Here’s What a TINY Drone with a 4k Camera Can Do


Today, we’re here in Venice Beach, checking out a really cool little device and an evil villain yeah. You do look like an evil villain, it looked like you would go and destroy sod. Oh no, sir! I was so scared. I thought I was gon na hitting you in the face: that’s crazy, finding railings and every like like nothing, you don’t even think about you, just kind of go and do it that’s.

This is crazy every few seconds he flies this close to something that was nuts. You guys to see that he’s just doing that, like no problems, so the man that built and is flying. This crazy contraption is , who basically is the og of viral . Video, if you guys have probably seen him flying around here in Venice and seen this clip where he flew through a ferris wheel and even just flying through those rings like that clip was nuts right. My brother sent that to me when I was first starting to fly drones and he was a little look at this.

This is insane, and I remember watching him being like this makes no sense. How was this this must be CG, but it wasn’t CG. It was real life and it was just this people like to call it a steno booth in awooo. You know woop this teeny little thing is a and this is a hacked apart, right here. This is not a bomb, don’t worry!

We go from this to this. This is what you’re left with the screen is literally just attached on here. Just to adjust, the settings generally see what the is recording and then you can just disconnect the screen after that huh Wow. Okay, look at that thing! So how long have you been flying?

Drones? 2007. I imagine when you told people about drones before like what? What is that yeah people are like that. You didn’t even call them drones back then they were like it’s not a plane.

Is that a helicopter? Are they hard to fly? I don’t think they’re hard to fly because I’m when I started we didn’t have Mavericks and like all this, automated GPS fly itself autopilot stuff. So we should have you fly one see if it’s hard to fly okay, but I’m gon na use this one that I can crash. So I don’t feel guilty, I’m going it’s so hard to just stay in a position.

How do you have so much control with this thing? Oh, that was, I got an adrenalin rush off that or natural the tricky part. Is you can’t just let go of the controller and have it float there? You have to constantly focus, I don’t even know when you’re going lower and I can’t believe you fly this thing through little cracks. You just get used to it.

Look how good you did for your first time you didn’t even crash or like off the ground once that was weather effects, this little a lot more than others. Huh weather always affects like the precision, if you’re trying to do something real precise, like this yeah, you got ta like wrestle the wind, you know, yeah, you still get a little bit of adrenaline every time you do that a little bit yeah, especially when you bump Into something you’re like and when dogs come and try to murder it exactly so, you don’t have like that. Much range, necessarily no like the battery is limiting because the battery will maybe fly for like three and a half minutes. If you really want to push it. This payload on there, but also, if you’re in like a city area, you’re gon na get less reception, no you’re gon na get radio break up when you lose reception.

With these things, it just kind of drops out of the sky right yeah. If you totally lose reception, yeah it’ll drop out of the sky, but you’d get indicators of if the reception’s getting bad. So what are the main components? You need your drone, you need your video feed your fpv feet, and then you also need your recording. Then you got to be able to control the thing with the radio and you got to be able to see where you’re going with some goggles and then there’s two cameras on this thing.

So this one is for the goggles, because it’s gon na transmit a live feed to you and then this is the camera, that’s recording to 4k exactly – and this is a chopped up, right, exactly yeah, so that was a hero still is a hero. Six! It’S completely naked all, it is it’s just the motherboard lens in the sensor and some buttons to turn it on and off and somewhere to plug in the USB power. Were you flying GoPros and then you’re like this is too heavy. I need to make it smaller.

Exactly yeah, I was getting some attention way back in the day for flying a GoPro and making it stable and look cool, but then more people started doing it so well, how do I step it up? How do I get people to notice me? I know I’ll. Just make the drone smaller and fly through tighter spaces yeah. It was just so exciting to be able to carry one of these cameras around, but it looks so terrible, so I kind of became obsessed with making it look better and stabilizing it.

You know I came up with a few tricks and my own technique for getting things to look smoother than the rest. Eventually, we turned it into a product real study. Actually, I’ve talked about real stadia a couple times before and the first time I ever bought it was way before I haven’t started YouTube and there’s a few shots. I really wanted to have super smooth, but we didn’t have time to set up the gimbal. So I just handheld it and I was trying to figure out like what’s the bed stabilization I could do impose and I came across real estate.

