what's going on so basically I am on my way I'm staying with a mate his name's Peter you've probably seen him in a load of my videos I'm going be spending about two or three days in I've taken the whole week off work I made sure I had buffing boots so I could just spend this time boom I need do so when I left University and I finished that dissertation I handed it in 8,000 words God knows many hours of sweat research yeah I've done my dissertation on the GoPro now they've got a first I thought that'd be it for me in terms of revision now but I do more revise it ah I can see him well gone blood right so Henry are wearing PJs flat now I'm going to be spending the next two days doing some my revision this is PJ and I think you've actually met him on any other blogs yet alright so that was terrible say what's going on what's going on so there's PJ's if I put some footage in now of some traveling we've done in Vietnam that's enough if you don't watch anymore I'll have a link in the description you can watch the whole video right so the reason I am here is because I've got to revise for my drone course I've decided I wanted to do a drone comes to get my license for a small unmanned aerial vehicle I want to get this license I can then apply for a PFA W that stands for permission for aerial work so I can then start using the drone in my films my clients and stuff like that so I really really want to push the content and my film so I can really increase the production values the three-day coops the first two days of the cooks is theory based so these are the things you learn up actually I'll go through the modules really with you real quick so the theoretical models models theoretical modules are in law airspace navigation and charting meteorology human factors and performance and the last one is that unmanned aircraft operations so yeah the first two days of the theory based exercises and the last day is the flight assessment but I'm going to go into too much detail about the course and what you need to know because I might actually do a separate video after I've done the course explaining the things that you really do need to know just in case any of you did actually want to go ahead and do it having the PFA W actually increases your opportunity to basically get a better shot for example if you haven't got the PFA W basically you can't be within 150 metres of a person a vehicle vessel building you can be within 50 metres of a person or building who is under the pilots control so I say for example I was doing a shot with an actor and the actor was specifically there for the show he waited like I can't describe you can't just go 50 metres between a person that you don't actually have control over like the general public once you've got the PFI w you can then go within 50 meters of uncontrolled persons or if you have got control of the person's you have you are then allowed to go 30 meters distance yeah when you're hiring a grown-up right are onto your shoot obviously you want to think about these things make sure they've got their license got the PF aw they've got their insurance in place they know to look off their aircrafts and it's not gonna fall out the sky in your some general public or any of your actors the yeah there is a reason that why some are more expensive than others some of them have actually got all the qualifications in plants and they've spent that God knows many thousands on doing the comps getting myself stratified stick to them kind of people if you want to do everything legally and not get into any trouble at all and have some really really good food for your film that's going to make you a ton of money on the website right so that is enough for a vision for today it's actually a lot harder than you think because there's so much stuff in there that's all kind of like aeroplanes bass helicopter bass PJ's back from work we are going to get the drone out near where is Robin puppies and I'm also going to do a quick time-lapse because obviously I won't let you watch this vlog with me just through my revision because that'd just be crap full out we'll see you in the whip that might even look quite good cuz that's Tim room please I'm full so I went off to what's the place called again autumn water which is supposedly quite a nice water-based establishment / reservoir so we can get the drone up in the sky gets try and get some nice shots even though there's like a death cloud coming over also gonna do a little time lapse yeah so stay tuned for some pretty decent cinematography I was looking for because then she is breech oh yeah hell yes nice location right so PJ's just brought me to this location and it absolutely can't get too close to it obviously because of the law but I'm gonna make it look nice and I'm gonna do a nice little time-lapse then hopefully the tide will be coming in and out so let's get the drone out right so I'm just gonna set up this time-lapse here I'm gonna get like a nice side on it there's gonna be quite a lot of cloud movement obviously he's gonna be hard to see it because the explosion that is going to be kind of the plan so yeah sick about and I'll show you

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