From Beginner to PAID Drone Pilot in 6 Months?! Getting Commercial FPV Jobs

What’s up guys, my name is kai. I am a freelance filmmaker professional drone pilot and i’m making this video today for two reasons. Firstly, i’ve been getting a few questions from friends and family and people in the comments about do filmmaking be creative. start with an idea how to execute it and edit it and make sure that it is telling a coherent, effective story. Second reason, and the reason why i thought it would be a great time to make this video is because i just landed my first drone job that is requiring me to travel uh.

It’S very exciting, and i’ve only been doing this drone thing for like a little bit over six months, so that was kind of like my quarantine project and now turning into one of my main forms of income. So this is really very exciting for me and i want to take you guys along the journey and i think we’re going to learn a lot because it’s with a agency production company, so they’re going to know a lot of things that i don’t yet and While i share with you what i know, i’m going to learn a lot from them that i can share to you guys. So, let’s go on this journey, we’re going to joshua tree it’s going to take about three hours and yeah, i’m excited! So it’s a lot more in-depth than like an apple watch, yeah yeah yeah. So like my recovery me 77, so i had like wow even measures you’re recovering like over the property like just scrolling down.

Okay, that’s good; okay, the secondary importance you’re gonna. Do it through the goggles uh? No, this one’s gonna be through the phone so i’ll. Let you guys just look over my shoulder, yeah alex and now we’re talking about how you guys were talking, so they kind of just drove off. Without me, they’re gonna go get some other shots.

While i take care of the drone stuff once we’ve gotten all of these beautiful beauty, uh landscape shots, then we’re gonna go chase, that red jeep that you saw. That thing is dope. So, looking forward to that too, so a big question, i know you guys had – was essentially about the creative process for video. How do you take an idea plan? It shoot it and then edit it to make it as good as it can possibly be for those who are stuck because i’ve been there before on trying to basically make a good video idea come to life.

I would say a big part of it that i was missing for the longest time was the idea of starting with a theme or a lesson, because a lot of us can go out and we can fly a drone and we can get cool footage of the Landscape and such, but you know you can put that online – you can do whatever you want with that, but by itself there’s nothing too special about it, especially now that drones are super accessible and anybody can do it. It no longer has that wow factor and if you’re just flying a drone for the sake of flying a drone or you’re just doing your craft just for the sake of making a post, then it’s not going to stand out if you want to reach people on Another level of emotion, the best thing i can do is recommend you to start with an emotion or story or a lesson. Right story is king, it’s a huge term and i believe in it powerfully, because you know it’s what draws people and it makes people care. That’S the idea you want to get people to care, and so the only way you’re going to get people to care is, if you can hook them with the relatability or with some sort of idea or emotion, for example, for this video, the reason i’m making it Is because i wanted to answer questions that people might have who are following me, whether that be video creation, stuff or drone or professional stuff right with that in mind, i’m not gonna go out. Shooting dilly dally i’ll, save myself way more time in the editing room.

I’Ll know exactly what my intention is, which is to help you guys as much as i can with the questions that you ask. So with that in mind, start with an intention and then shoot from there, everything becomes a lot easier when you know what you’re making. Why you’re making [ Music ]. It cost me like 60 bucks for my hair, because it was long too long and thick all right. Here we go time, [, Music, ], all right, [, Music ].

That was a lot of fun. I’M glad nothing got broken, yeah right. Yes, we have a little bit of off time before we start shooting again. So until then, i’m gonna get me some coffee and also just get out of the house and explore the area a little bit, because i haven’t done a lot of that. It’S really nice to be out and traveling and seeing new places and being productive, big question that a lot of you guys had mentioned was about how do you deal with burnouts right and it’s a very important question, because i think at some point, if you’re passionate About something and you go hard on it, you’re going to experience burnout, it’s inevitable and i used to see it as a really really sh bad time.

In my life, the thing i love the most, whether it be breaking or filmmaking or flying drones. The second that i pushed it over the tipping point and worked a little bit too much on it. I kind of lost passion, for it didn’t want to look at it, didn’t want to see it. It happens, it happens to everybody and it sucks, because it’s just such a bad feeling to suddenly not like the thing that you spent the most time on here’s. The thing burnout is inevitable right, so i feel, like everything happens, for a reason, including brno.

It’S not something that’s happening against your journey, it’s happening for us and once you are going through this experience, it’s a sign right. You spend a lot of time on this craft and once you’ve burnt out on it, or you are ready to take a break from it. Now is an opportunity to do a few things. A lot of the greatest people that we look up to, including bruce lee and kobe bryant, not only were they the best at what they did, which was basketball and martial arts and philosophy. But at the same time we only saw them for those things.

We didn’t also know that kobe bryant also loved to break and to dance he loved to dance, and he spent a lot of time doing and getting good at it and bruce lee also was a tango champion. You know he he did other things besides. Just you know he did other things besides just martial arts, so i think the takeaway here is that even the people we glorify for being the best that we are under the impression they’re spending every waking moments just perfecting their craft and getting better at that. One thing they also learned to do other things and they cross learned diversified their skill sets and their mindsets so that they could come out on top and have new, innovative ways of thinking of their craft. So when you burn out, i feel like this is the perfect opportunity to go for something like that.

If you’re filmmaking – and you don’t want to filmmake for a while, go ahead and bake cake, go ahead and try to learn how to cook or go rock climb or something go out in the wilderness. Since you have been maybe sitting in your editing room for way too long, you need to go outside and do something else. That is something that i have had to deal with myself. This is joe and reed. They both work at launch room and we found this nuclear warhead on the side and now there’s a sticker on it.

That’S a good touch. I like that. I think this is like an address for some that someone’s old place yeah, it’s just one small piece of art, of like many on the side of the road across the tree. Let’S go to the park, hell yeah what a life it must be like living here. Probably super different than living in san, diego and yeah, i mean hey.

If you live in joshua tree hit me up, i’m curious i’m down to come back and hang out with you, because what makes me the most curious is just how people are living in their cities and how it’s different from mine. So yeah excited to see more of this stuff, but yeah, i’m heading back to the airbnb now to get ready for the using the i’ll be flying over some water, but it shouldn’t be too bad. I believe this is [. Music ] go away. It’S been an amazing weekend, i’ve learned a lot and i hope you guys have too.

I got one more shots that i want to show you guys that we did at the airbnb right before we left and yeah. I’M excited to show you. We did it in like one or two takes, but it’s pretty fun and take a look: [ Music ]. You

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