I got bought the license for After Effects then now it’s like just that same technologies like hearing GoPros yeah. It makes it way easier, it’s way faster and because we’re using the gyro data instead of doing image analysis, it’s way more reliable. I posted a little picture of this and asked on Instagram what you guys want to know about it and pretty much everybody’s like can we get a build guide on how you made it how to build one pricing? How difficult is it that everyone wants to know how to make one, including myself? I need your help, because I cannot figure out.

I don’t even know how to solder. We could. What assignment? How long is it gon na take us to put it together? I don’t want to over promise, you know, I think we could get it done pretty quick.

If we hustle, you know a couple hours, yeah, maybe a couple hours. Ok, call last words yeah. Can I do a kickflip? You know we could probably make that. Is it stabilized footage?

Well, the best way to record it is unstabilized and then stabilizing it with real, steady and bringing some real, getting some real, steady promotion out of this, and it really is like what are the best stabilization apps out there for GoPro I’ve compared it to all their Stabilization in the past – and I think I’m a code for like 5 bucks off it or something right, yeah, yeah, so link in description go check it out. Will there be a YouTube video? That’S yeah! That’S what this is right now. Please make a review about it and the difference between find this and other drones.

It’S a lot cooler, but it’s also a lot trickier. It’S like it’s like a hot rod compared to like a luxury car yeah, there’s a little hot rod you put together and the DJ is like your daily driver luxury car over life right yeah. How many times did you crash this this thing today? I don’t think we crashed it crashed into Sam’s arm. Can you fly it under a moving truck?

Maybe I like I like. I always do this when I’m thinking, but I have nothing, but when you do it, it’s like one of the advantages you always look like you’re thinking exactly. Is it top speed top speed, maybe 25 miles an hour without the wind? I bet. Tsa has some questions about it, not such a bad, really, how hard or easy is it to fly.

It was okay. I’Ve had a lot of experience with the Mavic and those kind of fully automated smart drones, and I was in without at least get it to stay up in the air, but it was tough like I imagine you need a lot of practice of it, but that Was pretty good for your first time ever he’s in crash once I really want to get one of these and fly it. I just don’t want to go through the headache of figuring it out and how to put it together. So I’m so glad that you are here building this thing in part two. This is so funny Chris Rollins, my buddy he’s into fpv and he’s the one that kind of got me into it.

Originally he just sent me this clip he’s, probably like you got ta check this out. Chris doesn’t know we’re here. He doesn’t know I’m meeting up with you or anything. I think that’s hilarious. Chris, do you know who shot it?

Robert Macintosh we’re filming a video right now, so I’m recording this one of the things I just found out that Robert shot was the pretty sweet. Intro was exciting for me at the time, yeah for sure yeah that someone would put that much trusted me to get a shot. Yes, super sketchy and risky to do you know, were you nervous shooting for Spike Jonze so nervous, you see someone, you don’t want to. Let down you don’t want to let them down. You don’t want to let like the other hundred people there down that got up early to go shoot that you got one chance with these confetti cannons, to launch the confetti cannons and if you don’t get it right or you didn’t hit record or you got the Exposure wrong, you don’t get to do it again.

You know where were you flying that? Okay, so this is back before we started flying these small drones with small cameras huh. This was like a DSLR like a rectilinear wide-angle lens, so it’s pretty heavy and had a gimbal on it, but it was like a servo gimbal. So, like the old-school jittery gimbals before we had like these nice brushless skin news yeah today it had 12-inch propellers and for reference. What we were shooting with today were two inch pillars and right now, there’s like 12 inch propellers on both sides of his head.

Like inches from his hair, spinning so fast that it’s taking off, I’m surprised they had that much trust which is like letting this giant thing meet right over. Oh my god really, I would have been I would have. I would have peed myself there. Ty Evans is running the servo gimbal and you can see he’s pointing down here and right here. He’S about to save me cos.

I almost crashed into the ground – oh my god, and he points up just at the right moment to kind of save the shot and make sure we’re not saying all ground at that point. So was that not intentional to get that close to the ground? No, not at all, oh, he works, it look really cool throttle trying to catch it before I hit the ground – oh my god, and then this guy got way too close, and that freaked me out. There’S people doing backflips and stuff very distracting when you’re like trying not to run into people, and then this guy went too early. So I’m like, oh god, I better get it hurry.

