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Hey what’s up everybody? How’s? It going just wanted to say that we have something really cool on spinach sharper, drone University. We have a search-and-rescue course and it’s. Absolutely free.

Now we were going to charge money for it, but we decided that we want to help people use drones for good. There’s already been like 50 people who have been rescued and helped using drones over the last couple years, and that’s going to continue to rise.

We want to get this information out there to help everybody and to help use drones for good. Now. J Manley is the instructor. He’s, one of our signature per drone University members. He’s, been doing with full-sized airplanes for a long time.

He knows what he’s. Talking about he’s. Super good go check out the course he just kind of made the course himself. I sent him a microphone and paid for the PowerPoint software stuff like that, and he just went to town.

So it’s really good information. If you want to know how you can get involved in search-and-rescue and help out other people using drones, so make sure you check that out and special thanks to Jay manly for making the course he’s been adding more content to it.

Stuff like that, and if you have any questions you can reach out to him directly so anyway, just thought I’d. Let you guys know, and we’ll, see you guys later: [ Music, ]

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