Full Time Drone Pilot – How Long? Tips & Tricks #2

by Jose

What’s up YouTube Brian here with , unlimited. So, as I promised from the last video, I was going to answer comments. So if you leave a comment, I’m gonna get on here answer it. I only got one comment that’s like a legit question, so it’s, cool with me, so swamp Walker asked me how long after your first did it take for you to take on the next steps.

I’m, assuming what he means is after my first . When did how long did it take for me to be a full-time pilot? You know the short answer to that is one and a half years, but that answer is not going to be correct for everybody.

The reason is when I started I had to, I had to get a three three three approval from the FAA, and that is nothing similar to a 107 that we can do now. So I used to have to contract aviation pilots who fly.

You know private planes and real airplanes to fly at the time, and I had to kind of wait for the 107 to come out, so I never got my pilot license. Nowadays, it’s, a whole lot easier. So these days you can buy a phantom 4 and you know if you can come up with a good business name and a website, and you know how to edit photos you’re set.

You can do pretty. Well, it’s. Nothing to charge 40 bucks for some drone pictures. Now when I started I started, this is what I started with okay, I built this and it is a dinosaur. I used to hang a GoPro underneath this thing and take bubble images with GoPros and if I was lucky, I’d, get about ten minutes of flight with this dinosaur and you know, but I’ve made money with it, and so I would go to real estate offices.

I would bring him this drone show it to him. You know people out in real estate offices and at the time I used to get laughed at, probably rightfully, so that thing is crazy. It looks like there’s been a delay, but you know nowadays, are a standard.

If real estate agents aren’t taking photos with drones or using drones there, they’re way behind today’s standards when it comes to real estate . So the short answer for me: it took one and a half years for me or so to be a full time.

but mind you. I’m, also a real estate agent, so real estate has helped me, get off the ground and take off with this business. But, like I said these days, you can get a phantom. You can buy a phantom for okay, and you can kill it.

You know you don’t. Even you can have a Facebook page and make money with drones so that wasn’t. It wasn’t that easy for me at the time, but I’m glad I’m thankful. It went through all of it. I’m thankful.

I I’ve, had to experience all the ups and downs with the FAA and the nonsense regulations, but it’s, fun to be a part of this growing community, because I think drones are just gonna take over this planet.

My biggest concern with drones is how dangerous they can be it is it doesn’t, take anything to remove this camera. Okay extract something dangerous below it and then bring this to a crowd of people. I know the FA, the America, where everyone’s concerned about it.

In my opinion, and it’s. Gon na be a matter of time. Drones scare, the hell out of me, but I do think there’s a bright future for them, but with that there’s, probably going to be a dark future anyways, let’s.

Go to the pessimistic side. I want to keep it short simple this week, so look guys it’s 2018, going on 2019, it doesn’t, take much to become famous. You know, you just need YouTube, you need! You need some sort of social media platform.

You need some sort of great business name and you need some common sense and photo editing and you can become an amazing drone photographer. You know, if I I guess these days it would probably take at least five months for you to have to take them.

Get off the ground get used to drum the drum business and then have a somewhat steady stream of clients, but you will have to hustle. First, you will have to bottom feed first, unless you’re like unless you have a crap ton of money like you can afford.

You know: 20, a fleet of drones and overnight great. But if you’re, just an average Joe and you want to just get a phantom and start to make some money with it, be realistic. With yourself, you’re gonna have to start somewhere at the bottom.

Bottom feed work. Your way up, then, you can become a shark, but that’s. It I’m, going to keep it short. This week I’m. Brian drones are limited. Subscribe. Please subscribe to my channel swamp Walker.

I’m gonna. Send you a shirt if you’re still watching this video. If you can shoot me a message either on face book or my website give me your address and your size, I’ll. I’ll, send you with drones and limited search.

They’re kind of cool. They’re, not that bad. I got a couple logos. You know I got red white and blue. Just let me know what size you want. I’ll. Send that to you. So thanks for commenting. So if you like this video thumbs up subscribe peace,

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