I just barely got him landing there. Oh, my god, that is nuts, and these are all few. Those kind of like poor reception FPV got all the other words before we even had like the nice goggles that you use today. These were video glasses that you’d get in like the SkyMall catalog. You know.

So basically, I had a beanie over my face with like these little video glasses on. You must have been so happy right here, like oh it just to be here at this point, I’m like okay, we’re still in the air nothing’s breaking no one’s thrown anything at the copter yet, and this is terrifying, and this is slow-motion. That is unreal, and this is we had like a big announcement on the megaphone. Like everybody heads up, we don’t know, what’s gon na happen when we launch the confetti, we don’t know if it’s gon na get tangled up in the propeller. Just be aware for, like this giant 20-pound copter to fall on you, do you use real stay D to stabilize that shot?

It’S like an early incarnation of it. Oh okay, we kind of started to automate things so around this time, when Spike Jonze starts calling you say, hey stabilize their footage, that’s probably when you’re like. Maybe I should make this into a software, especially because it took me like two weeks to stabilize this. Oh really because like to stitch everything together and like make sure that you know there’s no hooks or bumps in it and stuff. So now that you can watch it, I’m really actually pretty plenty consumed.

Oh there is sound. You can hear the copter struggling I’m trying to imagine how tough it must submit to fly for you, those little gaps with something as wide as an inspire that is nuts yeah. I need you to teach me your ways. I was so hey how cool was hanging out with robber, aha, so shout out to robber for kind of giving us a little tour of the drone and oh look what I got next time. We hang out we’re gon na.

Take this and relocate this camera over. Here and then take a GoPro smash it up at the little itty bitty pieces and then put that onto here and don’t forget to check out Roberts company real steady. If you want the smoothest GoPro footage ever that’s what you got a gap and I’m not just saying that, because I’m buddies with the founder and he’s helping me put all this together, but legit I bought their software way before I knew Robert anyways. Let’S wrap this up by reading a few comments from my last video, which was this guy, the iPhone 11 pro max camera. On this thing mm-hmm, I was so impressed at the quality coming out of this super wide angle, lens speaking of wide-angle lenses.

How’S. This lens look: if we looking pretty good it’s a brand new lens, it’s the 15 to 35 or F lens that I’ve been waiting for for a while as a super sharp. I hope so it was expensive and I bought it. Top common was from Red Bull good, I’m so sorry, I can’t say your name: potato jet is the best youtuber. He speaks to us like a close friend and never makes you feel like he is superior or more successful than you.

Well, that’s probably because I’m currently not that much more successful than you once I hit a million subs like I’m getting my Lamborghini and I’m just gon na the wide-angle lens is cool, but I’m honestly more impressed by the stabilization, especially in the shots of you hiking Through the hills yeah, I was surprised too walking handheld with this, and I was showing my buddies and they’re like that’s a gimbal shot right. How sweet is that I’m actually gon na go on a road trip, and I think I’m just gon na film pretty much everything on this phone. The iPhone is a camera to him more than a phone yeah. Honestly, if it wasn’t for these upgraded cameras, I would probably still have like a black bear. Hey it’s actually kind of funny.

If you think about it, like are still called phones, like, I feel like it being a phone is the least significant thing a smartphone does like. I can’t even think of the last time I actually talked on the phone. Well, actually, no, I did like 20 minutes ago. The ultra wide-angle lens does not have optical image stabilization. Only software stabilization.

Really I swear, I double checked it and it said the wide-angle had optical image. Stabilization. Oh ok! So it says the wide-angle lens has optical image. Stabilization when I heard that I thought it meant the ultra wide, but the ultra wide does not be sure to subscribe to potato jet where he’s 100 % right 50 % of the time isn’t that the church from West world.

I think that is it’s a hike that we were doing out in Malibu, but apparently they do a lot of filming around there. What’S sad is half that set got burnt down and last year at least the church was still there, but everything else was pretty much burned down. So back out of socks, I can’t unsee the fat version of jelly.


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