-on-one here with a review of the W sky Hawkeye now the sky Hawkeye is another version of the sky Hawkeyes been out for a while but this is a version that does not come with its own screen it's a Wi-Fi fpv flyer here's your transmitter and camera but it does not have its own screen for this one you can use your own phone or tablet to receive reception from the quadcopter to do fpv flying now there is another version that's y5 the original 13 15 that came out but it had its own screen and that own screen was pretty darn expensive it added a another 40 dollars to the cost of this quadcopter as such this one's again 40 dollars less than the original 13 15 it's a very good-looking quadcopter if you look at it it's in red and black kind of looks like spider-man but again it's not spider-man it's its own here let's see going over the particulars of the transmitter the transmitter does have headless mode and one key return so there's a feature of headless mode with this quadcopter in one key return which means that it remembers the initial bearing a take off so if you set a bearing say up that pylon off in the distance there you point this quadcopter toward the pylon when you bind the transmitter it will remember that direction throughout the flight for headless mode so if you keep the quadcopter flying down that bearing and you want it to come back to you all you got to do is press this one key return and hold it down for three seconds and the quadcopter will fly parallel to that bearing and backwards down that initial bearing hopefully toward you if you've kept the quadcopter in front of you down the bearing I'm entering headless mode again it remembers that bearing so all pitch and roll commands are with respect to that initial bearing so forward push on the quadcopter will cause the quadcopter fly forward on that in this mode bearing but we'll get back will cause the quadcopter to fly done that had smug bearing and this is regardless of which direction the quadcopter is pointed if it's pointed even toward you pulling backward will still fly the quadcopter toward you other features you can change the speed from beginners to it or expert by pressing the Left speed button here and of course it has flips that's it in a nutshell let's go for a flight of this thing and see how it performs I hope you enjoyed this flight ok we're going to fly the sky Hawkeye from the safety and comfort of the Pitts here the reason being I have some shade here that I could stay in while I'm flying this thing so that I'd be able to hopefully see this screen and hopefully have you see the screen start this thing you turn it on there's an on/off switch by the way which is cool I like on/off switches and turn on the transmitter bind it to the quadcopter ok – up and downs are needed on the throttle stick to bind the quadcopter now we're going to turn on the app now I bound or I got this app from the app store it's called Sky max there's the sky Max app and it has two versions 720p this is not 720p this is Wi-Fi so it's going to be the lower one and here's what we're seeing on the screen now let's get in the shade here hopefully you can see that I can actually see it out here as long as I stay in the shade here hopefully you're seeing what I'm seeing there's the pits as seen from my quadcopter now I'm also going to hit record and I'm going to record directly to the phone here because I don't want to add to be aggravated although that doesn't have a card in it I might try it later on to see if the okay I'm recording if the card has any is any is useful on this quadcopter but let's go for a flight and I'm trying to fly well it's working seems to be working very well let's turn it let's give it some altitude it's nice and stable like I remember that I had the original which is also a nice stable quadcopter fly and I'm rotating and trying to bring it over my position here there I am down there okay I've lost reception well it just stops you get the I better come down a little lower and I'm going to higher rate there we go I'm back and range again I don't know if you saw that on the screen or not but I'm pretty darn high up there let's bring it down lower and I was pretty far away I was close to 80 meters I think that's a range of this thing the advertised range maybe they're talking about the advertising range of the Wi-Fi let's bring it in closer so you can see me in the shade here hello there let's go Oh dad this works go for that board flight let's go down the field and this great beginners learn to fly quadcopter by the way it's very docile okay I'm going to layout it for a second the reason being I want to press the buttons on the screen here and try the SD card act ok landing now I'm stopping the recording on the screen I press that button okay that should sets it back to zero and then pressing this button should record to the SD card and is it okay start sd card record okay let's press it one more time to make sure it is recording okay the numbers are the numbers increasing all right six yes it's recording on the SD card let's go for flight this is what the SD card looks like on this thing okay and I'm going to rotate it let the wind blow it back a bit this is SD card recording actually it's recording both to the SD card and to my phone okay you can do that supposedly I hope I hope it's recording the SD card because most of these wi-fi's they're SD card is inoperative and they do that deliberately to prevent lag from the camera can you see what I'm seeing folks I hope it's coming through as I'm flying by myself here and I can see lag here there is a lot of lag really laggy let's bring it in and throw that SD card off hello again we're turning the SD card off stop SD card okay we're still recording to the phone look for another flight and you know what I like this one okay there's no lag now the lag has gone away so again you know if you're going to use that SD card you're just doing that for aerial video purposes you should be flying it line-of-sight only because it gets real laggy once you use that SD card it's nice and smooth without recording again that's the reason why most of these companies disable the SD card there's a little starter stops every once in a while but you can see what you're what you're filming definitely and sitting here in a shade I can actually see it I'm gonna have to remember this for future fpv flyers we're flying this until that battery dies by the way seeing what the flight type is on this so far it's been okay pretty good I don't know how many minutes I've been flying right four or so five let's fly up the pits again now normally I want to fly through the pits here but this is a toy and there's nobody here but me it's early in the morning that's when I fly take advantage of that besides hot here in the summertime and a lot of people a lot of the fellow Club members here don't find it's uppercuts Duat I another hand don't mind great required great beginners fbv quiet I like this one hello again what is your battery gonna die you know that was the one thing I didn't like about the original 1315 its battery didn't seem to last very long this one this one's lasting a good time a good long time I got a compare I should have brought my original one big spare okay as the battery gets weak obviously the reception okay of the Wi-Fi starts to get jittery I get I'm getting freezes and that but I'm giving you a tour of the pits here yeah using increase throttle that battery's about there you go that's the flight time let's stop this recording going back in the shade again real quick make sure I get get this recording that stops the recording I believe it did I'm hoping it did anyways we're going on pick up this quadcopter and do my final say of I hope you enjoyed this flight it's quite copter one that was a flight I'm still getting reception let's go back in the shade so you can see it there we go quite comfortable one let me get some Sun on my face quadcopter what I want hope you enjoyed this flight this is the HM 1315 side I got

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