Free Drone Training Course 8 – Post Flight and Logbook

by Jose

[, Music ]. Now that was safely back on the ground we’ve landed on our bag or whatever it is that we choose to land on when we power down everything same thing. As last time, we’re gonna. Do the we did it last, so we’re gonna.

Do it first this time just to make sure that the transmitter stays on towards the end we wouldn’t want to turn the transmitter off and then have the start flying on its own, because then you ‘

Ve got nothing in control away, so turn the off first, so a double click of the button. It’s, going to turn the off and then same thing with the transmitter. Double click of that and it’s.

Gon na killed about the power to the transmitter. What I always like to do, after each flight is, I’ll, have a look at the drone to see if there’s, anything that may have happened. If we hit any objects with the drone, there might be any damage to it.

Anything new that we might be looking for, but I don’t, see anything that would show any concern. For us. Drone looks nice. Everything is still intact, a couple more pieces of bug and bug guts and stuff like that on there, but otherwise everything looks good on the drum.

Once we’re finished, our flight make sure to record the flight in your drone logbook. We have a free one available for you to download out the drone trainer comm, where we can well your record your date, your time, the aircraft, your location, how many hops you took and what your total flight hours are.

It’s, always a good idea to keep track of all your flight hours just for your own purpose and for anybody that asks in the future. You can present that to them in an easy format, with the logbook that we have for free for download at the drone trainer comm [, Music, ]

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