GoPro Hero 9 review – FPV Drone pilot perspective, hypersmooth – 5k action camera

John here guys and today we’re talking about the .. This is the hottest action camera on the market. It has a new hyper, smooth 3.0 um image.

Stabilization built in this essentially becomes your action. Camera, your vlogging camera and your walk around camera, replacing all of those other tools um. I personally sold my osmo action little handheld gimbal because i was gon na get this because it’s something i can use for that and as a drone pilot i can also fly this. This can also be a vlogging camera in the field. If i don’t feel like bringing my primary camera, which is the sony a7 iii, so we’re going to give you a taste of what the audio sounds like on this outside we’re going to give you a taste of a few drone flights.

Using this thing, we’re going to give you a taste of a few hand-held moving around shots and the big elephant in the room for my community that uses this as drone pilots is that it gained 30 grams and also gained some size um from the hero. 8. Black model, that is a significant difference for us because, as we’re flying in the air, every gram counts. Does that impact us enough, and is the image good enough to be able to use this for a lot of us well, the tool that we use primarily is a five inch size drone like this. Without this gopro, it weighs about 600 grams with the battery.

So this is not like a ton of extra weight compared to that with the gopro and also a little tpu protection that i printed out for this. It comes right at about 800 grams like this, and it’s really just not a problem. This has some very beefy motors. There are 2207 rcn power, 6s motors and by running a smaller 1100 6s pack like this, it’s a little bit lighter you get that to that weight. If i use a 1550 for a little bit longer flight time that boosts the weight up to about 850 860

And so how does it fly with that extra weight?

Honestly, this thing is not going to notice 30 grams whatsoever, it’s just way too powerful for that. I did also print this little thing for me to be able to walk as a little handle or put on a tripod. It’S a nice little thing and if you have a spare prop nut for those of you that fly drones that will go into the end. Like that – and you can use that, i’m gon na go ahead and take this off real, quick, these little tabs fold down like that. This is the first couple of flights.

It is about to start a four or five day rainstorm here, so i’m trying to get a couple of packs just got this in this is actually the mic on the camera, so you can get a sense. I’M holding it on this armatan um six inch build five inch props, it has the rcn power 22.07 6s motors, and these motors don’t give a damn about the extra 30 grams compared to the hero. 8.
So so far, it actually flies amazingly well and smooth.

The extra weight actually helps me to get a little bit of smoothness um for the freestyle bandeau flyers. I’M not sure if that extra weight is going to be loved by all, but i just want the best image if i want to go bando flying i’m just going to use the hd dvr from the system, not this gopro footage, because who wants to smash This thing it did come with a year of protection, so i do have a little bit of extra confidence to actually send it trying to get a few shots before the rain. Just consumes me so, let’s get into it. So is it worth it? I mean the stabilization 3.

is very, very nice. It is improved for those of us who don’t want to go through the hassles and headaches of putting your footage through an external tool like real, steady, go as an intermediary step before you actually get to edit. Your footage um, that’s something that i just don’t like to slow down my workflow with. So this is a perfect solution. For me, it is a little bit chunky compared to like all the other action cameras that i’ve used in the past, like the gopro session 5.

Has been my primary, the run, cam 5, things of all that size and form factor, but for me this will replace three different tools, and so for that it serves its purpose. I think that i am going to go ahead and have to get an external microphone converter from this, so that i can use the microphone i’m using now, which is the rode wireless go. You can see this little lav mic on my collar right here and uh. Then i’ll be able to get just as good of audio. It is even though it’s wide at arm’s length.

I wish it was a tiny bit wider, but that since this, this lens is user. Replaceable, you’re gon na be able to replace those things anyway. I don’t have any nd filters yet, but i went on a very cloudy day, so the footage is gon na be okay, so you’re gon na see some rain on the land and some of the shots. Unfortunately, what do you think guys was gon na? Be your action camera moving forward?

Are you gon na try to find one of those ultra rare hero sixes that everybody seems to like for real city? Go the hero 7? Is that gon na be the new darling of fpv or are more and more people eventually going to shift over, because i can definitely see some improvements on the microphone i can see. You know some improvements on the stabilization. That’S built in for me not having to use an external tool like real, steady go is a huge bonus for me.

Um, the price did go up a little bit, but what you know if you’re gon na be carrying an action camera anyway? Why not have the best image? If not, you know just use the dvr from the system, because it looks pretty good i’ll show some side to side just so you can see how good it is, but this is some of the best footage i’ve ever seen. This is going to keep me from having to carry my main camera everywhere with me and uh. It’S just nice to have something that you can take with you.

Keep with you at all times. Keep it in your pocket, keep it in the glove box bust it out, get some footage, strap it to your camera. I’M gon na make several other videos on this. The first one here is mainly focused on five inch. I’M going to focus on how is it carrying this extra weight on some smaller quads?

How does it impact those and uh we’ll see how long it takes somebody to strip this down and make a naked version? I’M also going to be testing a new tool to be able to decrease the weight of this very thing without having to strip it apart, so stay tuned for that as well.

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