High hopes: The school for professional drone pilots

by Jose
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The drones are coming and we should all be prepared that’s. What the South African Flying School believes, following a clamp down on drone use in 2016. Uav industries is one of the handful of companies now offering training so drone pilots can earn their wings and operate legally.

The interest to do license is huge. At the moment there’s, so many applications for it. So we’ve. Had students coming in from the mining industry, the filming industry, agricultural industry, we’ve, got certain guards around looking at very different applications of using them on oil rigs.

All that topic and applications that we can use a for is increasing every day. So we get more and more interest in doing training every day that goes by the budding pilots will share the belief that this rapidly expanding industry will disrupt existing sectors.

The possibilities of drones, offshore is just amazing, so I think yeah I’m. Getting into the market now it’s. Gon na be a niche market. It’s, gonna be big at 26 and a half thousand ran the cost. To get licensed may seem steep for existing drone users, but the 15-day course with comprehensive theory and practical elements is a challenge even for experienced pilots.

The drones you get commercially. All that you can buy four straight from the shop have so many features in GPS mode and it will hold of a hover when you let go to the control. Is it you’re, not actually flying it? You know, whereas here what we’re learning through is fly the drone.

Now it’s in the event that you lose that GPS signal, we know how to still control the drone and get it back to us. Don’t this just going to fall down the sky or hit our object will hit a person, so it’s, my opener for sure it’s, not just pick it up, and the box put the video on and Go flying it’s, not that at all it’s, not more in depth.

The biggest thing it does come down to is immature. If you had a very reckless person it’s, obviously not a good thing yeah. It’s, a safety airmanship and obviously this the skills flying is really what it’s about the applications are just endless or whatever you can think of a drone will be able to you the work

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