Free Drone Training Course 3 – Responsive Control

by Jose
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Now that we’ve bought our drone up in the air. The first thing I want to do – and I do this every time is just to check – to see if the drones gonna be responsive to every control that I give it.

So what I’m gonna do is look at my drone and I’m gonna test out every stick to make sure that it’s behaving the way I expect it to so. I turned the drone to face it that way. Whichever way the camera is facing, that’s, what the drone thinks is gonna be front, so just you can orient yourself with me and the drone, so we’re both facing that way.

So what I want to check and see is that if both right stick and left stick inputs are going to be giving me what the response that I expect out of the drone. So first we use the right stick. So right, stick to the left.

You should make the drone go to the left and it does and then right stick to the right make the drone go to the right and it does right. Stick up or forward so make the drone go forward and then right stick down or back it’s.

Gon na bring the drone back. So those are the four basic movements of the right stick and now we’ll use the left. Stick to make sure that those are set up properly or responding properly. Sorry, so right, stick up is gonna make the drone go up and it does okay and right.

Stick down drones. Gon na come down right. Stick left should make it rotate to the left and it does and then right stick to the right make it rotate see the right. I run this test every time I launch my drone.

I let it hover put in GPS mode and just ensure that each stick is gonna. Do what I want it’s easier to find out here. If you have a problem and bring it back then and land rather than having it three.

Four hundred feet up and a thousand feet away from you and then trying to figure out why it’s, not behaving like you wanted to. So this is good to do every single time that you launch your drum [, Music, ],

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