Getting Your PfCO As a Drone Pilot – Training Course Review

by Jose

Hi I’m Dao hagh refer based in northern ireland, now terms of getting a PF seal. One of the reasons for it was just a quite high cost of investment in terms of getting the getting on a . The costs the insurance.

But what copped res is allowed me to do is really manage my budget over a monthly basis. What did I like about cop trousers ? It was really professional. It was really geared to everybody in the room, so there was a uniformed pace that everybody could follow.

Now I loved everything about the cost that they gave us the slides, the information, the videos, the the storytelling from an experienced pilot in terms of what his experiences were flying commercially.

There was no question that was left unanswered in the room and it was fantastic and what I also liked about cop tressa’s approach was the pre reading material. Now I printed everything off and it was nighttime reading for quite some time.

I’ve got the cap seven to two here. I’ve, got pre-flight request; everything else I needed to learn and understand, and they geared it as well to really honing in on the fundamentals for your PFC. Now after the .

This is the bit that you’re kind of worried that you’re gonna be left in the lurch because you have to generate an operations manual Cox res help. You develop your operations manual that will provide you with the basic templates with everything in and then you deselect, and to remove the bits that you don’t need, and then we’ll.

Give you advice on bitter than the areas that you want to include and give you feedback on whether that’s feasible. That’s. How good they were the course was fantastic at the pre course. Materials and advice was fantastic and the post course support afterwards in terms of developing your operation manual and all the emails that we get in terms of and advice and all those services that are out there.

The advice that gave us on which insurance companies to look and focus on has had a fantastic impact on me. In summary, I would highly recommend cocked res. They’re second to none in terms of professionalism, and if anybody is thinking about going down the route again in a PFC or a highly commend Carthoris.

Thank you.

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