Everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and welcome to today’s expert secrets, video in today’s video we’re going to do a very quick wrap-up of the incident, everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and welcome to today’s expert secrets, video. So a follow on really from a couple of videos that we’ve done over the course the channel over the last few months and something that’s really important – that we all understand that we all kind of get our heads around lots of people are talking about this. But it’s really important that I think we understand the facts and I understand that we know what has happened and what is going on just because all of us in the industry have been affected by the incident.

I think it’s safe to say you know the changes in regulation, the changes in oversight, the changes in the general perception from the general public have been huge and we shouldn’t underestimate those changes. Now we called on we’ve, put a couple of Freedom of Information requests into the police and into the Department for Transport, all of which were bounced back to be fair. We put those in over the last kind of four or five weeks and they’ve been bounced back with no response, because they said wait until the findings, the kind of final part of the investigation, the inquiry gets, announced and released to the public. Now, strangely and funny all thing, there’s very little in there that we didn’t already know we weren’t already aware of, but I suppose you know it has been done independently. Supposedly so you know, we’ve got to take what it says as read now it has been concluded.

It was concluded on Friday of last week if you’re watching this live on Tuesday, as it is today, and it’s quite interesting. You know the facts are that ultimately was closed for thirty hours. In total, there were a thousand flights canceled and a hundred and forty thousand people were displaced, not to mention the fact that there were seven different police forces involved. They had the special forces there, so the military, the UK special forces were there and all of the world’s kind of media and press descended upon . Now I still, even though we’re being told that you know it was potentially a drone and I’ll come on to that in a second.

I still find it absolutely almost impossible to comprehend the fact that all of these people were there. You know 140 thousand people displace. That means that you know looking at the statistics that a state says that a hundred and ten thousand people were in and around Gatwick at the time, albeit most of them were probably inside. I guess at the time all the press. All the media were there and we still don’t have a confirmed sighting of a drone.

We still, you know, have no pictures or video that were definitive and certainly definitive enough. You know evidence enough for the police to go out and find people so very interesting. I think that even that you know it’s been mentioned, and they still are saying that it was potentially a drone. So the Chief Constable Dave Miller, who did the statement on the the reports on the enquiry report that came out, said that there were 129 different sightings of drones over the three days that the incident occurred and a hundred and nine of those were from credible witnesses. So what they were saying is that there were 109 of the hundred and twenty-nine reports came from people who are used to working in and around aircraft in and around an airport in and around of busy aviation environment.

And yet still not one of those people had or has some piece of evidence that we’ve seen anyway or that the police have mentioned, which showed that there was actually a drone or drones there, which is very interested in anyway. He goes on to say that there were groupings of flights across three days on twelve separate occasions. On six occasions, two drones were seen in the air and the operating time of the drones varied from anywhere between seven minutes and 45 minutes. Now again, what I think they are kind of failing to mention they don’t mention in the inquiry itself is the fact that actually, the police also had drones in the air at the time to try and find who was fine, the drones. So we don’t know how many of these drone sightings 129 from people or and 109 from credible witnesses, were actually a police drone looking for the people a drone doesn’t say that which is quite interested anyway.

You know we shouldn’t speculate and kind of add to the rumor of conjecture. Mill that’s going around. What they have said is that they are convinced that this incident wasn’t terror. Related they’ve also said that it wasn’t state-sponsored, Oh or campaign or interest group led. So what they’re saying is that it wasn’t a tear event.

What they’re saying is that it wasn’t the government trying to do this to implement more regulations. What they’re saying is that it wasn’t the government trying to, or anyone who had a special interest, I suppose trying to do it so that the government’s and the the airports, the infrastructure in the UK invested in anti drone technology. Again, lots of these have come up as conspiracy theories, but I still think that they’re valid theories to be quite honest, there was a lot going on at the time gap was being sold, as most of us are aware of now the share price dive, because this Was going on this vulnerability was there they said it’s not Tara lated, but then there are rumors again from fairly reliable sources, trusted sources and kind of information that we’ve been given. Since we started the series of videos to say that actually there was the potential that it was actually a cyber attack that took traffic or an element of the air traffic control down and meant that they couldn’t operate the airport. And it obviously shows a vulnerability which brings the share price down on the day and week that the airport was being sold very interested, say there were seven police forces involved as well as expertise, apparently from the government, the private and the public sector.

So if they bring in an expert where, who are these experts that they brought in? Where are these experts where, as their opinion, we’ve not? You know that we know that there were a couple of people brought in in particularly kind of drone detection and anti-drone tech? But for the fact that there were special forces there, police helicopters, there lots of police kind of presence there again still unbelievable to think that nothing has come out of it. That’S useful, or you know, there’s no kind of evidence there.

It’S just you know. Yes, it’s the statement. Yes, they’re telling us. This is what you need to believe, but I still kind of don’t. If I am honest and as I’ve said before, I’m no I’m no conspiracist.

I was involved in the military involved in intelligence involved in very high-level briefings and awareness for a long time, and you know, like I say everything tends to happen for a reason. They then go on to say that everything that they have identified the police identified and ruled out 96 people of interest. But there were no additional arrests made and above the couple that were arrested, who lived just a Twix, bless them. Ooh flew model aircraft and we Ram what I believe. Members of the British model, swine Association say.

You know the narrows people who are oh, no drone or have model helicopters and model planes. Let’S go and speak to them because it must be them. It’S quite a dangerous precedent that was set there. I would say what they have said is that it was an unprecedented set of circumstances at a time when the government were assessing domestic counter drone technology again. That sentence on its own is the thing, if I’m honest, that stood out to me about this whole incident.

It was the fact that the government were at the time looking at counter drone technology. So it’s a little bit coincidental that at the time, they’re looking at counter drone technology and their response to drones and an incursion. Something came out, but here is the biggest thing you’ve seen us talking about experts before on the channel. If you haven’t check out the video I’ll drop, a link down in the description below, apparently the government, the police forces bought in national experts. Well, who are these experts?

I’M not saying that we are the experts that they should have called or that we are even experts, go and watch my rant on experts. If you don’t know what I’m on about. But it’s interesting like I say that these experts that they’ve bought in no one knows who they are no one’s heard of them. Certainly you know no one. None of those experts are in the community, the commercial during community, of which we are aware.

So if you are aware of who they used or if you are one of those experts, please get in touch confidentially or otherwise, it’d be great to have you on the channel have a chat about what you can provide if anything like this ever happens again, a Good bit of free advertising, if you are willing to put your head above the parapet and proclaim yourself as an expert and you sold your services to the government good on you and here’s the killer, though 790 thousand pounds was the cost of the investigation. Absolutely unbelievable. 790 thousand pounds is how much has been spent on trying to find out and get to the bottom of the fact. Darah say a plastic bag flew across the airfield and or something else was going on. That’S the part for me.

I guess that is really quite worrying. Scaring scary frustrating that our kind of taxpayers money was spent on that when, as we all know, if we’re brutally honest, it was never a drone in the first place. If you liked the video give us a thumbs up, give us a thumbs down if you didn’t drop your thoughts, comments, questions down in the comments section below go to mr

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