FREE Drone Training Course / FAR Part 107 RPIC Certification

by Jose
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This is Chris from pilot training system here with the corona quarantine message for drone pilots. If you stuck at home like me, now it’s, the perfect time to prepare for your FAA or 107-88 passing the exam qualifies you to become a commercial drone pilot and allows hobbyists and recreational pilots access to the National Airspace System.

We recently teamed up with the good folks at mappings to provide our drone training course for free. You can find it on their web site, ma p, p, IX, dot, IO and be sure to sign up as a beta user for mappings, which is a really neat tool for managing all of your drone.

So if you’re serious about being a safe legal and competent drone pilot, now’s, the time to get certified, navigate to ma PP IX, the aisle for your free drone training course [, Music, ]

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